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Lost Light #1 cover

By dcjosh
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Much like the current Transformers Ongoing is getting a facelift as the "Optimus Prime" ongoing, so is More Than Meets The Eye, as it makes its return as "Transformers: Lost Light"

Here's a look at the issue 1 cover with lines by Nick Roche and colors by yours truly!
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This is Megatron as I love him the most. You and Roberts created the best Transformers comics the world has ever seen, in my opinion. Megatron was always my fave character but you managed to give me a crush on him. How quaint...a crush on the teacher. Heh. You are the best, Markerguru, love your work.

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Still not sure why Roddy decided to take up more of his shattered glass counterpart's paint job colors... I'm more of a traditionalist in that I prefer his fiery hot colors instead. Oh well...at least he doesn't have the facial 'hair' paint job like his SG version lol.
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"Hey, you guys come back here with my damn ship"
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That's so groovy. :)
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Hey is this primus?And can unicron be far behind?Nice look!
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It's Rodimus. The colors are the lighting effect.
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Can't wait for this!
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Awesome work, I can't wait for Lost Light. Hopefully the story will reveal Rodimus's new colour scheme
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I'm Gar for Rodimus.Love 
Man, I absolutely adore your coloring skills, like WOAH~ :iconlazepoolplz:
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Oh this looks so cool. I really love your art style so much :D
Are you the guy who drew the MTMTE comics?
If that's so then thank you for these amazing comics.
I truly enjoyed reading them :3
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Thanks! I did the colors for the first 21 issues or so of MTMTE and i've been coloring covers for the whole series :D

Glad you've been enjoying the books! They've been incredible to be a part of
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Oh this is so awesome :D.

And thank you very much for answering my question :hug:
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