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HistoryA/N: Ties into Chapter 36.________________________________________________ Emma folded her arms on her desk and rested her head on top. History class was beyond boring. Especially since the topic was on the history of the Justice League. She knew everything about the Justice League. She didn't need school to regurgitate information she already knew.She knew how the League was founded in 2001 after the Imperium invaded Earth. She knew all about the seven founding members, being the daughter of two of them. She knew that they had expanded their roster in 2004. She didn't really understand why they had just suddenly decided to expand after just being seven of them for three years. To her that didn't make too much sense.She knew what topics they were going to discuss eventually. The near Apocalypse of '09 would be one of them. Where the Justice League aided Batman in thwarting Ra's al Ghul's plans to end humanity. Then the more recent and catastrophic topic would be the New God Invasion that occurred three years ago in 2020.Grail, the daughter of Darkseid and a New God woman, had staged an attack on Earth using technology only found on New Genesis. She had hoped to pin the attack on New Genesis but eventually it was linked back to her and Apokolips.Unfortunately multiple Justice League members had not survived the invasion; her mother nearly being one of them. She was lucky to have survived her attempt to take on Grail herself to bind time for Superman. It had taken Shayera over six months to fully recover from all of the injuries she had sustained. Among those deaths also included three Green Lanterns who were reserve members of the League: Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and Jessica Cruz. As a show of good faith to Earth Highfather had closed all connections to the Fourth Dimension and had exiled their strongest warrior, Barda, to Earth.A year after that event the Justice League had become funded under the US government, as Wayne Enterprises stopped funding them, and was rebranded the Justice League Unlimited.Emma lifted her head a bit so she could look forward. Now the teacher was going on about some kind of report the class would have to write; which Emma thought was stupid since there was only a month left of school and that she shouldn't have to work this hard near the end of the school year. Each student needed to choose a member of the Justice League and write a full history on their background as well as their contributions to both the League and Earth. The catch was that once a hero was chosen no one else could choose them as well.Emma sighed. The seven founders would be chosen first no doubt about that. She had no shot at choosing either of her parents. The teacher was also going in alphabetical order which meant her chances were really next to zero.The first student called had chosen Batman. Emma found that to be typical. With Batman's retirement from crime fighting four years ago his legacy and appeal had skyrocketed.Next student chose Superman. Another predictable choice. He was the favorite hero of Metropolis and the entire world at that.Emma rolled her eyes as the next student, a boy, had too excitedly shouted Wonder Woman. Her Aunt Diana had unexpectedly and abruptly left the League when Emma was three-years-old. She then returned five years later but had only returned as a part-timer and divided her time between the Justice League and Themyscira for unknown reasons.Next one was a girl who chose the Flash. That girl had a crush on the speedster and was a diehard fan. Included in her report for the Flash would most likely be his annoying sidekick, Impulse. Iris West was easily the single most annoying person Emma and her brother knew. The two of them could not stand her and only tolerated her due to how close their Uncle Wally was with their parents.Emma began to go through the list of heroes she could choose when it was her turn. She knew enough about all of the League members that she could easily do a report on anyone. That and she could personally get more info from that particular hero as well.Green LanternMartian ManhunterOnly one founder was left. There was no way that Hawkgirl wouldn't be next.Captain AtomGreen ArrowEmma paused. No one had said the words Hawkgirl or Shayera. She momentarily hoped the others were that stupid and hadn't paid attention that not all seven founders had been chosen.Black CanaryAtom SmasherStaticEmma smiled. No one was choosing her mother. The twelve-year-old couldn't believe her luck. Perhaps she had gotten this lucky since her birthday was in a week. Eventually it was her turn and she immediately blurted out Hawkgirl. This in turn was responded by with odd looks from her classmates and teacher. She figured they hadn't realized that the last founder hadn't been chosen.Feeling rather pleased with herself, Emma dropped her head back onto her arms. This project would be a piece of cake. She knew everything about her mother. Well maybe not everything but she knew enough that she could write a report without any references but she knew she'd still need to source some materials to not draw attention to how much she personally knew about her.The rest of her day had dragged on but eventually the school day was over.Emma ducked into the locker room of the school's gym and fished out the commlink she had in her backpack. She and Rex were the only non-League members that were allowed to carry standard issue commlinks. This was mostly so they could get into contact with their parents if needed or the worse case scenario that someone had figured out who their parents were and went after them.Emma put the commlink into her ear, "Hey Mom.""Are you ok?" her mother immediately asked. "You normally don't use this.""I'm fine Mom," she rolled her eyes. "I have to stay after school and no I didn't get detention again."Shayera chuckled, "Well that's a surprise.""Very funny Mom," she sarcastically replied. "I have to write a stupid history report. I have to go to the library to get sources for it cause you know.""Yeah I know your stupid school and their stupid homework. Whenever you get done just get in touch with the Metro Tower and have whoever is on monitor duty teleport you home. Your father is still on a mission for the Green Lantern Corps so I don't think he'll be home until tomorrow. Unless I get called off on a League mission I'll be home.""Alright Mom I'll see you later."