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Pokemon Sun and Moon : The Champion!


More adult SM Pokemon character…. Your Champion MC!! (Main Character)

I can’t decided male or female design I should go for….so I mixed them up and try to make the design can be interpret as both male and female.

/but if I do a comic she’d be a girl…. because I play girl MC.

the champion’d be like an NPC that randomly show up in every town from no where and do all this silly part time job or shopping intensely…. just for the trial-goer to be shocked when met this person at the league.

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I love your work ... this guy looks a right snowflake!
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So this is basically the two mc combined???
Eh. It looks amazing tho ^^
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I love this! I always thought that smile and stare had something... sinister.... and that's what I love about the trainer!
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I'd really like to cosplay this concept. Would that be okay? I adore every part of their design.
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So kind, yet so demented. I love it.XD
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I see this before
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I like it how you kept the emotion less stare that you always have in the game
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I love your designs they are all so great! 
Would you mind if I draw this champion? I'll credit you of course :3
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I'd really like to seeyou draw this guy! Thankyou! XD
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I'd love to they are so cute!^w^
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