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Blurr n Swerve

Commission I did up today for :iconmrtga: !

So much fun!!!
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Blurr= Kevin the cucumber

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"I'm your biggest fan..."

"Um, sure..."
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They're two of a kind.
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I want this on my wall!
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Heh.  "Blurr I am number 1 fan."
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I'm really digging the background on this.
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Awwwwww <3 <3 <3 honestly i were waiting that smbd from IDW-cool dudes will draw IDW!Blurr for a long time! <3
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Awesome! I love the color effect. And Swerve's face is the best!!! So adorable ( > < )
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Ha. XD This is so awesome. Love the gritty feel to this too. Looks great as ever! :) 
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UGGHH FEELINGS. I love swerve's fanboy pose
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Hey josh, I love your work! :) I would be interested in a commission as well, are you up for a coloring? could send me a note with your commission policies? thank you!
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Just shoot me an email at and we'll talk! :)
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Thanks so much man, the piece came out great. I love how infatuated Swerve is with Blurr. Really excited for the next piece !!!
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Nice man, your work is really growing! And I like that sky background, great painting. Are you still doing all this amazing work with a mouse or did you ever buy a tablet?
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Thanks man!
Sorry I missed your call the other day too! Meant to call ya back, i'll have to hit ya back sometime :)

but yeah! Got myself a Cintiq about a year ago i think? pretty stinkin awesome <3
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Cintiq?!!! Ohhhhhhh NIIICE!! :D
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Your art style becames better and better, awesome picture!
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I love the sort of propaganda poster look the colouring has on this! :D It's interesting to see you eliminate some of the lines. It sort of reminds me of what Livio was telling me this weekend about how he'll kind of get rid of his lines to give his work a more cinematic look. I'd say the same applies here. :)
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