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Image result
It's that time again it's Discussion Time. :D (Big Grin)

So with The Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Related image and the Tournament of Power arc Related image of Dragon Ball Super is still going and being dubbed in English over on Toonami. Image result for toonami
Which I'm really looking forward to, by the way, I'm here to discuss the Pros and Cons of two of the new characters that were introduced in the Tournament of Power arc as well a the most controversial characters that some people would say have kind of divided the Dragon Ball Community. Yes, I'm talking about Everyones favorite (Myself included) Saiyan Waifus Caulifla and Kale.Ep112 Screenshot 0195 by dcb2art

Now as you may or may not know I actually love these two despite their problems, However, When it comes to these two in the fandom you either like them or you hate them, and sometimes you may like one over the other give or take. For this discussion, I'm going to be dissecting the Pros and Cons of both their Anime and Manga counterparts.

Note. 1: This is all just my own Opinion. If you like these characters or don't like these characters that's fine.

Note. 2: I'm not a Power-Scaler, well not a full-on Power-Scaler but I will talk about the power scaling problem between these two so keep that in mind.

Note. 3: I'm also going to be covering their Fusion form Kefla into the mix as well.

Note. 4: For those of you who have not Watched the Anime or Read the Manga version of Dragon Ball Super there will be Spoilers so read with caution.

Without further ado strap yourselves in because this gonna be a long one.

Anime Kale
C LtbXDUwAEhiIr by dcb2art

  • Her Design is pretty cute as well as her personality.
  • Image result for dawn m bennett Dawn M. Bennett's voice really nails Kales shy nature I can't wait to hear her voice fully in the show.
  • Image result for Yukana Yukana Nogami The Voice for C.C. from Code Geass is Also great as Kale in Japanese.
  • I love the sisterly relationship she has with Caulifla.
  • Kale's character and character development is very relatable.
  • DlIRX3BXsAA0M05 by dcb2art
    Her fighting alongside Caulifla against Goku was great.
  • Image result for broly and kaleI ship still Broly and Kale together even though their not from the same universe or have met each other in the official Canon.
  • It's never explained as to why Kale is so insecure about herself.
  • Kales Japanese Screams can be quite irritating at times.
  • The Dialogue for her talking about Caulifla almost comes off as bad Yuri teasing.
  • 57170283aa6233bf01cf6a84f31fb89dab1a5b4a Hq by dcb2art
    Her Legendary Super Saiyan Form is just a nod to Broly and nothing more.
  • People keep saying she's a bad version of Hinata from Naruto.
  • Image result for kale super saiyanHer controlling her Legendary Super Saiyan form happens way too early.

Manga Kale
F3f8ebc8f0d64a85d6f9e43a230ba4a14634ec11 182334 80 by dcb2art

  • I think Kale looks cuter without the lipstick on.
  • Kale's more of a badass in the Manga.Cf53fa76cdf4e2a7dc39ab0f5a8b8a1de53f2a16 218715 80 by dcb2art
    48b06d962e59491c4c69af4876622bf7748482bf 214215 80 by dcb2art
  • We get some backstory on her.
  • The design of her Legendary Super Saiyan form is pretty cool. compared to the Anime's version.Kale SSJ BERSERKER MANGA 37 TOYOTARO by AlejandroDBS
  • F11e56c33a50e0ac495962c7c353225bc58d4ba9 210024 80 by dcb2artHer Backstory is told to us rather than shown. 
  • Kale's Legendary Super Saiyan Form is way to OP, in fact, it's more Op than her Anime incarnation, please Nerf.
  • The Explanation behind Kale's Legendary Super form makes no sense
  • Legendary Super Saiyan form is no stronger than that of an Ascended Super Saiyan/ Super Saiyan third Grade???
  • She takes out Universe 2, 3, 4, and 10 way too early and so easily as well as before they got a chance to even do anything.2f597e5539b4fdd526979d71d1091bde066e074c 255841 80 by dcb2art

    Bf5da4d5b3a3358f6840379acc51cc7eec468d98 270049 80 by dcb2art

    A84aafba671d565fe0a5a7642cc89b9e17a63298 311215 80 by dcb2art
  • Kale turns on her own teammates and takes them out before they get a chance to do anything too.Aff8c5abc4e2e5d3e1a2526a193ea5ab23c3997f 272017 80 by dcb2art

