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Dark Cybertron issue 12 Casey cover

By dcjosh
And the last incredible :iconcaliber316: cover I colored for Dark Cybertron shown off in the solicits!
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Shockwave is easily my favorite Decepticon. You have done him justice.
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Shackwave is one muthafucking badass!
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Badass Shockwave!
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Epic Shockwave!
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Why do I get the feeling that just when we think his plans are thwarted, he'll revert to the berserk mode he used to fight the Dinobots in Spotlight:  Shockwave? 
Anyhow, I LOVE the flaring coming off of his eye, it makes him MUCH more menacing. I think the coolest part about this cover for me is that Shockwave is normally terrifying in the cold, calculating kinda way, and now that we know his origin and the obvious anger that would remain along with any part of his original form could be the single biggest threat the Autobots will face thus far. 

One cover bringing out this amount of speculation from me? Dang I can't wait for the actual issues to be released so I can find out! :D
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So it IS possible to make Shockkers look as mad as hell!
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Holy crap this is EPIC. Shockwave looks terrifying. I'm kinda nervous now! :fear:
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Cool! :D  If I were everyone there, I'd run.  
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Pure awesomeness. But it's logical.
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...and in character too!
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Epic! He looks amazing!
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Wow, really powerful image!
RandomSketchGeek247's avatar
Sick!! Absolutely Bad-ass!!!
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well someone is ready to cause some desstruction
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