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Coda Sunstreaker pg5

So yeah!

All Hail Megatron #14 just came out this Wednesday so in celebration of my getting the awesome opportunity to color both stories in this issue, i'm postin a page from each. kinda one of the pages i'm more happy with :P

so this is from Coda: Sunstreaker!

Line art by Emiliano Santalucia
Colors by Josh Burcham

hope you digs!
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holy primus what the pit happened to Sunshine
How did Sunstreaker got out of that mess? (I honestly want to kill those who did that to him)
My-Daylight's avatar
Seing him like this makes me ill :S so disturbing but great art.
Transformersis's avatar
Sunny gets all the slag in that comic, I swear.
shadowinged's avatar
holy crap, no wonder he's a sociopath. he's been traumatized inside and out.

harhar. /lamejoke
twincastX's avatar
man sunstreakers been through hell ever since the machination did this to him.
ActorzInc's avatar
I felt sooo bad for him. I don't think he deserved that... at least not given what happened, and all.

Good work tho, I'm usually pretty cold and unemotional.
kerfufflecolor's avatar
These pages turned out great man!
AlphaRaptor2k6's avatar
I guess nobody likes Streakers...
Jovianwolfgirl's avatar
OMG!? WHAT HAPPEN TO MY SUNNY?! I so got to read the comic for this!
BrenGun's avatar
wow awesome!!!!!!!
TaintedTamer's avatar
Poor Sunstreaker ;-;
Yondercat's avatar
poor Sunny.

I wish no torture on any bots including Cons even though they are evil.
baiji's avatar
I feel totally sad to see Sunny like this,but,well,still awesome.
IggySeymour's avatar
Im loving this! :clap: :clap: :clap: Umm looks like the chick is ready to barf or shall i say perge her tanks? :XD:
WhiteRabbitInk's avatar
PS-- my favorite page was the one where they're disassembling him while he's fully awake. Not so pretty now, eh "Sunny"? >8D
Yondercat's avatar
that's kind'va harsh isn't it?
WhiteRabbitInk's avatar
Nah, he deserves it. :P
WhiteRabbitInk's avatar
Oh come on, it's just jokes. ;P

You know he's not real right? ;)
Yondercat's avatar

But i wish transformers were real. don't you?
WhiteRabbitInk's avatar
...if I say yes does that have to include Sunstreaker?

Yondercat's avatar

but seeing as he's a transformer, then yes?
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My favorite thing about what happened to Sunstreaker is watching the fangirls flip their lids about it... Especially since none of them seem to read the comics, so the effect is even better without context! :D :P
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