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Now we know that the Death of Optimus Prime issue is coming out in just under a week so here's a little something to sort of celebrate the occasion

Now this is not any kind of official art or anything, mind you, but just a piece of fan art. I got so excited working on the issue itself that I just couldnt contain myself and had to draw SOMETHING sort of 125 themed. You can expect the book itself to look something similar at least as far as the coloring style and atmosphere goes, albeit drawn infinitely better by the stunning talent that is Nick Roche.

But just something to maybe give a feel and get some of you guys a little more excited, if thats possible!

Transformers: The Death of Optimus Prime is set to come out this next week written by James Roberts & John Barber, Illustrated by Nick Roche, and colored by yours truly!

If you plan on getting in on the new ongoings this is, IMO, a MUST read! Everything that become the ongoings all stem out of this book so do pick it up! Hope you enjoy it! And James, Nick, and I will see you in January with MTMTE #1!!
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You and Nick....such a team!
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Best and the Latest Prime yet!
BTW, are you still working on the request, a couple months ago?
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omg when is this comming out next week? :) I can't find the date anywhere D: p.s. this looks AMAZING! Can't wait to buy it! :D
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Bahh! So awesome! I'm loving the on going series so much! Can't wait for this and the new series!
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Darn... and I thought I was excited five seconds ago...
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i really like this, josh. nice composition, coloring, and the somber pose does really here for optimus. too bad it's not official. I think it would really catch my eye if it were on a cover.
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hehe, well i did show it to editorial. covers had already been assigned but i think this pic got me the sketch cover gig for MTMTE#1 [which i'll be starting soon hopefully!]
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Beautiful colors as always:love:!!
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I like the color palette! Good job.
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looks good man :)
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