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A new Wreckers themed image Nick Roche drew up for, i THINK, the IDW Limited Wreckers set

I didnt get a chance to color it for the Limited thing but here we are instead!

Lines by Nick Roche
Colors by me!
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This is a cool picture! Well done!

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Awesome! Loved LSotW!
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Wreck 'n Rule!
Phenometron's avatar
The Wreckers rock!
ZeroFangirl-Mu's avatar
WRECKERRRRRRRRS!!! :headbang: Reading TFLSotW left me floored. Good GOD it was an amazing read, though. :nod:

Excellent colors!!!! :clap: And the red tone all over gives this a real feel of constant danger, uncertainty and finality. A nice touch for the added effect! :)
dcjosh's avatar
Thanks so much!!!!

Glad you enjoyed the series!! <3
ZeroFangirl-Mu's avatar
You're absolutely welcome, good sir. :) And may I say, I've really enjoyed your work! Your colors in LSotW are epically WIN. :D
gamewizard-2008's avatar
I wouldn't wanna be caught up in that. =I
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Impossible odds. Brain bullets. A cross between an amusement park and a concentration camp. Lethal dental appointment. Never a dull moment when you're a Wrecker.
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Who can forget that moment in LSotW, where it literally rains bullets, graves pop outta the ground and Overlord becomes a red misty ghost - oh, right, symbolism.  Got it.
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...not gonna lie. In the "smaller" version of the picture, with the way Kup's optics are it makes me think he's wearing shades and that just makes him look infinitely more cool.

...which is obviously not the overlying feeling one gets after reading Last Stand or the overall tone of the image *cough*.

Anywaaaays, I haven't commented before, but I love your coloring/artwork style! :'3
dcjosh's avatar
hah. kup with shades. that woulda been awesome xD
T-M-Wolf's avatar
So, can that be made a thing? Putting shades on all the characters to make them more awesome? :'D
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this looks great with the added texture! I like this one a lot=D
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Thanks Chad!! <3
Chadfuller's avatar
your welcome Joshua!=D
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I LOVE your colors!!! what a fantastic work <3333333333333333333333333333333
Drawgasm-Designs's avatar
I think Nick forget to include Twin Twist, Top Spin and Perceptor, hence them appearing on bullets :P
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AWESOME. Just awesome.

I adore the colours!
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Well wicked!
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