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Itsa Wolverine

Another one of those "had the lines layin around" type of situations

I've seen this pic colored oh so many ways that i wanted to take it in another way as well

in the snow!

and quite possibly the costume isnt the colors it was meant to be [but i really wanted to go with a gold/blue color scheme for this]

so anyway, here he be!

wolverine in all his Mike Turner glory xD
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ITS A ME.... MARIO..... oh wait..... wrong guy..
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This is a fantastic color swap with the original art.
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You've been featured on my journal.
You can see it here: [link]

Hope you like it ^^
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I can see why everyone would like this pic
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what is he doin in this pic.

nice jobe by the way.
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Nice job Wolverine is one of my favorite Super Heroes of all time, great job it reminds of one of the episodes from the old series where he fight Sabertooth out in the arctic.
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amazing, hey man I'd really appreciate if u checked my stuff and throw me a couple pointers!
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love the picture
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great pose, love the emotion..all says Wolverine
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Love your take on this. I may have to revisit this piece now. I coloured it ages ago and it doesn't stand up to this at all.
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Bloody awsome!! great work man
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badass. Michael Turner is one of my favorite artists. loved his work in the bats/sups supergirl tpb
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This totally kicks ass!!!!!
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Way better than the godawful coloring and lines in the Origins comic.
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This is pretty awesome! I love Michael Turner! Possibly the greatest artist alive! Ed Benes is close though! Anyway... I thought about doing this piece with this color scheme but I never did because I kinda feel guilty for doing someone elses work... I really only do it if someone asks... but this is really cool! Im glad someone did it :)
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still not a big fan of this pic of wolvie for the most part but gotta say yur colors on it are WAYYY better than the ones used for the official peice.
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