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June 19, 2008
Smooth illustration ahoy. Fresh vibes from FOMA_WeeNeeds_Promo_Poster by ~dchan.
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This is a promotional illustration for my Design Studio called FOMA and for our subdivision of entertainment art called WeeNeeds.
This is a POSTER in A2 size that is given to new clients together with our DVD BOXED portfolio.

This illustration was used as cover of NewWebPick magazine Special edition #16. They have interviewed us and we talk about how we build the studio, furnitures and everything from scratch with our own hands. and also about our works... of course. Check out our interview here.

Personal observations:
I think I could work a little bit more in this illustration, in parts like the clouds and the little white dudes, cos I want to put a lot more of them. anyways is not so good illustration but I think it's not bad too. ^_^'
The girl I drew on a piece of paper and than vector illustrate her in vector. Shes not based on photographs or anything like that, I really don't like vectorized photographs, I prefer the original full illustrated works.


All vector done in Illustrator CS3.


Almost All characters on this illustration will be Plush and Vinyl Real Toys... We will release them in our store, soon.

--------------------- UPDATE -----------------------

As some people request I made the print available in DA prints and end up making some final touches.
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Wow... Very nice... The colours work nicely, and the digital hair is a nice touch... Good work...
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Wow, this is fantastic.
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Thanks my friend!
See ya!
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T;ame chamando de doido? Huahahah!
Valeu meu amigo!

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FOMAAAAA! ♥ I love this!
andrezzavantini's avatar
you're welcome, dear! :)
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Intense design work...really digging it. Chrissy
dchan's avatar
See ya!
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incredible work
dchan's avatar
chambs's avatar
you´re welcome
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Nice!!.Keep up the good work.
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Thanks my friend!
See ya!
LittleMissAnaMae's avatar
amazing! i'm captivated!
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Awesome, so much details!! I love the syle
yutu's avatar
wow! Amazing!
o so cool man !!!
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WOW!! Ur works are amazing!!! i love it! i cant believe you do that All in Illustrator! Its amazing!! Love
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