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March 29, 2017
Steampunk Astrolabe Orrery Table by dchan
Featured by cosmicbound
Suggested by GeorgeXVII
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Steampunk Astrolabe Orrery Table


Back in April 2016 I was about to join Ready at Dawn as Lead Ui Artist and I was in the middle of some Concept art for Doctor Strange, so I felt I need to learn more 3D, I’m not a 3D artist so I needed to practice a bit since it would help the Ui work in general at RAD. So I went to try making a device design that relied only on mechanical parts powered by vapor (steam), no sci-fi energy techy glowy lights, only natural light, optics and vapor! I went full steampunk on this inspired by Orrery, Astrolabes, Steampunk tech, Watch mechanisms and Tabletop games. Note that it's an Orrery / Astrolabe but not for our galaxy.  I made everything in Modo and Illustrator, used a bit of Houdini for air particles and Photoshop to merge all. Visually Inspired by Steampunk, Old furniture, Watches, The Order 1886. My PC couldn’t render this, so now 10 months later and with a new PC, I was able to make some basic renders  Hope you like it!
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Ridiculous level of detail and overall genius and beautiful.

Well done!
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So detailed and gorgeous forms :D
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Incredible realistic. Also the concept of this table is awesome. So much thought went into it. :p
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That is beyond cool! 0_0'
Really nice!  It should make calculating curvature corrections for circumpolar stars much easier! 
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I. Want. That.
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Very nice! Congrats on the DD
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I can't say anything that hasn't been said, but this is incredible. The concept is as wonderful as the execution.
GenkiPuck42's avatar
This is gorgeous! (Also, "Light Stuff on Fire" made me laugh! :D )
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I don't understand what on earth an Orrery table is, but it looks cool. Basically it's a table that explains solar system, right?
dchan's avatar
Yep Exactly, but I mixed with elements from a astrolale and this is not for our solar system! :happybounce:  Thanks DaFUQ!!! cya!
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Just watched you for this. Absolutely incredible looking, I would love to see someone build this in real life (and then give it to me, because I want it).

Congrats on the DD!
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Incredibly Flawless! :)
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I'm so steampunk I wear a tophat with brass framed googles while typing this. Smashing dear sir absolutly smashing.Moustache_sm 
dchan's avatar
Hahahah, best comment ever! Most excellent mustache sir! Glad you liked! Cya!
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Amazing design, I love orreries and astrolabes. If you are interested in astrolabes too, I just started a kickstarter to make them. Hope you will at least take a peek, I am not trying to spam. Love your work!…
dchan's avatar
That's awesome Thom, great work, hope you get funded soon! If you allow me one tip, I have many friends that had success with crowdfunding and you need a image showing how the final thing could look, you need a Pitching image / concept art of how it's gonna look, right now on you page, you are using a lot of cool images of parts of something that will become a cool thing, but nobody can see the cool thing that it's on your creator head. So will be really hard for them to "invest / buy" something they can't see, makes sense? But I like what you're doing man! Keep up! Once you have a pitching image, let me know so I can take a look again! cya!
PhanThom-art's avatar
Thanks! Good suggestion, I might try making a sketch or painting of what the final product is supposed to look like. 
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