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Death of Optimus Prime wallpaper

sort of a wallpaper, more like a big close up :P

here's a panel from the recent Transformers: Death of Optimus Prime

available now!

Written by James Roberts & John Barber
Lines by Nick Roche
Colors by Josh B [dats me!]

Hope you guys have had a great Christmas! Here's to the new year!

[hit download for the full sized version!]
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This is the kind of Transformers i like, with beautiful aesthetics. 
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OMG! Optimus looks badass! Must favorite this! :D
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Good picture

That picture reminds of the time when I was in the 5th grade at home, I looked at the Transformers animated movie.

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I loved this comic in the MTMTE volume one. gave me a boatload of feels man.
someday...I would be honored if you would sign my copy U///U
otaku-drea's avatar that a yes? XD
otaku-drea's avatar
oh cool! :D are you going to botcon this year? in san diego?
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:D oh great! are you going as a guest, or an attendee?
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ill be there as a guest :)
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Super! Feels like a blend of G1 and TFP.. I Like This!
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Now this is an epic pose.
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that looks amazing! what program did you use?
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Adobe Photoshop :D
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CS5? i'm still trying to figure it out
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Ive just been using regular CS

Havent bothered to get anything newer than that :P
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OH WOW. GAH! I know what's going up on my screen TONIGHT!
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Want...bigger...oh I guess this size is fine. Love the Sideswipe colors in this issue by the way.
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