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Written Profiles and stories
Ben 10/Justice League: The Series (CHP. 6)CHAPTER 6: MUTANT MADNESSTIMES SQUARE, NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, U.S.A.*BANG-BANG-BANG*Gunfire is exchanged between the terrorist and the police. However, the terrorists are more heavily equipped as they carry rifles, machine guns, and explosives. While the policemen are taking cover behind their police car and doing their best fending off the terrorist while shooting with their pistols.“We need more backup!” yelled one of the policemen.“This is Officer Haywood, Times Square, officers under fire!!!” yelled another policeman while turning on his comm.One of the terrorists was turning on his ear comms and contacting one of his allies. “Send in the cavalries.”*VROOOMMM*, as an oil truck bursts through the road then crashes towards the police cars. “MOVE!!!” the policemen yelled, as the policemen jumped over to dodge the oil slick. *KABOOM*, as the truck and the police car exploded while the exploding impact knocked the policemen away.Slowly trying to get up, one of the terrorists approaches the injured policemen and aims their rifles towards them. But from above, a couple of webs are pulling the terrorists' rifles then webbing some of the terrorists as well. It was revealed to Ben, currently as Spidermonkey.“Morning guys! Who’s ready for ass-kicking?” Spidermonkey said to the terrorists enthusiastically.Since their rifles are pulled away, the terrorists charged towards Spidermonkey, but he managed to punch and back-flip away. Despite being outnumbered, Spidermonkey is more agile and better at combat against the terrorist. Then Spidermonkey is shooting webs from his tail towards the terrorists.“They’re all yours officers!” as Spidermonkey turns his attention towards the policemen then he webs from above and swings away.NATIONAL BANK, NEW YORK CITYAs Spidermonkey swings away. more policemen and police cars are surrounding the bank. Spidermonkey knew that more terrorists were inside the bank. Gotta find a way to get inside the back, he thought.Spidermonkey pressed the Ultimatrix dial from his chest, then transformed into Big Chill. He quickly flew inside the bank while getting intangible.Inside the bank, Big Chill saw a group of terrorists with masks holding hostages while robbing a bank. ‘Gotta be careful not to alert the terrorists, or they'll kill the hostages,’ thought Ben as Big Chill. He then sneaks around and knocks out some of the guards. ‘That should take care of some of the guards,’ he thought. Big Chill looks around while making himself intangible.The hostages are taking cover while the terrorists are pointing guns at them. “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!” yelled one of the terrorists, while the hostages whimpered in fear.Big Chill snuck behind one of the goons then froze them one by one. As some of the goons are frozen, one terrorist just notices that several of the goons are frozen in solid ice, which makes one of the terrorists scared. Big Chill reveals himself and makes him un-intangible while scared.“Hi there,” Big Chill was scaring a terrorist, which made him tremble. “BOO!!”“AAAAHHHH!!!” as the terrorist freaked out and screamed, Big Chill quickly froze him again.Then some of the terrorists, who are guarding the terrorist, notices a scream, including the hostages. It makes both terrorists and the hostages panic. “Go tell the boss!!” yelled one of the terrorists.One of the terrorists went upstairs while using the lift, while the remaining terrorists are still holding their rifles while watching the hostages.Big Chill, hiding on the pillars, thought of something, Step one complete, now for step two. Big Chill then transforms into Buzzshock.Meanwhile, at the upper floor, the terrorist’s boss was packing money. “Uhm, boss?” said the goon nervously. “We’ve got a situation.”Then the boss turned around and looked towards his goon. The boss has an orange Mohawk with black and white paint around his face. He is muscular and wears a black sleeveless shirt with a skull on it. He has purple tattoos all over his body and wears arm braces, leg braces, wrist bands, knee pads, orange pants, and silver