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AHM 2 cover Botcon Special

Not really a "botcon special" per se'..but it was shown off at botcon

and now that Botcon weekend is over i figger it alright to show off the cover :D

Lines by :iconguidoarts:
Colors by me :D
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Who's Grimlock looking at?
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Remenber: Big Brother's watching you, or else you will die.
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BAH! Now I really wish I was able to go to Botcon ><
This is truly stunning. His lines are so precise. And your colors, just amazing! I love the effects toward the bottom of the page. Awesome work!
TheCelestialDemoness's avatar
Wow, that is amazing! =o
Jam-Wah's avatar
Nice textures! This kind of approach would be so easy to get wrong, but you've handled it like a true master!
glovestudios's avatar
Yeah, that's some sweet coloring!
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Great work from you and Guido there.

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wow really awesome!!!!!!!!!!
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Seriously Josh you need to teach the other IDW guys how to color. Especially after reading Spotlight Grimlock which had the worst coloring I have seen in a long time.

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great work both of you!! :clap: the details are awesome and the colors fantastic!! :D
instead :+fav:
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That is just awsome!!! Possibly one of the best Transformers works I have seen on here, excellent stuff :)
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pretty interesting piece. Reminds me of ROM!=]
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How many layers of colors does something like this take I wonder? My crappy computer starts hesitating after 10 or 15 layers of color/lines.
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i think i used like like 8 layers or something on this

id have to check to know for sure
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Soundwave being more than just a "Yes, Sir" lackey.
I loved the lineart but damn your colouring just made it so amazing, Soundwave looks really pissed off, I love the scratchy feel of the pic ^^
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The cover is AMAZING.

Such an apocalyptic feel...
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That thing's wicked!
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Gorgeous! Glad its not an special, otherwise it would have been 10 trillion times harder to get a freaking copy! >_<
TruthfulLife's avatar
is this from A Hail Megatron?
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