________________________________________________ Emma was now sitting in front of a computer in the school's library. The sooner she got this over with the sooner she could just go home. She just needed a few websites to source and the rest she could do on her own."Now time for the fun part," she sarcastically said to herself. "She's an alien so I guess I can start with that," Emma then paused. She actually had no idea what type of alien her mother was. She never really bothered to ask either. She honestly had thought for a long time that her mother was just a meta-human. It didn't really surprise her when she had found out that she was an alien.Emma began to type into the search bar. Immediately she found an article that had Hawkgirl's history from the time she was in Midway City to present day.Emma also didn't understand why her mother didn't go by Hawkgirl anymore or why she didn't wear the Hawkgirl mask and outfit either."It is a pretty badass mask," she quietly whispered as she looked at old pictures of the Justice League when it was just the founding members. She then scrolled down, "Shayera Hol...Hol must have been her maiden name before she married Dad." She continued to read the article, "Thanagarian, so that's what Mom is. She's a Thanagarian. Thanagarian Empire lieutenant? Espionage specialist? Mom was military?"The next paragraph she saw floored her, "Thanagarian Invasion of Earth? What?"Emma read the section word for word and had to reread it to make sure she wasn't seeing things. Her mother had betrayed the Justice League, the Earth, and had lied for years about why she was there. The Earth had been nearly decimated by a hyperspace bypass the Thanagarians had built. Emma scowled. Her mother had sold out the Justice League to her own people. The Justice League ultimately stopped them and the Thanagarians retreated, leaving Shayera behind.Why did her mother stay though? Perhaps the League had wanted justice for her crimes but that didn't seem likely since she was still a League member. Maybe she had lied her way out of it. It wasn't like she didn't have a track record of doing so. Emma was becoming convinced that must have been how she got out of it. Her mother was a bold faced liar after all and probably lied her way back into the good graces of the Justice League.Now Emma understood why her mother never said what type of alien she was. She had been an enemy of the Justice League. Her entire race were enemies of the Justice League. Then came more questions. Why did her father stay together with her mother? There was no way her father was that stupid. Maybe it was out of pity? And why hadn't her mother told her or Rex about this before? Emma was guessing that her mother had stalled so she could concoct a story to cover for herself. Either that or she thought this could remain a dirty, little secret forever.Emma felt anger boiling inside her. This was another reason why she couldn't have a normal family like everyone else. Her mother had to be a damn, treacherous alien. She just couldn't have been a normal human. Emma wouldn't be this angry if not for this apparent Thanagarian Invasion information she had just discovered. That her mother didn't even have the decency to tell her about it. Hell it wasn't like her mother was even from an honorable alien race that she could be proud of.Emma clenched her fists. Her mother had always told her since she was little that lying was wrong and that only bad people lied. She was nothing but a hypocrite. All she ever did was lie. How did the League know if she wouldn't betray them again? What if those Thanagarians came back? Would her mother side with them again?Emma had stayed at the library for over two hours reading article after article about the Thanagarian Invasion. She then found forum boards of people who hated and disapproved of Hawkgirl, her status in the Justice League, and her being allowed to stay on Earth. By the time she had finished reading everything, Emma fully agreed with them.In her eyes her mother was no better than the super villains she fought. She didn't deserve to be in the Justice League or even allowed to stay on Earth. She should have been exiled and sent back to that planet called Thanagar with those other filthy Thanagarians.Emma couldn't believe she had actually revered her mother so much and for so long. Everything she thought she knew about her mother was a lie."I hate you," she quietly murmured.Emma glared at the computer in front of her. Her teacher never stated that the contributions needed to be positive or that the report needed to reflect the hero in a positive light. She would make damn sure it didn't. Her mother didn't deserve it.