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Guido NeoSkywarp Colors

Hey guys!

here's a quick little half hour warm up i did this last night

Lines by :iconguidoarts: colors by me!

cant beat good ol' black and purple!
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Nice work! Very fluid lines and coloring.
Vornell's avatar
love this neo skywarp, anymore u got like autobots n decepticons.
OrangeHerbTea's avatar
Are those high heels I see?
Novastorm73's avatar
This is the one I have been waiting for. Look great.
Holy smokes that is awesome! Please tell me there is an alt mode sketch/color in the works!
exceedinglyspherical's avatar
Nice color work, goes well with the design.
Draange's avatar
Very lovely. I like the overall gray with just enough color to break it up. And the shading is very nice, too.
yfm's avatar
cool! It seems to be Skywarp? awesome :la:
1314's avatar
Bad ass , love Skywrap!
CorNocte's avatar
GalvatronPrime's avatar
Awesome. I was hoping someone would make Skywarp out of Guido's awesome line art.
thaBEAST's avatar
looks brilliant... nice fusion between G1 and Bay films...
Moondancer0X's avatar
Pretty nice, bro!
jmhphotos's avatar
Mint robot!! Love robot's...
Chadfuller's avatar
I love those colors bud!
Empress-Eerian-Sadow's avatar
gorgeous colors on a great design! you guys did great with this one! :D
Fan-the-little-demon's avatar
you both did a great job! I love him! nice rendition :D
Tedimus's avatar
looks lot better colored :)
TDManiacXC626's avatar
Who is She, Double D? Whoever she is, she's got a mix of G1 and TFP in her design! Send this To Seekers-Must-Fly!
WillCaligan's avatar
Wow. Cool design and colors buddy.
Blitz-Wing's avatar
As I said on TFW I love the pretender vibe coming from this with all the round soft shapes
ScottGardener's avatar
Nice reinterpretation. Skywarp was always one of my favorites. In my mind, he was kind of a son to Megatron, and he was the one who became Cyclonus back in 2005. It made no sense for it to have been one of the Insecticons, considering how at odds the bugs were with Megatron's group on Earth during the first season.
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