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AutoAssembly Nick Roche print COLORS

Goin' to Auto Assembly? Be sure to stop by Nick Roche's table and nab one of these prints!

Dont be a Brainstorm and miss out! Like you have better things to do?!

Lines by Nick Roche
Colors by me
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I love Nick's style, the way he draws the bots is incredibly recognizable.
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"Hi, Whirl."

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;) I'm flying from Australia to AutoAssembly this year- I was kinda hoping this would be a print- until I saw 2012~
Oh well! Lovely print in any case~~ Great expressions/poses! 
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Nick might be making a new run of these, they're pretty popular! Definitely see if he has any there!
Cold-Creature's avatar
I will definitely keep an eye out for them then~ Thanks for the heads up~ ; )
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I have this on my wall along with some of Nick's other prints
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Thanks I actually have a couple of Nick's art on my wall and I have a Hardcopy of Last Stand of the Wreckers signed by him.
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all that height difference
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Autobot family group photo.
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Cyclonus looks so tsundere
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That's amazing work:)!!
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Sweet! that HotRod design (or is it Rodimus) looks particularly funky! And I really like Magnus' design and the angular blocki-ness of it. The other guys look cool too, although I'm only able to recognize a handful of 'em. Is that Cyclonus to the right? Love those thigh-panels. All of these designs have individual personality, I really like it!

Your colors unite these characters, but give enough variance to separate them and give each one their own dynamic look. So often we colorists do our individual designs/colors , but when we bring the characters together sometimes they don't have enough distinction/diversity, but that's clearly not a problem here. I think that's a combination of the unique personality in their designs and your color choices.

Great work guys!
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thanks man!!
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I love this, of course, but...definitely needs Brainstorm. :D Was he originally supposed to fade out/die or something? It seems like he's come more to the forefront lately, while being a "no show" in earlier drawings like this....
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yeah, ya know i'm not sure. I think what it came down to was time. And I think its the same for Nicks "bad guy" version of this as well. Just not enough time for him to squeeze everybody we'd all like. who knows, maybe he'll make another with the missing guys or something!
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This look epic,keep it up
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I love them very very much!
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I'm just in love with the way you've been coloring in MtMtE, the subtle, grainy textures give it something of a retro look and add a lot of depth, and dang you've got your color theories down! XD Because of you, I've fallen in love with what I've fondly termed as your "green shadows", before seeing your work I mostly just made my deep shadows either warm french grey or cool blues.
I'm a big fan of Cyclonus, and I really lie the colors you've chosen for him in the series. You get away with using that bright pink by adding those deep purple shadows--it really makes him pop, and it just goes to show some of the great looks you can come up with by putting brights and darks close together when coloring.
And don't even get me started on the way you color skies and backgrounds! :D:heart:
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awwww... thank you so much! :)
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You betcha! ^_^
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