    2e7b1014166da3dde0b9580ee9ab321583913ab2 269884 80 by dcb2art

Anime Caulifla

Caulif by dcb2art

  • Her design is cool and pretty practical.
  • Elizabeth Maxwell by dcb2art Elizbeth Maxwell knocks it out of the fucking park and I can't wait to hear her voice later on in the show too.Love 
  • Related image Yuka Komatsu the Japanese voice for Phosphora from Kid Icarus Uprising does a great job voicing Caulifla in the Japanese dubbed.
  • despite being Cocky and Brash she does care for Kale and her Teammates.
  • I love how she's a supportive Big sister to Kale.
  • D7cacafb71a957164d90a026584363a7761c5f19 Hq by dcb2art
    I love the Mentor and Student relationship between both her and Goku. (PS I know Goku's already Married but I still Ship them)
  • She's the First Canon Female Saiyan to Go Super Saiyan.
  • 113 3 by dcb2art
    Both of Her Fights with Goku with are well Fought despite the whole Power-scaling issues.

  • Caulifla  Super Saiyan 2    Dbs Screenshot By Redf by dcb2art
    I don't like how she goes from Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan 2 so quick and effortlessly.
  •  Caulifla-focuses by dcb2art
    The Idea of the whole Back Tingle Feeling as the a means to turn into a Super Saiyan.
  • The Power-scaling between both her and Kale is questionable most of the time.
  • I think some people give her too much flack for being overly Cocky.

Manga Caulifla
Caulifla manga by dcb2art

  • Bc3a5005f653dc34dc7836894338a8212bd42029 244922 80 by dcb2artTumblr P2us14z58b1tvnh4fo8 1280 by dcb2art      I like how in the Manga she is the Leader of a group of Saiyan Bandits as opposed to being the Leader of a Saiyan street punks gang like in the anime.ep088 Screenshot 0425 by dcb2art
  • I like how she's a novice when it comes to her Super Saiyan form.
  • Her Fight with Frieza is probably the best fight in the whole entire Manga version of The Tournament of Power Arc so far.

  • They say that She is a fighting Prodigy but the Manga doesn't really do much to show/prove that fact.
  • We never really find out what's in it for her when it came to Cabba Teaching her how to go Super Saiyan.
  • Caulifla doesn't acknowledge Kale's power or her Loyalty.
  • Caulifla treats Kale Like a Minion instead of being her Protege. 
  • She doesn't acknowledge Goku or Vegeta's Super Saiyan Blue powers.
  • She and Goku don't fight let alone talk to each other in the Manga.
  • Caulifla gets treated like a Punching bag in the Manga.
  • Two fights under her belt and both of them revolves with her easily getting her ass kicked.  9f39f9e82911d4933c52d205f3175ddb79238757 284765 80 by dcb2art02d13f33576426fb7872b3f1bd9aa45d125cf893 183301 80 by dcb2art12c22ab6bb73e4086e2ac4c2514ad4640a055224 258426 80 by dcb2art

    7a6aaff0258f4d769fb01f9e1fb8d25d8a738d2d 339682 80 by dcb2art

Anime Kefla

Kefla muscle 74 by dcb2art

  • Kefla is THICC as Fuck Love  Image result for dragon ball super kefla ass
  • Her design is really Cool, Sexy, and Badass all at the same time.
  • I Like how unexpected it was for Caulifla and Kale to Fuse.
  • She's fun to Play as in Xenoverse 2 Image result for kefla xenoverse (Hey, Arc System Works Please put her or Caulifla and Kale together in Dragon Ball Fighterz Related image for Season 2 DLC please!? That would be cool! :D (Big Grin)

  • Maxresdefault by dcb2artHer fight with Goku as well as Ultra Instinct Omen Goku was one of the best fights and Highlights for the Tournament of Power arc at least for me anyway.
  • 9995f10349414c274d2ae20cfa979fa0 by dcb2art
    This Was one of the Coolest Conclusions.

