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BOTCON exclusive Decepticon Justice Division print

and! yet ANOTHER print for Botcon!
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I always wanted to see an Autobot Justice Division you know!??
Tarn is scary....
This really is a nice piece but Will this ever be available for purchase again ?
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Wow!  I want to be just as good as you!  How the heck did you do that? :omgla: 
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Many years of practice D:
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XD  I know.  It's just that....well.... it looks so flawless.  It just made me a loss of words... and stuff.
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haha thanks! :3
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Who is that with a Decepticon symbol for a face?
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His name is Tarn
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This just plain WORKS!
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Excellent work, yo!
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I can't even... They're so... Your style... *Stares at computer in silenced awe*
Awesome! I love it! The DJD is represented to the fullest in this great artwork! 

Is prints of this available for sale?
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Ive run out of my initial run but I might be making another small batch.

shoot me an email at and we can work something out! :)
Cool! Thanks! 

You do excellent work! Your artwork is some of the best, and I've been a TF fan since I was six (in 1984).  Will send an email by the weekend to see about the prints
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Dude, this is nice! Did you draw this?
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hah, thanks!
I sure did! :3
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This came out great, super glad I picked it up
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Great work there, Josh. =) I like your use of Red here, to lead the eye and provide a subtle bit of contrast from the predominantly purple colour-scheme.

If I was to give some kind of feedback, it would be that you could have added some displays of these guys handiwork, to really hammer home just what it is these rather nasty characters are usually up to.
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I just love your work!!
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Squeeee! They look so cool!
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