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To Good Friends

I did this for a contest on apforums. It didn't get finished in time, cuz I ended up having to move, and misplaced the unfinished drawing during packing. Anyhoo, found it last week, and finished pencilling it, and threw some color on it.

I wasn't gonna finish coloring this for a while, but a good friend passed away this week (shes a dog), and since OnePiece has always been about friendship, I finished this as a dedication to her. The title is named after a Chrono Trigger remix by the OneUp Studios group.

So heres to you Slurpee, I'll miss you.
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Flyinhawiian23's avatar
really nice workk ><
ellen79's avatar
for some reason choppers face reminds me of that creepy guy in a van, you know the one, they guy going you wants some candy child. want some pizza children
TolkienOP's avatar
Dat chopper face xD
MatchboxKaya's avatar
MonkeyDSophie's avatar
haha Ace fell asleep AGAIN
dchan316's avatar
Haha!! Yea, he always does that...

Actually, I don't think I have an Ace drawing here on DA where he IS awake, haha....
MonkeyDSophie's avatar
I don't think i have one eitherXD
Keiou's avatar
Wow, that's awesome!!! I like Nami with these rollerblades!8D

Really nice work <3
loto157's avatar
extremely funny !!!
dchan316's avatar
Haha! Thanks!
loto157's avatar
you're welcome
Samurai-Poet's avatar
I :heart: this!
I have a fantasy that when characters run out of money they have to do certain things (ex. Hellsing chars. do The Producers) to raise more money.
This pic works perfectly with my idea!
dchan316's avatar
Haha!!! Awesome!! That idea makes perfect sense!
Samurai-Poet's avatar
Thank you, thank you :bow:
Athems's avatar
I love it, specially how Nami looks.
novostars's avatar
I love their poses and this concept!! So awesome!! :D
charmedward's avatar
:O I see Accccce! =D And wow, pizza. Its like one piece heaven!!!
Chopper looks soooo cute! And hehe, love Nami's beli eyes
Makkeman's avatar
Choppeeeeeer :3
Benik0's avatar
Bwahahahaha... Nami looks incredible awesome on this one XD Just like... Nami ._.

I love how you caught the characters of the crew in this scene. ;)
Dewitrika's avatar
oh wow~ i love the concept. this is great
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