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Cybertron Bludgeon

when posted his pic of Cybertron Unicron he did for the OTFCC mag i just HAD to ask to put some Bludgeon like colors on him.

that mold just SCREAMS a Bludgeon repaint

so i did :D

and here it is :D
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This could totally be a WFC/FOC Bludgeon
GothamCityDemon's avatar
i remember buying this toy, he was designed to look like unicron
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NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
I detest cybertron Unicron, but this looks much more fitting!
AutoBubbs's avatar
If only they still had universe. If they made this figure, I'd buy it!
AutoBubbs's avatar
Awsome work btw.

sorry, hit send pre-maturely.
metalformer's avatar
Never saw it thatw ay. And you're right. The mold's perfect for a Bludgeon repaint! BTW, nice coloring.
TronmanZ's avatar
Koolness. This is what they should've done.
bearcavestudios's avatar
great stuff here my friend
Caliber316's avatar
Oooh... this looks great. If they do this re-paint I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
Cobaltcat's avatar
Looks great, awesome colors!
zeroeximus's avatar
Ohh hell yeahhh nice colours!
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Hasbro so needs to do that. XD
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that is so damn cool dude!!
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Much better than "Unicron"...

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BenWolfson's avatar
Ironic that fan produced ideas / material constantly outdoes what Hasbro/Takara does.
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Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction when I first saw the mold. XD

Needs a sword though.
WillMangin's avatar
i had never thought of him as bludgeon. that would work REALLY well on the toy. nicely done josh!
TheCelestialDemoness's avatar
Wowness!! I totally dig the color detail!!
Heavynova's avatar
yeah i thought so too...i was actually thinking that it was originally SUPPOSED to be Bludgeon, but alas, they HAD to make him Unicron to piss people off lol
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And your coloring is astounding! It must be truly wonderful to have a work colored by you~ :heart:
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