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BW Tigerhawk

Boy I really neglect DeviantArt these days. I've got like over 4k pieces of art in my watch list that I havent skimmed through and I dont post NEARLY enough over here.
[come find me on twitter or something! @ jcburcham ]


Here's a Tigerhawk pic! I ran across some old Beast Wars tv commercials on youtube and this guy stuck out. Dont see nearly enough art of this guy! So I decided to give him a shot. [Dont see enough Beast Wars art in general!]

I showed off the process behind this pic, too, going from my rough thumbnail through the inks and colors over on twitter [and tumblr!] if you guys wanna check that out. Just some screen grabs during the process.

Drawn in Manga Studio
Colored in Photoshop!
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Awesome! Love how you redesigned the wings and gave him a sword.
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Man this artwork is awesome, makes me want to hunt down a tigerhawk figure
What's more awesome than Tigerhawk? Tigerhawk with a sword.
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Awesome!  There's definitely not enough art of this guy around.
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Shame he got so little screen time too. A very bad ass transformer.
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Absolutely incredible! 
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You've been a little more active than you have been in a while. :)
Is there going to be more pictures of Beamer and his buddies?
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Neat pic of Tigerhawk!
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Beware the power of Tigerhawk! Messenger of the Vok!
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Tigerhawk was an interesting character. 

Great picture.
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Aww snap it's Tigerhawk! That is an awesome choice to give Beast Wars so fan art love. Really like the pose you went with for him and the coloring
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Fantastic stuff mate! Keep 'em coming!
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It has been a LONG TIME since I've seen Beast Wars fan-art on the front page.
So, curious question, what site did you leave us for? Tumblr? Twitter?
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Haha. I'm mostly active on twitter, it seems!
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Great proportions, and the spot blacks really sell his dimensions :)
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Thanks, man! :D
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