shoes with black spikes on them. “What kind of problem?”Back downstairs, despite the goons having their guards up, Buzzshock is moving too fast and caught the goons off guard while shocking the goons fast while flying simultaneously towards them. *ZZZAAAAPPPP*, as Buzzshock electrocutes the goons and leaves them unconsciously. Finally, the hostages are relieved that the terrorists are out cold after being electrocuted by Buzzshock. “Everybody get out!” ordered Buzzshock, as the hostages quickly. Buzzshock has green eyes, a black body with large white lightning bolt-like stripe spanning from where his neck starts to where his legs start on his front and back sides, and a positive (+) symbol and negative (-) symbol on his back. As the hostages are running outside the bank, Buzzshock then notices a ceiling is about to crack, so Buzzshock is taking cover through the table while the ceiling crashes from the ground. Finally, it was a large mecha suit, with an orange color, and a skull symbol on its chest. Buzzshock guessed that the man inside the mecha was the boss. “Dude, how the hell did you even get your mecha suit fit inside the bank?”“My bros getting their asses kicked by some kind of battery?” The man inside the mecha was looking kind of weird to see a small figure like Buzzshock manage to beat his goons.“Who the hell are you supposed to be?” Buzzshock asked and went straight to the point.“The names Fistrick.” The boss introduced himself as Fistrick. “And you’ve just ruined my biggest heist!”“Ooops” Buzzshock was teasing Fistrick. As Buzzshock was about to shock Fistrick’s mecha suit, it didn't affect anything.“Seriously bro, that tickles.” teased Fistrick“Fine.” grumbled Buzzshock. “But let's see how yah like this!” as Buzzshock pressed the Ultimatrix dial on his chest then he transformed into Rath.“LEMME TELL YAH SOMETHING FISTRICK, THE ONE’S WHO PROCLAIMS TO HAVE THE BIGGEST HEIST EVER!!! NO ONES GET’S TO STEAL ANYTHING WHENEVER RATH’S AROUND!!!” Rath almost always speaks in third person. Sometimes, when he becomes extremely angry, he mixes up metaphors. Rath is about nine feet tall. He resembles an orange and white bipedal tiger with one black claw coming out of each wrist and no tail. He is also muscular and has green eyes and black stripes on his shoulders, head, legs, and upper body as well as a white jaw, neck, chest, stomach, hands, and feet.But Fistrick, in his mecha suit, charges Rath first with his rocket boosters on his boots and back-side. He crashes Rath through the walls and flies Rath outside the bank.TIMES SQUARE, NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, U.S.A.As Fistrick flies inside a mech suit while still carrying Rath, Fistrick throws down Rath to the streets.LEMME TELL YAH SOMETHING, STUPID GRAVITY,” Rath yelled while falling down. “MAYBE RATH CAN’T FLY, BUT NOTHIN’ IS GONNA BREAK-” But Rath fell down on the streets while creating a carter.Rath quickly got up from the carter. But Fistrick landed in front of Rath.“LEMME TELL YAH SOMETHING, FISTRICK!” Rath shouted. “I AIN’T ABOUT TO LET YA WRECK ANY MORE LIVES TONIGHT!” He cracked his knuckles, then Rath pressed the Ultimatrix dial, then evolved into Ultimate Rath. He has orange fur with black stripes. He is covered by fur everywhere except on his feet, hands, chest, neck, and most of his lower jaw. He has red bandages on his elbows, forearms, and wrists, and the ones on his wrists have three small red spikes on them. He has two giant claws on his hands and his fingers and toes now have smaller claws. He also has giant claws coming out from his elbows.“LEMME TELL YA SOMETHING FISTRICK, THE ONES WHO PROCLAIMS TO HAVE THE BIGGEST HEIST EVER!!! NO ONE'S GET TO SLAM RATH!!!" yelled Ultimate Rath. "ONLY RATH SLAMS PEOPLE!!!"Both Fistrick and Ultimate Rath charges and wrestles among each. But it appears that Ultimate Rath is stronger than Fistrick in his mecha suit. So Ultimate Rath pays him back by keep slamming over and over again on the ground, *WHAM-WHAM-WHAM*, then Ultimate Rath throws Fistrick through the walls of the building. But Fistrick rose back up from the carters of the wall. "You think you're tough bro?!" As Fistrick activates his laser cannon on his mecha arms. "Well let's see