  • ep114 Screenshot 0584 by dcb2art
    ep114 Screenshot 0582 by dcb2art
    I don't like how we get a Flashback of Champa giving the Potara earring to Kale and Caulifla and tells them that they are Universe 6's strongest Completely Undermining both Hit and Cabba. 

Manga Kefla

Kefla Ready To Fight by dcb2art

  •  Kefla is not only still THICC, but she's also super Ripped too. Love  tumblr pdhgd0pIZl1uqbhj1o3 1280 by dcb2art

  • I like how the Potora earrings play a much better factor in Manga as opposed to the anime plus it comes off as both clever and funny. 28 by dcb2art

  • This smug shrug. XD 3126dfdcaeebf4debbebce4a914df2b4b8c1bb3a 282588 80 by dcb2art

  • Kefla only shows up for two chapters of the Manga and doesn't last that long.
  • Kefla is somehow weaker than Kale in her Legendary Super form???
  • Instead of Fighting Goku she fights Gohan instead.
  • V-Jump Spoils the Conclusion of Gohan vs Kefla on both Twitter and Tumblr thus Killing the suspense.
  • They Show the fight, Cut away from the Fight, and then show the conclusion
  •  Gohan Vs Kefla Manga 39 By Alejandrodbs-dckmey2 by dcb2art Gohan and Kefla are somehow both evenly matched. 
  • 87dd3639d099f0c39cde213f9325a2eb7828ac9c 338441 80 by dcb2artDespite being evenly Matched with Gohan She just gives up and accepts defeat like a total wimp. 
  • Universe 6's Last fight and it ends in the most underwhelming way Possible.
    40284575 580297225707013 8304346788966432768 N by dcb2art

Caulifla and Kale: Conton City Radio Hosts.
I drew this inspired by their English speaking voices that you can hear in Xenoverse 2 when you buy both the Kefla and Baby Vegeta DLC in the game.

It would be cool if these to were the host it would be like listening to the Squid sisters from Splatoon in a way.

I'm also thinking about doing a Rp or a Closed Rp for this pic if anybody is interested.

If you like this picture please be sure to leave a comment, and also be sure to check out the rest of my gallery if any of my work is to your liking. ;) (Wink)
Naughty Raja
Shantae: Gyaaagh, Jasmine, call your Tiger off! cloudmassiveblushplz 

If you like this picture please be sure to leave a comment, and also be sure to check out the rest of my gallery if any of my work is to your liking. 
;) (Wink)
Well, It's already the Beginning of October which means the new season ofDoL3FEpXcAEqBLY by dcb2art
is upon us this month. And I gotta say...I'm a bit skeptical with this series considering its position right now, While Volume 4 was the best-written Volume story wise it also felt the most Boring with everything else and Don't even get me started on Volume 5. *Shutters* Now that my friends was Cancer.

Anyways a few Months ago I did Top 10 Least favorites RWBY Characters list.  My Top 10 Least favorite RWBY charactersAfter seeing the new English dub trailer for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle I'm actually looking forward to what the game Intrigued with how it's going and we get to see characters from Fighting games that I've played and enjoyed Blazblue, Persona 4 Arena, and Under the Night in Birth even though I don't know the whole story behind that game or it's characters. But then there's RWBY who's one of the biggest Wild Cards in the Game and to be perfectly honest I sort of have a love-hate relationship with RWBY as a whole right now I mean back then when volume 1 was still a thing I actually was hooked and in love with the series, but after watching volumes 4 and 5 and re-watching the previous volumes I can't look at the series the same way anymore I mean I like Monty and I still do to this day despite his passing and I liked volumes 1, 2, and 3 but volumes 4 and 5 feel like I'm watching a whole different show here. and to make things worse is how bad the writing can be on the show. Now that's no
And now here I am Giving you my Top 10 Favorite RWBY characters list.

Note. 1: This list is all just my own Opinion. If you like these characters or don't like these characters that's fine.

Note. 2: Please be nice and don't bitch at me in the comment section saying This character is better or that character sucks Blank is better or any other kind of bullshit like that. I just want you all to know where I'm coming from with this.

Note. 3: I'm going to keep most of my thoughts brief by talking about both my Pros and Cons with each of these characters

Without further ado let's begin.