________________________________________________ Emma was more than glad that her mother wasn't home when she got home herself. Just as thankfully Rex hadn't annoyed her to play video games with him and had left her alone. She flopped down onto her bed and pulled out her laptop so she could begin to write this accursed report. She wasn't home for even two hours when her bedroom door opened and Shayera walked in."So how's that stupid report coming along?" Shayera asked her.Emma refused to shift her gaze up from her laptop screen and just frowned.After waiting a full minute Shayera raised an eyebrow, "Ok...why am I getting the silent treatment?""I don't know. You tell me Mom," Emma looked up to glare at her, not caring about the bruised cheek and split lip her mother had sustained in whatever Justice League mission she had just returned on. "Or should I call you Lieutenant Shayera Hol of the Thanagarian Empire?"Shayera's eyes widened as she stood silent for a moment before slowly asking, "How do you know that?""You mean my luck that we're doing a report on any Justice League member we want? You wanna guess who I chose?""Emma listen to me. I don't know what you read but-""Don't start!" Emma got off her bed and stood. "You're nothing but a liar and a traitor.""You need to belie-"Emma let out a short, cynical laugh. "You've got to be kidding me. You want me to trust you?""Emma you don't know the whole story. Just listen to me.""I know enough! You sold out and betrayed the Justice League! The Earth was almost destroyed because of you!""Yes initially I did but-""At least you're admitting to it. How long did you think you could go without either me or Rex finding out about it?""Did you say anything to Rex?" Shayera immediately asked her with a frown."No but I should.""Don't you dare," Shayera said as she clenched her fists. "You don't have any right to tell him anything Emma.""What so you can lie to him and tell your own version? Don't even get me started on the rest I read. I don't even know why Dad's with you after everything you did. You have no right to be in the Justice League let alone allowed to remain on Earth."Shayera narrowed her eyes, "Maybe if you would actually listen then-""You should have went back to Thanagar with the rest of those filthy hawks! You filthy Thanagarian!"That's when she did it. Shayera didn't even make a conscious decision to do it. The next thing she knew her hand was flying through the air and connected with Emma's left cheek resulting in a sharp resounding smack.Emma's eyes widened in shock, her hand snaking up to lay over her now red cheek. Her face was a mask of both anger and shock.Shayera looked at Emma with absolute guilt written across her face. She tentatively took a step towards her and tried to reach her hand out to her, "I didn't...Emma...I didn't mean-""I hate you!" Emma scowled as she took a step away from her and glared at her. "You're the reason why we can't have a normal family! You had to be a filthy Thanagarian! That's why everyone hates you!""You're Thanagarian too Emma!" Shayera shot back with a glare of her own."Half," Emma continued to scowl. "At least I look human and can pretend to be a human! I don't have anything tying me back to a person like you!"________________________________________________ John didn't return back to Earth until past two in the morning. He expected everyone to be asleep when he returned home and had initially been as quiet as possible to avoid waking anyone. That was until he noticed the bedroom light was on. He opened the door and was greeted by his wife sitting on the edge of the bed with her face in her hands. He stepped in and closed the door behind him, noticing his wife didn't even acknowledge his presence."Um Shayera?" She sighed as she ran her hands through her hair and looked over to him. He immediately noticed that her eyes were red as though she had been crying. That caught him off guard. He could count on one hand the amount of times he had actually seen her cry. He sat next to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Are you alright?"Shayera leaned her body against John's and shook her head. "She hates me," she quietly replied."Who?""Emma.""Ok," he slowly said. "You sure it isn't one of those moody phases teens go through?"Shayera swallowed, "John...she found out about the Thanagarian Invasion on her own. I tried reasoning with her but she wouldn't listen to me."John sat silently for a moment before speaking again, "She doesn't hate you Shayera. You're her mother.""Just because I'm her mother doesn't mean she needs to love me John," she then looked away. "I made things even worse when I lost my temper."He sighed, "She probably needs some time. That's a lot of stuff to take in Shayera. I'm sure she'll come around and-""John I slapped her," she interrupted him. "I didn't even realize what I did until it already happened. She just..." Shayera sighed and shook her head. "I didn't think and I just reacted," she dropped her head back into her hands. "I'm a horrible mother.""No you're not," John wrapped his arms around her. "You're not the first mother who ever slapped their daughter and you won't be the last. What did she say that set you off?""I lost it when she called me a filthy Thanagarian and said I should have went back to Thanagar with the rest of the filthy hawks," she paused. "You didn't see the look on her face when she said all of that. You didn't see the hatred in her eyes when she said she hated me. It was the same contempt that I see on a daily basis John.""You know how stubborn she is. She just...needs some space. She's like you, quick to anger and will react first then think later. She needs time to cool off. Does Rex know anything?"Shayera shook her head and sighed, "I need to talk to Rex. I told him I would. He's going to end up hating me too.""He's not going to hate you and deep down Emma doesn't hate you either. She was angry and reacted out of anger.""I can't blame either of them for hating me. I should have told them everything when they were younger. I could have found a way to simplify it so that they could have understood. I was just so worried and scared of what their reactions would be. How Emma reacted is what I honestly expected and that's what I was afraid of.""We can't change that now Shayera. We both knew this would eventually come up," John hugged her tighter. "You did what you thought was best.""And how well did that work out for me so far?" She sarcastically asked him. "My own daughter hates me now.""No she doesn't," John sighed as he kissed the top of her head, "Shay it's going to be ok."