how yah like this!" As he fires his laser cannon towards Ultimate Rath, *FCIUUUU*, surprisingly Ultimate Rath is extremely durable, being able to take a point-blank laser blast with no apparent effect."Now that's the problem," warned Ultimate Rath, "When you shoot Rath, IT MAKES RATH GO MAD!!!" Rath growled."Fine." Fistrick doesn't feel intimidated with Ultimate Rath, as now he activates his missile launchers at his mecha shoulders. "Let's see how yah like this!!!"The missile was fired towards Ultimate Rath. But Ultimate Rath kicked some of the missiles away and grabbed the missiles with both of his bare hands. Ultimate Rath quickly throws the missiles towards Fistrick. *KABOOM*, as the missile managed to damage Fistrick's mecha suit.*ROAR*, as Ultimate Rath ran towards Fistrick, he sliced the mecha suit until it was heavily damaged then tore off the arms and legs of the mecha suit. And finally, Ultimate Rath grabs Fistrick himself at his collar."LEMME TELL YA SOMETHING FISTRICK, THE ONES WHO PROCLAIMS TO HAVE THE BIGGEST HEIST EVER!!! Nobody gets to shoot Rath without some proper ass-whooping." threaten Ultimate Rath. "AND YOUR HAIRCUT LOOKS STUPID!!!" Ultimate Rath ridiculed Fistrick's mohawk."This haircut is trending nowadays, bro."Fistrick defended his mohawk hairstyle. " Have you ever watched Cobra Kai from Netflix? There's this character called himself Hawk, and his mohawk makes him look badass."Then Ultimate Rath glared closer towards Fistrick's face. "Rath may enjoy watching Cobra Kai on Netflix, But Rath doesn't appreciate it when someone is trying to pretend to be badass but getting themselves ass-kicked! So you can take the rest of your Cobra Kai gangs back to prison!"Ultimate Rath binds Fistrick to a lamp post then leaps towards the walls to flee from the police and the civilians.ROOFTOPS, STILL IN NEW YORKA few minutes later, Ben, currently as Omni Knight, watches the police arrest Fistrick and his gang. Then Omni Knight notices a shadow is behind him. Omin Knight quickly grabs his gun and aims at the person behind him, but the person quickly disarms Omni Knight. It was revealed that the person is Batman, and next to him there’s Robin."Your reflexes still need work." as Batman holds Ben's gun then gives it back to Ben.“Don’t worry, he’s quite the critic when it comes to judging people” said Robin, “I’m Robin by the way, Titans member. You’re Ben Tennyson right?” as Robin introduced himself.“Yeah, wassup man.” Omni Knight shook Robin’s hand, then turned his attention towards Batman. "I'm surprised you're here in the daytime." Omni Knight knew that Batman prefers to work at night. "So what brings you to New York?""Bane is selling his venom to a buyer in New York." Batman explained.Despite wearing a mask, Omni Knight's face has gone serious. “Okay, so where and when do we get to see Bane?”THE DOCKS, STILL AT NEW YORKAs Batman, Robin, and Omni Knight enters the docks to meet up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to discuss that Bane is selling venom to the highest bidder. The heroes are standing on the cargo. Robin then introduced his friend to the four of them. “Omni Knight, these guys are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” he said. “Turtles, this is Omni Knight, the newest hero of Earth.”“Hi there Omni Knight.” the Turtles all said in unison.“Hey fellas,” said Omni Knight. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Boy, that’s a long name.” commented Omni Knight.“Yeah, we get that lot.” said Raphael.“I’m Leonardo.” The Turtle in blue introduced himself, then he introduced his brothers to Omni Knight one by one. “And these are my brothers; Raphael, Donatello, and Michaelangelo.”Leonardo was the one who’s wearing the blue mask, Raphael was wearing a red mask, Donatello was wearing a purple mask, and Michaelangelo was wearing an orange mask.Omni Knight raised his eyebrow, “Seriously?”It was then that Donatello said, “Our father was really into Renaissance Painters.”“He’s also a giant rat.” added Michaelangelo.Omni Knight was now wide-eyed in shock. “A giant rat?” he asked, getting collective nods from all the Turtles. “Wow!” He then walked over to Donnie. “So what’s the plan here?” asked Ben.