#10: Glynda Goodwitch Image result for glynda goodwitch rwby

  • Her design is one of the few that I like in the show.
  • I liked her strict character in the first 2 volumes. 

  •  Kathleen Zuelch does a good job voicing this character. Image result for kathleen zuelch

  • The fact that Rooster Teeth Fired Kathleen and because of that Glynda is completely erased from the series even in RWBY Chibi we don't see her.

#9: Mercury Black 
Image result for mercury black

  • I love his fighting style, I'm a big fan of Kick-fighters.
  • I love his snarky personality.
  • I Love J.J. Castillo's voice performance for him in Volume 2. Image result for jj castillo

  • Even though Cinder recruited him into her/Salem's faction we never really find what's in it for him.
  • Despite what I said about his Asshole personality, he comes off 1-dimensional.
  • Yuri lowenthal by dcb2art Yuri Lowenthal isn't a bad voice actor he does a good job as the new voice for Mercury but I kinda prefer J.J.'s voice. Plus every time I hear Yuri's voice all I hear is Sasuke from Naruto and it's distracting. 
  • This scene in Volume 5 ruined Mercury. Image result for ruby headbutt

#8: Sun Wukong 
Image result for sun wukong rwby

  • He's one of the few if not one of the only Faunus characters that I like.
  • He was a great ally for Blake in Volumes 1-5.
  • I wish we got more backstory on him instead of him being relegated to being another comic relief character.
  • The idea of giving him a team was entirely pointless seeing as they don't contribute anything to the main plot.
  • Blake treats him like shit throughout most of Volume 4.
  • The fact that it took both Yang and Sun getting hurt to finally get Blake to stop being a bitch and find her resolve.

  • He's one of the candidates to Shitty Kitty's harem. tumblr p0e5ocdR2e1uaqvn6o1 400 by dcb2art

#7: Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie Image result for ren and nora

  • Nora is best Pinkie Pie and Ren is best big Macintosh
  • They both work and bounce off each other very well
  • They make a great comic relief duo
  • Volume 4 gave them some good backstory and character development 
  • RenNora is the best ship in the series bar none.
  • Volume 5 ruins the idea of expanding on the RenNora relationship and instead have Ren and Nora become parodies of themselves.
  • Ren goes from a silent character in Volume 1 and 2 to being one of the most talkative characters in the whole show.
  • Nora isn't funny anymore. 
  • Ren's speech in Volume 5 episode 7 is one of the worst things to come out of this show. 

#6: Qrow Branwen
Related image
  • Vic Mignogna 29839 by dcb2art
  • He has a very cool design and weapon.
  • Not much else to his character outside of being cool and shady.
  • Once both he and Ozpin reveal their secrets to the good guy's nobody seems to act suspicious about them nor do they ask questions.

#5: Pyrrha Nikos Image result for pyrrha nikos death
  • Great design, weapon and fighting style. Which really gives you that Warrior Princess look.
  • Had some great moments in Volume's 2 and 3.
  • She has the cutest laugh. ^_^ [link]
  • This face. XD  Image result for pyrrha nikos scream


  • R.I.P. Pyrrha Nikos February 13, 2016 
  • I really that there was more to Pyrrha's personality besides just being nice before she died.
  • Pyrrha's relationship with I mean Jaune sounds good on paper but the final payoff comes off as dumb. We really don't know what she even sees in him besides his strength/future potential.
  • Her death so far in the series serves no other purpose other than giving Jaune something to Angst about.
  • Besides Jaune, her death doesn't really have any impact on the other 2 members of team JNPR or Ruby for that matter.
  •  Image result for jen brown Jen Brown's performance as Pyrrha is rather meh she sounds like she reading from the script instead of voice acting and other times she struggles to emote in some of her lines.

