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I am vengeance

...I am the night


Batman is so awesome right now lol
Watched my Batman: TAS vol.1 recently.[still need to get the other 3 volumes. doh!] and yeah.
Picked up the Batman: Vengeance game and ANXIOUSLY awaiting the new Arkham Asylum game [i got the super sexy version with the Batarang and everything comin lol]


I drew Batman. Hope you digs >:}

The Dark Knight as illustrated by me =P
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Green Arrow from Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Impersonating Batman): "I am vengeance. I am the knight! I AM BATMAN! And these are my 'Hammers of Justice!"  LOL 
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i like the darkness in the picture..goes with batmans persona
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would be cool if you drawned spawn like that will be cool!
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i love it!
if u dont mind me asking how did u color it?
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i am vengeance!...i am THE NIGHT!...I AM BA-*thunder strikes and scares him and he falls off a building* OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiii.......*CRASH, car alarm*
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The bloody sky looks so good together with city colours and the shiny moon. I also like a lot the sketchy way the lines and highlights are drawn! Quite innovative to me! :thumbsup: :w00t:
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man i remember when fox's kids had batam:TAS. it was the most darkest and most well renowned series of its time.
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Very nice. I love the harshness of it, and the Burtonesk curls at the bottom.
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Amazing work as usual. You NEED to get volume 2 of TAS, it's the absolute best. Perchance to Dream, Heart of Steel, Joker's Wild, Almost Got 'im, and of course I Am the Night
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That freaken rocks dude. Batman Rocks!!
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0 w 0 wooooooah~
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reminds me of the Nightmare Before Christmas!
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Nice! Ive been watching my complete DVD set collection of TF G1 series 1,Volumes 1 through season 4! :w00t: by RHINO videos.I also have some of the film cells that came with the DVD sets! :D
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I've been watching the same thing right now.

Batman rocks!
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Batman FTW

Lovely way to draw him, simple but attracting
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Nice take on it dude. Really liking that texture for the sky. Would really like to see a bit more weight and solidity to him though - maybe some really subtle highlights through the black that would outline folds within his cloak or something...

I like his 5 o'clock shadow too. =P

"I'm Batman!"

"Dude, you need a shave..."

"YOU try shaving in a dark cave some time..."
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lol. thanks.

yah.. batmans got himself a lil bit of stubble :P
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NP, dude.

Speaking of Arkham Asylum, I've noticed that Bat's arms on the cover art are too short. =P
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Yeah, it might be an illusion created by his knee pads but by the looks of it, if he was a real person he'd have arms about 10 - 15cm too short. LOL

Still, it's bloody awesome cover art nonetheless.
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