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Steampunk Astrolabe/Orrery Table Close-up 1


Back in April 2016 I was about to join Ready at Dawn as Lead Ui Artist and I was in the middle of some Concept art for Doctor Strange, so I felt I need to learn more 3D, I’m not a 3D artist so I needed to practice a bit since it would help the Ui work in general at RAD. So I went to try making a device design that relied only on mechanical parts powered by vapor (steam), no sci-fi energy techy glowy lights, only natural light, optics and vapor! I went full steampunk on this inspired by Orrery, Astrolabes, Steampunk tech, Watch mechanisms and Tabletop games. Note that it's an Orrery / Astrolabe but not for our galaxy.  I made everything in Modo and Illustrator, used a bit of Houdini for air particles and Photoshop to merge all. Visually Inspired by Steampunk, Old furniture, Watches, The Order 1886. My PC couldn’t render this, so now 10 months later and with a new PC, I was able to make some basic renders  Hope you like it!
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Wow. Looks awesome!
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wow, this looks amazing. terrific job, here. I had to look twice to make sure it was not a photograph.
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Speak for yourself even after looking at it for over a minute I still can't tell that its not real
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Aw, thanks man! I'm glad to know I almost fooled you. haha! I appreciate the kinds words! Cya!
I love this art!
so cool !!!
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Thank you! Glad you liked!
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breathtaking detail !
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Thx, I have moderate OCD, so you know...haha! THanks!
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very beautiful pıc
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Thank you man! Appreciate that!
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Dude I thought this was a picture xD Amazing!
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Woohoo! Almost fooled you! haha.... seriously, thank you!
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Thank you! Hug 
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Thanks, I wish it was a real device! (Pinocchio feelings) haha. cya
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