“Well…” as Donatello is about to explain things, kunais was thrown towards the group of heroes, but Batman quickly reacted to it and blocked it with his arm-guards. *TANG-TANG-TANG-TANG*.“They know we’re here.” warned Batman, as he looked up from above, revealed to be Shredder and his Foot Bots are on the other side of the rocks. Along with the Foot Clan, there's also Hattori Tatsu and Tiger Claw, who are known as Shredder's generals, Rahzar, Fishface, Bebop, Rocksteady, and Dr. Baxter Stockman, who's currently a mutant fly.On the other hand, Bane and Dr. Animo also noticed the unwanted appearance of Omni Knight, Batman, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. "Now it's the perfect time for a demonstration." Bane said it towards Animo.So Animo, on the other hand, releases a mutant elephant, then injecting it with Bane's venom. As Omni Knight was running towards Bane and Animo's direction, the mutant elephants appeared to get it his way and were very muscular."Easy boy…" as Omni Knight tried to calm the elephant it became extremely aggressive and charged towards Omni Knight."That should keep him busy." said Animo, as he and Bane are making a run as they have bigger plans to accomplish.As the elephant charges, Omni Knight transforms into Humungousaur, the mutant elephant charges and sends Humungousaur flying. Finally, Humungousaur falls into the ground, *SLAM*, and creates a carter on the floor. It appears that the mutant elephant is bigger than HumungousaurHumungousar grunted, and steadily got himself back up. "Okay, didn't see that one coming."Meanwhile, Batman, Robin and the remaining Foot Bots fought each other, Robin used his staff to clank some Mousers that the ninja’s pulled out and destroyed them as he tripped three of the ninja’s with his trip wire.“Any of you punks wanna give it another go?” said Robin, as he dared them to come at him. And so, they all did, allowing Robin to throw his Birdarangs at them, while the Turtles were throwing shurikens, but they dodged them, but then Robin kicked one into another and ran up the wall, back flipped and then punched one of them in the face.While the remaining heroes fight, Shredder has his attention towards Batman. As they both charge and their fighting skills are equally matched.“It’s been a while, Wayne.” Shredder said, in a vengeful tone.“Saki..” Batman was referring to Shredder's last name, Oroku Saki.Shredder knew Batman's secret identity years ago. Because Bruce Wayne did learn the art of ninjutsu back in Japan with Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi. Years later, Batman and Shredder clashed, then Shredder realized Batman fighting style looks familiar. Fighting styles it's like leaving a fingerprint, it didn’t take long for Shredder knew that Batman is Bruce Wayne. Shredder is still honorable, and he prefers to fight Batman instead of Bruce Wayne, letting him be a billionaire playboy by day, but strike him as Batman at night. In Shredder's view, even if he's a villain, there's no honor in preying on the weak.As Shredder charged at Batman, he tried to slash Batman with his claws, but Batman used his judo technique to throw Shredder off balance. As soon as Shredder falls down, he quickly grabs Batman’s leg and drags it down to make Batman fall down. But Batman quickly kicks Shredder away, then throws a few of his Batarangs at Shredder while blocking his sword with his gauntlets, but even that was not enough to hold him back.“For a Foot Ninja, you seemed to have improved since we last met, Shredder!” Batman grunted, as he and Shredder kept pressing themselves in their battle.“More than enough to take you down, Batman!” Shredder declared, as they both stopped their clash when Batman kicked Shredder in the gut and sent him flying into a cargo container hold. As Batman is about to attack Shredder again, Shredder quickly uses his smoke bomb to blind Batman. While blind, Shredder kicked Batman back. Meanwhile, Humungousaur is still wrestling the mutant elephant, the elephant appears to be much stronger than Humungousar after being mutated by Dr. Animo and with additional enhancement thanks to Bane’s venom. The mutant elephant managed to push Humungousaur and sent him flying then crash into the cargo containers, *BOOM*, burying