#4: Winter Schnee 
Image result for winter schnee

  • Elizabeth Maxwell by dcb2art Elizabeth Maxwell is a delight to hear no matter what character she voices.
  • Despite her strict Military like personality, we can tell that she does both loves and care about her little sister Weiss.
  • Winter doesn't play that much of a roll in Volume 3. She fights Qrow, trains Weiss for a bit and then just leaves.
  • Volume 3 makes Winter retcon how semblances work after it was just established how it works back in Volume 2

#3: Yang Xiao Long 
Image result for yang xiao long
  • She's one of the few characters to have some decent character development in the show.
  • She's a very fun character that I love to keep coming back too.
  • Her personality and character changes with each volume thus making her overall character inconsistent.
  • The Conflict between her and Blake in Volume 5 didn't matter.
  • He's too is one of the candidates to Shitty Kitty's harem
  • Bumblebee is cancer.
  • Her character development in Volume 4 was Half-Assed.
  • Related image Barbara Dunkelman's comes off as flat sometimes as Yang, especially during the more serious scenes. 
  • The infamous IT'S A CaRTOOOOooooOOOOOOOON!!! Meme [link]

#2: Roman Torchwick 
Image result for roman torchwick
  • The Greatest Villains to come out of this show.
  • The only likable Villain that's actually 3-dimensional.
  • I love his snarky wit with both the good guys and with the other Villains.
  • He's the only Villain in the show that was proactive.
  • Image result for grey haddockGrey Haddock does a banging job as this guy.
  • R.I.P. Roman Torchwick February 6, 2016.
  • Despite him being the most proactive Villain he never wins any of his fights.
  • His death doesn't have any impact on Ruby's character, not even his speech about how the real world doesn't need heroes and nothing affected her.

Honorable mentions

  • Professor Peter Port Image result for peter port rwby
His Mustache and Manliness noes no Limits he kinda reminds me of Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist.

  • Dr. Oobleck 
Image result for dr oobleck rwby

He's a funny character and had some great moments to shine in Volume 2.

  • Neopolitan   Related image

Good looking character design, weapon, and fighting style. I kinda wish she was presented in Volume 1 instead of 2 so we can get to know her and Torchwick more.
  • James IronwoodImage result for james ironwood

Good character with but his moments to shine are too far in between. Although I did like But at least he got a badass moment in Volume 3. 

  • Arthur Watts 
Image result for arthur watts rwby

He's the only likable villain that the show has left at this point but that's only because the writers haven't done anything to fuck up his character, at least not yet anyway.

  •  Kali Belladonna & Ghira Belladonna
Related image

Image result for tara plattTara Platt and Image result for kent williams voice actor Kent Williams do a fantastic Job at voice these 2. Kali and Ghira are great parent figures despite the massive retcon they produce in this show and how much they show shows how much Ghira is a terrible leader. Also Kali is best Milf cat  And way more attractive then her daughter.  DjA6DeVUYAEN zO by dcb2art

  • Sienna Khan 
Image result for sienna khan
One of the best Looking cat Waifus next to Kali and one the best-looking character designs in the entire show thus far despite the fact that Volume 1 established that the current Leader of the White Fang is a man. 
Also, it sucks that she got killed off so easily and so early too, and the fact that they wasted a good voice actor like Image result for monica rial Monica Rial makes her feel like an even bigger waste, and no the Adam character short trailer Related image

didn't help either.

AND FOR MY #1...

*Drum Roll*

Weiss Schnee 
V2 06 00002 by dcb2art

  • Out all of the members of team RWBY's character designs Her character design stood out the most and I love it.
  • The one character that I keep coming back to the most.
  • She's the only character I can relate to some extent.
  • Has some good character development and has changed as a character for the better.
  • Related image Kara Eberle does a great job at providing Weiss' voice.
  • She starts off as a brat in volume 1.
  • Like Yang Most of her development as well as story arcs gets fucked by slicing half of said story arcs and making them feel half-assed.
  • Weiss learns how to summoned without any much effort.
  • This fight in Volume 5. 
  • Weiss getting impaled  also Miles can have his stupid hero moment by finally unlocking his semblance that literally everyone including me predicted and because of shipping fuel.
  • Cinder goes for Weiss instead of going for Ruby.
  • White knight and the idea of it being canon. Image result for weiss and jaune
  • Considering how much Volume 5 Fucked up everyone it sucks that Weiss so far is the only tolerable character that the show has left.
  • Listening to: Rock and Jazz Music
  • Reading: My Hero Academia
  • Watching: YouTube Videos
  • Playing: Spider-Man
  • Eating: Chinese
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Likes Video games and Anime/Manga. and is really good at drawing in Anime/Manga style and illustration.


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