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Giant Frikkin Robots are Comin


pencils/colors by me
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Oh my even Beter :love: I just love the way you do Optimus :love: Macknificent Job on him :D Mrs. Optimus Prime.
Amiltu's avatar
Looks rather awesome I must say :3
JamesMorrow07's avatar
blacksquareart's avatar
Didn't you get this put in the TF:UK comic a while back?
dcjosh's avatar
hm. im not sure buti think so :D
blacksquareart's avatar
Hey, It's all cool. Gotta sneak that art out where you can, hmm?
TaintedTamer's avatar
Bloody wicked awesome! :faint:
Tennyo-Umiko's avatar

*brain implodes at the awesomness*

The lines, holy shit, the solid, wonderful, amazing liiiinnesssss!

And the *COLOUR*! Dude, how long did it take you to do?! o.O

This is phenomenal! I'm so gonna stare at it for another 5 minutes. At least. XD
Sea-Wolf88's avatar
2 days and counting until the UK release - YAY! :excited:
Caladbolgsama's avatar
I can't frickin' wait :D They even moved the date a day earlier! :XD:
lonegamer7's avatar
Patience is a cruel mistress... Fraggit! I don't want to wait any longer! :+fav:
jvgce's avatar
sphereuk's avatar
I cant wait for this movie. Love the work man :D
twincastX's avatar
fantastic work. 2007 is the year of the transformers!! :headbang:
MelansGirl's avatar
Holy macarel....
a-loft-on-cybertron's avatar
good to see how this design is growing on everybody :)
great work, for drawing, color and perspective
JacobSpencerKaiju79's avatar
Nice work, dude.

I can't wait for this movie.
Okida's avatar
rocks like HELL! great stuff :clap:
REX-203's avatar
*drools some more*

metalformer's avatar
Not too thrilled about the designs used in the movie, but I like your work.
baratacom's avatar
oh yeah, the movie looks like it'll be kickass!!!

though I still think that megs would use an arm-cannon
then again, few megs after the G1 one had those.....sigh.......
dcjosh's avatar
what if his whole arm transformed into a cannon? :3
baratacom's avatar
oh, now that would be freaking awesome, not to mention the homage to BW's Megs' "arm cannons"
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