Humungousaur. As the mutant elephant waits for Humungousaur to get back up. Then there's a flash of green light from the buried cargo, it was Ultimate Humungousaur, now appears to be bigger and stronger than regular Humungousaur. “Now it’s round two, Dumbo.” as he refers to a Disney movie about an elephant with huge ears, and ready for a payback against the mutant elephant.As the mutant elephant charges again, Ultimate Humungousaur spins his tail and smacks the elephant with his spike tail, *WHACK*, which causes a massive shockwave that sends the elephant flying and crashes to the cargo container.Back at the fight against the Shredder, Leonardo and Robin tried to intervene against the Shredder, but he’s highly skilled and both are easily beaten. But it does give Batman a chance to recover from his blindness, then attacks Shredder again. But Shredder counters attack again and swipe kick Batman. Finally, both fighters pant, as they’re almost exhausted from fighting. But it didn’t take long for Batman to recover, as he got back up on his feet and about to strike again. However, Shredder, this time he changes his stand, focuses his entire body, spun around his arms, and focuses his target, and he strikes towards Batman’s chest.The dark knight is pushed back and crashes to the cargo, defeated. He tried to get up but was having a hard time standing while his mouth was bleeding. “The battle is over for now, Wayne. Next time, I won’t be so merciful” As Shredder warns, he throws his smoke bomb to the ground and disappears. But Leo and Robin help Batman out and decide to retreat. SEWERS, ABANDONED SUBWAY, TURTLES’ HIDEOUT, NEW YORK CITY“Amazing!” Donatello said as he made a discovery. “ Ben, err. Omni Knight, the mutant elephant you fought contains the combinant DNA of the mutagen and Venom, the same chemical that turns Bane into that animal.”“DNA Recombinant?” asked Ben. “That would explain why Dr. Animo's handiwork experiment is behind all this.” “And another thing, it’s also bane and shredder’s work as well. I bet they are trying to create bio-weapons with the use of venom, mutagen, and other animals to fight against us.” As Donatello is checking up the mutant elephant’s blood sample in his lab.Meanwhile at the dojo, Batman and the turtles’ sensei and father, Master Splinter, also known as Hamato Yoshi, are both taking sips of green tea.“It’s been a while since we shared this cup of tea, Wayne.” Splinter was pleased to see his old friend Batman, who also already knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne, after being classmates at Nanda Parbat and at the Hamato Clan."It's been a while, Yoshi." Replied Batman, as it was his turn to take a sip of a green tea. “You know I could help you to find you a cure from your mutagen, S.T.A.R. Labs and the Justice League had the most scientific equipment on the planet.”“I appreciate your offer, Mr. Wayne. But I must refuse your offer. Accepting the cure means abandoning my sons; they’re born as turtles and will always be treated as outcasts. So I do not mind being an outcast as well.” answered Splinter, who refused Batman’s offer.Batman understands that Yoshi chose to stay to be a mutant rat in order to get close to his sons. Then Leonardo arrives at the dojo. “Batman, Sensei, Donatello would have a word with you.”At the lab, Donatello told Master Splinter, Batman, Ben, and the rest of his brothers. “I could provide the cure against Bane’s venom, but I’ll need a sample from Bane’s venom itself. Then I’ll test it on venom itself to see if it works.”FOOT CLAN’S BASE, NEW YORK BRANCHBatman, Splinter, Leonardo, and Ben, now as Chamalien, are sneaking inside the Foot Clan’s base, while Robin, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo, are staying at the hideout, because Batman recommends that infiltrate the enemy’s lair requires stealth-expert, and small group of people. Couple of Foot Bots are watching all over the rooftops at the Foot Clan’s base. But the arrows are fired towards the head to disabled it; the arrows are fired from Leonardo and his sensei, Master Splinter, while Batman disables the Foot Bots with his Batarang.After managing to get inside the Foot Clan’s base, they suspected that Bane’s venom was