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Geoff Senior TF page

And here's the page I did in tonights Livestream!!

Its an old page from the Marvel Transformers run as illustrated by the great Geoff Senior!

If you missed out on the livestream you can catch a recording of it here


Stay tuned! I've got some more on the way :D
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That's some lovely watercoloury, washed out artwork :-)
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yeah this is a thing of beauty to behold
i always disliked senior's  US output because the colors were so much worse then the  UK  comics 

matrix  quest  4 improved  immensley  by just recoloring  it 

if idw would persue this avenue  and hopefully they  will  with the black and white comics coming up sooner or later  these is no doubt in my mind that i will buy them 
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There can only be one! XD
Comics-in-Disguise's avatar
Ravage: I ... can't tell which one to shoot!

Starscream (off-screen): Megatron! Shoot Megatron!

Love the shading, did you use a filter to get that old, painted on look or did you enhance pre-existing colours? *curious*
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Awsome! I never seen this since the old comic where Galvatron go's after Megatron.
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Dayyyum! I have that issue, and I always thought Senior's B/W work would look great with modern colouring.

Point proven.
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Your colors to Mr. Senior's art. Can't go wrong.
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I love old linework with new colouring! <3
AlphaRaptor2k6's avatar
Man, These Chinese/Korean Knock-offs just seem to get more oversized and realist every mold rework...
Gryphman's avatar
Damn that turned out good!
NinjaBits's avatar
Turned out great mang.
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great work on a classic artist---

was a fun night---lookin' forward to seeing more
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*sigh* I wish IDW would give Senior work. You make his stuff look better than ever.
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They probably would - from what I hear, it's Geoff himself who's not overly interested in drawing TF comics any more.
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i know! such a shame :\
JZLobo's avatar
Oh blah, that's a disappointment.
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Nice work, Josh! Geoff Senior was always my favorite Transformers artist growing up.
hellbat's avatar
Love Geoff Senior's art.
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If you could never live with yourself before I imagine Megatron's problems living with himself are summed up in the cover alone. I love how Ravage looks like the one with all the choice in this situation.
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Hehe, poor Ravage is like :iconwhattheplz:..........
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What did you actualy do on this? Or is it just a scan you posted.
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added colours!
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