________________________________________________ "I don't get why you're with her after everything she did," Emma frowned as she sat across from her father in the cafeteria of the Watchtower."It's...complicated," John sighed. "When you love someone like how I love your mother you can see past their faults. What your mother did was wrong but she was lied to as well. She didn't know.""And you believe that? You honestly believe she had no idea about anything.""She had no idea.""Or you're just saying that to cover for her," she muttered. "She probably didn't even go back to that planet of hers cause she didn't want to be on the losing side. She probably made up that she didn't know anything so you guys would let her stay here.""Your mother was exiled from Thanagar for helping us; she didn't have a choice. Your mother then left the Justice League after the Invasion happened. I didn't see her again for almost six months and we didn't exactly get back together right away.""You shouldn't have gotten back together with her at all. You shouldn't have let her back in the Justice League to begin with. She didn't deserve any of it. ""Despite what you might think, your mother is still one of the greatest heroes on this planet. She sacrificed everything for a planet that wasn't even her homeworld. She doomed the Thanagarians to lose a war they were desperately trying to win for decades.""Yet someone else she betrayed," Emma pointed out with an eyeroll. "Probably betrayed them when she knew they were going to lose."John frowned. He was starting to really hate the fact how much his daughter took after Shayera. She was too stubborn for her own good. Though he had to admit that her spitefulness did come from him. At least she didn't know about the more personal issues that had gone on with the Thanagarian Invasion. Namely the whole issue with Hro Talek."You can't change what happened Emma. She's still your mother either way and she loves you no matter what you think of her."Emma defiantly looked away, "Just because she's my mother doesn't mean I have to love her."John let out an exasperated sighed as he leaned back in his seat, "Alright then, say it.""What?" Emma gave him a confused look."You were able to say it to her face when you were angry. If you really feel that way you would have no problem saying it right here and now," John gestured towards her. "Go on and say it."Emma swallowed. It was one thing when she was angry and said it versus now with her father challenging her to do it. Despite everything Shayera was still her mother. The same mother who loved her with every fiber of her being. Though that didn't change what she did, who she was, and what she was. She looked down at her lap as she frowned."Can't say it now can you?" John asked her. When she didn't respond he nodded to himself. "I knew you wouldn't be ab-""I hate her and the rest of those filthy hawks," Emma cut him off as she looked up with a small scowl. "Happy now?"John remained silent. He honestly didn't expect for her to say it and he was banking on her not being able to say it. "Deep down, I know you don't mean it. You're just angry and I can understand why."Emma shook her head, "No I do mean it. I hate her and I will never forgive her."________________________________________________ "So you still helped the Justice League in the end right?" Rex asked her as they sat next to each other on the couch. Shayera was relieved by how well Rex seemed to be taking everything. Though a part of her wondered how much of that was due to naivety and him not fully understanding everything she was telling him. "You were still a hero and saved the planet.""In the broadest sense of the word I was but I wouldn't exactly consider what I did heroic," Shayera said to him."Yeah you were Mom. You still saved everyone. That's what heroes do.""But at a steep cost Rex. No one on Earth trusted me afterwards and honestly a lot of people still don't. I was exiled from my homeworld and condemned as a traitor on this one. Then there's Thanagar losing the war solely because of me.""But the important thing is that you did the right thing in the end. You always said that doing the right thing is what matters. So that's all that matters right? I mean yeah you did do something bad but you made up for it.""Rex I wish it was that simple."Rex shrugged, "It kinda is Mom. You're still the coolest and best either way. No one's perfect and-" He was cut off by his mother hugging him. "Mom that's sorta too tight."Shayera loosened her hold on him a bit, "Thank you Rex. I love you."Rex hugged her back, "I don't know why you're thanking me but I love you too. Can we play video games now? No offense Mom but this was sorta boring."Shayera let go of him and smirked, "Considering your father probably won't be home with Emma for a while, we can play that zombie mode on Call of Duty as long as you don't tell him I let you play it again.""Really? I told you that you were the coolest."
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Tell me about it - Chap 1
Dec 20th: 12:00 AM.:  A cold winter night. Or rather a new day.
Batman was on his usual night patrol. He made the roof top of a tall building as his operating point, from where he could have a clear view of the street, especially the museum, which, according to his sources, is the site of action for the night. He was alone. He insisted Robin to stay out of these chilly night patrols and concentrate on his studies. His grades were beginning to worry him. He had not faced such problem with Dick, he perfectly balanced between his studies and his work. Tim, on the other hand was so obsessed with his newly acquired Robin persona that he dreamt of flying the streets of Gotham all day. No wonder there was a protest from him to Bruce's decision, but the big man had the final word.
The night was colder than usual. Why could't Joker choose a better day to bother him?  There was no reason why he should rob a museum, except to attract Batman's attention. "Crime is no fun withou
:iconbuddybmww:buddybmww 12 7
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