improved by Baxter Stockman, who’s currently a mutant fly, and are in the middle of testing his “new and improved” Bane’s venom with the mutagen. As Stockman was busy in his lab, Batman quickly throws a batarang which releases sleeping gas and makes Stockman cough and feel asleep.Once the fly mutant was down the team came out of hiding and Splinter stated. "As much as I appreciate a quick victory that was a bit too quick." Then from the shadows a voice said. "As if we would just LET you get away with your plans to stop our plans to begin with." Then the owner of the voice revealed himself to be Rahzar as Tigerclaw and Fishface also came into view. "Give up now or be destroyed." Tigerclaw warned. Leo replied. "Like we haven't heard that before." Brainstorm looked at his team and said. "If you can keep them distracted then I can locate and acquire the cure for Bane's Venom." Then Splinter said. "We'll buy you time." After the trio of bad mutants dropped down Batman, Splinter, and Leonardo started fighting them as Brainstorm got started on gathering intel about Bane’s venom and to counter it. Batman went up against Tigerclaw as the mutant tiger fired his blasters towards the Caped Crusader as he retaliated by throwing batarangs and knocked away the blasters before sucker punching Tigerclaw and giving him some catnip. Splinter faced Rahzar as the ninja master fought the double dog mutant as he went for nerve attacks that left the pooch whining on the floor. Leo was having swordplay with Fishface as the former thief used his oversized butterfly knife. "You really need to rethink your life, Fishface." Leo suggested while blocking a blow."Sorry little tartaruga, but with the plans that Shredder has we all can be very rich and powerful." Fishface replied as he kept fighting. Meanwhile Brainstorm was busy getting the cure and he found a single vial of it and got it with his claw before looking back and noticed that Fishface was still fighting. "Oh dear me the fight continues, but a little brain power can't help." Brainstorm said as the top of his shell opened up and revealed his brain as he sent a telekinetic bolt towards Fishface and picked him up before sticking him in a cell and locked the door to trap Fishface. Batman, Splinter, Leo and Omni Knight met up and after reverting back to normal Ben revealed the vial full of the cure. "This is all they had." Then Batman took it and said. "Don't worry our allies at a few labs that we trust can use this to make more." As Batman put the vial in his belt a very familiar voice to the ninja trained heroes asked. "Did you really think that I'd let you take the cure and leave?" Then they all looked up and Batman, Splinter, and Leonardo said. "Shredder." However Ben asked. "Who?" Batman gave a quick explanation. "Shredder, also known as Oroku Saki, is the criminal leader of the Foot Clan." After getting what was meant Ben went back to picking an alien form as Shredder snapped his fingers and the Foot Bots jumped out of the shadows and quickly surrounded them before Omni Knight became Cannonbolt and then he activated the Ultimate Mode and became Ultimate Cannonbolt. "Alright clear me a path and we can get out of here." Ultimate Cannonbolt told his team and they nodded as they started trying to clear a path. However Shredder also dropped down and started fighting Batman. "You may have gotten better, Saki, but you won't win this." Batman told Shredder and the Foot Clan leader replied. "We shall see..." Then suddenly Splinter kicked him from behind as he said. "Don’t get ahead of yourself, Saki." Shredder growled in anger as he got back up. "I'm going to make you both regret coming here." Then the three of them started fighting again as Leonardo and Ultimate Cannonbolt fended off the ninjas as Leo used his katana swords to slice the robots, again, and Ultimate Cannonbolt simply smashed them while rolled up in a ball. "Wow, that's a useful ability." Leonardo complimented as Ultimate Cannonbolt unrolled and replied. "Yep and I never get dizzy while doing it." Then they looked over and saw the three former friends continue fighting as Leo called out. "We have an opening so let's go!" Batman and Splinter both nodded before pushing Shredder back and