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Jim Lee Batman

This is a drawing from the back of the Batman:HUSH trade ive had scanned for awhile

felt like practicin' on some non-TF'ness so here i am xD

man jim lee rawks

Lines by Jim Lee
Colors by me
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Great job! Love the colors and his pose. Makes him look like someone you don't wanna mess with.
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I like the way batman sticks out his chest, he looks very tough and the big cloak makes him seem like a huge presence that can just swoop in and capture many villains at once.Great work.
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I have the Batman Hush trade and for the life of me I can't find this image. Is this from a specific issue?
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I cant remember which trade it is off-hand, but I remember it being in the back of the book as like a bonus image or something
i love Batman: Hush, it's the first graphic novel i ever read and i still think it's one of the best
good art! "i'm fucking batman!"
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Jim Lee does the best Batman ever and your coloring is perfect!!! :love: :thumbsup:
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Jim Lee totally does!

And thanks! :)
As always,Jim Lee is one of the best! And with the colors you have done for Lee`s incredible artwork,it`s only that much more great.Loved the HUSH storyline.
I`m having a hard time deciding which Jim Lee picture of Batman from that I want to have framed for my place,this one or the Jim Lee Batman quicky(which you also colored).Both pictures are just so amazing and both really encapsulate what Batman is.
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this guy thinks he's you
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Can I use this in my next youtube video? I will post your name in the credits if you say yes.
it's pics likes that makes Batman more that just a hero, it's makes him a legend.
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Amazin colors! :D
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I love how you colored this!
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That's amazing!
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jim lee is my faveourite comic book artist of all time!
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