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Batman Oil Paint and Airbrush in Manga Studio by joeyjarin
Donna Troy by HeroforPain
Wally West, The Flash - colors by craigcermak
Robin, Tim Drake - Young Justice by craigcermak
Artists We'd Like to Work With
Teen Lantern Keli Quintela by Leck-Zilla
Duty's dilemma - page 3 by Adi-Herawan
Krypto and Ace: Super Stoic by Leck-Zilla
Katana by DanielBenner214
Teen Titans
Terra by Dan-DeMille
livestream-doodle Terra II by theEyZmaster
DC2 Teen Titans 63 - Page 1 Co by joeyjarin
DC2 - Teen Titans 61 by capricorn116
DC2's Superboy by Jorell-Rivera
DC2 Action Comics 18 by MischiefDragon
DC2 Lois Lane by Steve Howard by StevenHoward
Earth 2
DC3 Ultimate All Stars 3 by Dreiviantart
Son of Superman by herrenmedia
Justice League Earth 2 - DC2 by herrenmedia
Justice League
dc2 justice league no 39 by StevenHoward
Fall DC sketch dump by storytellersdaughter
Fireworks by storytellersdaughter
dc2 justice league no 38 by StevenHoward
Captain Marvel Family
DC2 Annual 1 by MischiefDragon
Shazam 12 by MischiefDragon
DC2 Shazam 11 by MischiefDragon
dc2 who's who Mary marvel by StevenHoward
Character Designs
DC2 Earth 2 - Flash family by herrenmedia
DC2 Earth 2 - JLA family by herrenmedia
DC2 Earth 2 - Sketches 2 by herrenmedia
Lanterns of the Multiverse by herrenmedia
Batman Family
Batman: The Way Back cover 6 by Gaston25
Gotham Girls 28 Cover by erkhart
DC2 Detective Special CVR by erkhart
Around the DC2U
New Outsiders 53 by erkhart
Phantom Stranger by RamonVillalobos
The Question? by RamonVillalobos
The Question Annual 1 - DC2 by herrenmedia


Here is some of the amazing art from DC2. If you're interested in drawing for DC2, submit your artwork to the "Artists We'd like to Work with Folder".…
Giant-Sized Finale
Written by Samantha Chapman
Cover by Aghori Shaivite
Edited by Don Walsh

After thirty-four spectacular issues, Gotham Girls comes to an end. It's been a long road for Harleen, Pamela and Renee but Gotham City's unconventional protectors have a fantastic fun, celebrated in this Giant-Sized Finale! What's next for Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy? What gift does Barbara Gordon have to convey on Renee Montoya, aka Batgirl? Find out here!…
Issue FIFTY-ONE: "And To All A Good Night"
By Charlie Wilkins, Alex Vasquez and Don Walsh

After all the cosmic horror and interstellar drama, we return to Earth to settle down a bit, to sit around with friends and relatives, and relive the good old days. Hal, Chloe and Jess are hosting a Christmas party in Coast City, and the family Jordan are invited-- as well as Hal's friends from the Green Lantern Corps! With everything that's happened over the past year, can they have a calm, reasonable night? Who knows! Scarlet Reign Aftermath begins here!…
Justice League
Issue Two: "Abandonment"
By Charlie Wilkins, DrDread and Mark Bowers
With thanks to David Charlton and Don Walsh

Hawkman has been a member of the Justice League since the early days and proven his mettle time and time again, side-by-side with the greatest heroes of this generation! But when the Justice League are separated, and the Thanagarian Hawk Knight is faced with an impossible choice, if he survives, where will he stand? Is this the last we'll see of Katar Hol?…
An Earth-A Title!
Issue One: “Eschaton: Anagnorisis, Part One”
Written by David Charlton
Art by Matt Erkhart

A brand new Earth-A title debuts! Jason Blood has lived many lives and the one constant has been the demon grafted to his soul. With the demon Etrigan lurking beneath the surface, will Jason be able to unite a team of supernatural defenders to face the coming horror that threatens humanity? All will the demon be unleashed and the world fall into chaos? Read on...…
Issue One: “Setting Sail”
Story by Ellen Fleischer
Art by Joey Jarin
Beta Read by Kathy, Debbie, and PJ
Edited by Mark Bowers

Ellen Fleischer's epic Batman Elseworlds saga continues with this latest series, Unrehearsable. Bruce Wayne is about to enter a new phase in his life, post-Batman, but with the events of the last two years haunting him-- his unmasking as Batman-- will he be able to move on? Or will he be forever stuck in the shadow of the bat? Featuring a stunning cover by Joey Jarin!…

Wonder Woman
Issue Thirty-Eight: "A Whisper of Winter, Part Two"
Story and Cover by Alex Vasquez
Edited by Don Walsh

Themyscira House under siege! Wonder Woman faces down attackers to her New York embassy, the lives of her staff and their families hanging in the balance, while a secret tribe of Amazons continue to make their presence felt in Africa... but when a paramilitary force moves against the latter, what chance do these Amazons have of survival? Will they be killed before they can rejoin their people?
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DC2 is a group of writers and artist who collaborate monthly to create DC Comics based fan fiction. We're looking for aspiring artists to assist in the creative process. Head over to and PM the admin to show the editors your digital portfolio.


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