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So many to consider--and so little time (knowing my affair with the Saga so far).

Well, I promised two nights ago, here are the four story ideas that have been popping into my head for several weeks now:

  • On Saturday evening, I watched this report from the Wall Street Journal on the state of abandoned jet planes across Brazil. Something's coming up for this one...
  • Another WSJ story dealing with the plight of incomplete villas in several Caribbean nations. I see something involving kids à la Playing for Keeps...
  • A PressDisplay clipping I fetched from the pages of Ireland's Sunday Independent, February 26th, reported that treasure worth millions is waiting to be salvaged off the Irish coast. This premise is a sure bet because: 1) The SS Mantola, one of the ships mentioned, contains more than US$18 million of silver bullion within its bulk. And 2) Under local law, shipwrecks over 100 years old are automatically declared national monuments. Enjoin the two factoids, replace the Mantola with a fictional counterpart, and you have the makings of a good pursuit story. Can't wait to see where that goes!
  • And as I wind down for the night, I'm considering an ambitious, personal endeavour along the lines of The Year in San Fernando meets Maple Town (thank you, furry freaks!), with a throwback to the works of Canada's NFB. With so many memories of vacations in Marigot, Dominica floating back to me (my grandparents lived there once), this could become a potential smash on Amazon's KDP Select program. (I could give it a go on NaNoWriMo and continue from here.) Since the middle of last month (when I started to consider this), no clear storyline as yet...but you never know. (Just so you know, San Fernando was written back in the 1960s by Trinidad's Michael Anthony; the story I am envisioning largely takes place in Marigot.)

So there you have it: Four story germs, all with the potential to break out. What do you think of them, and which one(s) are you looking forward to reading?

(As for Lucky Guess, I've gone up to six sections while restructuring it with The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing by literary agent Evan.)

Till we meet again, we'll keep in touch...and diè wåde.


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