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Dark Cybertron issue 10 Casey cover

Solicits have gone out and covers have been revealed!
Check out the super fun :iconcaliber316: cover I got to color!

mmmm..... crossovery goodness
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Hey who wants to go to swerve's bar?
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Does Arcee win?
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Everyone goes to Swerve's!

God, I love this series.
BirdGVee's avatar
Aw, just look at Swerve's face :)
Lights321's avatar
I can see so many safety hazards, but that on,y makes this picture twice as awesome! XD
E-123-Affirmative's avatar
Oh damn.......... Guess Blurr was right on opening a bar with Swerve, drink please! 
Sorain26's avatar
Of course Swoop would be asking Brainstorm about his Briefcase XD. Love the lighting, absolutely gorgeous!!
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Your welcome :).
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I really love this, and I look forward to having it in hand. Both of you did a fabulous job. Poor Swerve looks like he still doesn't get Blurr lied (or is pretending to himself that he doesn't know), and Blurr looks like he didn't let him behind the bar himself, but can't really kick him out either, since he seems to be good at this.

The very best is the arm wrestle though. It's subtled out, almost fading into the background noise of a bar, but there it is. I wonder what led to that?
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Oh wow, a cover that tells several stories! So great! I see Swoop is being a dick, like usual.
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Awesome pic - if only it would happen....
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This cover makes my heart happy in ways I didn't even know were sad. I hope you had an absolute blast coloring it. Is that... what's the word... *looks it up. Is delighted to be right* Yes. Screentone. Anyway, I really like the screentone effect. It's subtle, but really really fun. I can't wait to read this issue. 
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hah yeah, ive been doing the screentone type stuff for awhile now :D
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
D'Oh! *totally failed to notice* :ashamed:
redconvoy's avatar
LOL!! Arcee and Whirl!  I would love to see the end result of that!
Tyler5036's avatar
Knowing them...Arcee probably wins. 
Lunatron's avatar
Arcee and Whirl arm-wrestling is pretty great.
BDNatsuki's avatar
This is literally the best cover ever!
seekerblackout's avatar
Whirl and Arcee arm wrestling is my new favorite thing.
The-Phantom-616's avatar
Kick her ass Whirl!
GeyserEelborn's avatar
Oh man, I love Arcee and Whirl in the background.
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