headed towards the others as Saki called out. Next thing they knew was that Ultimate Cannonbolt held onto them before rolling into a ball and rolled on out of the lab, through a few walls, and then out of the building and kept rolling until they were miles away. After getting far enough away Ultimate Cannonbolt released the others and turned back into Cannonbolt and then into Omni Knight before he asked Batman. "Do you still have it?" Then Batman revealed the vial to reassure everyone that he still had the cure and they all sighed in relief.SEWERS, ABANDONED SUBWAY, TURTLES’ HIDEOUT, NEW YORK CITYAfter receiving Bane's venom and the formula, founded by Ben as Brainstorm, Donatello finally provided the cure."Alright, now it's all set." Donatello provides the cure against Bane's venom, while Ben, Batman, Robin, Splinter, and the rest of the turtles are preparing for battle."Just one question, where do we find Bane and that Animo dude?" Asked Michaelangelo.Then a breaking news was being broadcast on the television. "We interrupt this program with a breaking with a mysterious messenger from an unknown terrorist.”Then a television channel was switched, revealed to be Bane himself. "Attention, all New Yorkers. You may not be familiar with me, but I am Bane. As you may know, my horde is now surrounding the whole of New York City. Unless you come here to the Statue of Liberty and to prove your worth to me and join us, meet us at the Statue of Liberty. But resistance shall be eliminated.”The channel has been swapped again, “Well, there you have it folks, the mysterious terrorist threatening our citizenship with a horde of mutant animals enhanced with this Venom formula in his veins. And if we don’t respond to his demands, he will turn us all into mutant animals and it seems he is also recruiting as well.”But Raphael turned off the television. “Let’s stop wasting time and get down to business!”THE STATUE OF LIBERTY, NEW YORKBane and his forces bide their time as they wait for their recruits to come and join them and defy any resistance to get in their way. And at the same time, they have Baxter Stockman injecting them with the VenoMutagen, turning regular animals into mutant animals.Meanwhile, there’s a blimp en route to their position in the air, it looks like a turtle shell but with a few weapons here and there.Inside the Statue of Liberty, Stockman-fly is reporting to Bane. “Therezzzz been an incoming attacked from the turtlezzz.”“Of course, their arrival is predictable, and so is their defeat. A job perfectly suited for the mutant animals.” replied Bane.Outside the Statue of Liberty, a couple of mutant animals, such as eagle, pigeon, lion, and a wolf, are pouncing towards the blimp.“Incoming.” warned Michaelangelo, who’s inside the cockpit.“I got this.” replied Donatello, who’s going outside the blimp to encounter the mutant animals. As the mutant animals are about to attack Donatello, he releases the gas. “Let’s see how you guys like the Anti-Venom gas!”As the gas spread, the mutant animals all began recoiling in pain and then began mutating back into human versions of themselves.Inside the Statue of Liberty, it is revealed to be Shredder, Bane, Tiger Claw, and Hattori Tatsu, still waiting, then Stockman fly was knocked out, revealed to be Batman, who has appeared in the shadows. But that doesn’t surprise neither Shredder, Bane, Tiger Claw, nor Hattori Tatsu.“And your arrival was expected as usual.” commented Shredder.“For a ninja, I thought you’re supposed to hide instead of revealing yourself.” mocked Batman.“Maybe it’s time for us to show what true strength really is.” as Bane shot back, he activated his venom through his veins. Makes him much bigger and stronger than ever, thanks to Stockman’s enhancements.Then Tiger Claw smells something through his animal instincts, smells another intruder. “I smell a rat, and…” Tiger Claw smells again, as he sniffs something else. “A monkey?”A web was fired towards Tiger Claw’s face, revealed to be Spidermonkey and Master Splinter."Remember kids, always make the bad guys looks stupid." Joked Spidermonkey.While Splinter is attacking the Shredder and Batman is attacking Hattori Tatsu, Tiger Claw angrily pulls out the web out of his