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Kirby Superman Final

By dcjosh
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So i kinda changed things around a bit more

i wasnt quite happy with the first couple versions [while yeah, i still like 'em they just didnt quite feel "done". ever happen to you?]

so yeah. Kinda redid some things. I originally had the clouds as just a kind of gradient [didnt want to distract from superman too much] but it did end up looking kind of plain. so i went in and gave them a little form. tried giving the rest of the planet some kind of a water texture but it didnt end up working well here.

so yeah. i dropped the yellow light in the top right. ended up looking too green and eh. just didnt feel like it fit. so i dropped it. added some bright rim light to the right side. to really make him pop a little more. adjusted some of the contrast so the rendering gives him a little more form.

tweaked the space bkg a little bit. that one bright star by his head was distracting me too much so i ended up losing it

blah blah

i like this one better :P

hope y'all do too

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His laser vision is stellar.
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dcjoshProfessional Digital Artist
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This is incredible
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dcjoshProfessional Digital Artist
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MarcMons007Professional Filmographer
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Wow! Striking!
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Very nice! I like the lasers, and the starfield is really good! Did you have a particular method for that?
And, I might be missing something obvious - why is it called "Kirby Superman"? Is it based on one that Jack Kirby did?
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i LOVE it!! xx
bow-chick-a-bow-wow's avatar
yeah! super man :P
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Eligius57Hobbyist Digital Artist
I totaly love this picture, you did an amazing job (a superjob in fact).
The only thing that bothers me is that there is no prints to buy :D
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dcjoshProfessional Digital Artist
hehe, thanks!
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This is just pure awesomeness.
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LuisJesus Interface Designer
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That is an amazing picture of a badass Superman
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great! the man of steel at his finest.
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Really cool picture! Very intense! The heat vision works well but I think it could also work without it.
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Wow i love this pic. The depth is very nice and the colors are perfect. Nice job man.
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simply awesome
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RichsiiProfessional Photographer
Possibly my new favorite drawing of my favorite hero.
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rebel-bratHobbyist Writer
wow. love it. it's super awesome.
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