face. But in a flash of a green light, Spidermonkey evolves into Ultimate Spidermonkey, and quickly combo punches Tiger Claw."Lights out, kitty." Commented Ultimate Spidermonkey.Now it leaves Ultimate Spidermonkey against Bane."You think I'm impressed?" Bane doesn't look intimidated. "You have seen nothing yet!" As Bane activates his venom, which allows him to grow bigger and stronger. However, thanks to Stockman’s improvement.Meanwhile, Hatto Tatsu was trying to slice Batman with his sword, but Batman blocked Tatsu’s sword attacks with his arm-guards. *TANG-TANG-TANG-TANG*, as Tatsu keeps attacking Batman with his sword. However, Batman quickly disarms Tatsu’s sword, and combo-strike him to take Tatsu down.Splinter, on the other hand, is still fighting against his rival, the Shredder. Shredder is using his blades from his hands to attack, *CLANG-CLANG-CLANG*, but Splinter blocks it with his cane. Then Shredder uses his smoke bombs to blind Splinter. As Shredder is about to strike, Splinter changes his stand, focuses his entire body, spun around his arms, and focuses his target, and he strikes towards Shredder’s chest, causing him to fly away. Shredder tries to get back up to his feet but doesn’t have the strength left, after being beaten by the Sato Oshi strike.“Uhm guys…” said Ultimate Spidermonkey, “I might need some help here…” He’s avoiding Bane’s blows after he’s grown into incredibly massive. Finally Batman and Splinter join Ultimate Spidermonkey to take down Bane.Outside the Statue of Liberty, Robin and the rest of the Turtles are using their blasters, which contain Anti-Venom gas, to cure the mutant animal armies. “Gotta say Donnie, this gas is pretty sweet!” Michaelangelo was complimenting Donatello about his Anti-Venom gas.“Too bad it was non-lethal.” joked Raphael.“Alright guys, focus!” told Leonardo, telling the rest of his brothers to focus on curing the mutant animal.While the turtles are curing the mutant animals, Robin is evacuating the civilians from the Statue of Liberty. Then he was surrounded by Foot Bots. But Robin wasn’t intimidated, as he pulled out his staff from his utility belt. “Finally, some action!” Robin excitedly ready to fend off the Foot Bots.Still inside the Statue of Liberty, the fight continues between Bane against Ultimate Spidermonkey, Batman, and Splinter, as they crash down to the lower floor at the Statue of Liberty.“You think that your effort will manage to beat me?” mocked Bane. “I assure you that your efforts are futile.”Bane knocks away Ultimate Spidermonkey, while Batman and Splinter are cutting off Bane's venom hose that was plugged from his back and his arm. Then Ultimate Spidermonkey spit his web from his mouth to blind Bane’s face.“That's our chance! NOW STRIKE!!!” From Batman’s signal, Batman, Ultimate Spidermonkey, and Splinter strike together towards Bane as crashes down towards the wall, *CRASH*, leaving Bane outside the Statue of Liberty.As Bane recovers, he was surprised that Bane saw all of his animals are turned back to normal. But Bane refuses to surrender.“You think that you have won? I assure you that-” as Bane was about to speak, Donatello quickly fires his darts which contain Anti-Venom that will shrink Bane’s venomized muscles.“God, you talk too much…” complained Donatello.As Bane was about to charge towards Donatello, he suddenly fell unconscious as he fell down the ground thanks to Donatello’s darts.Meanwhile, as Dr. Animo is trying to sneak away, hoping to escape, but he gets caught by Michaelangelo.“Sorry dude.” teased Michaelangelo. “Has anyone ever told you that animal abuse is a serious offense?” as he teased, he knocks Dr. Animo with a single punch.As they are arresting Bane and Dr. Animo, while Omni Knight, now as Four Arms as handling the animals, Batman begins to realise someone’s missing. “Wait! Where’s Shredder?”Then the rest of the heroes realized that Shredder was missing, and so was the rest of his Foot Clan.SUBMARINE, UNDERWATERAt the Submarine, Shredder and his Foot Clan managed to escape by a Submarine, thanks to Ra’s al Ghul and his members of the League of Assassins.“I’m not in a mood to see you gloat.” Shredder was not pleased to see him failing, especially when he was forced to be saved by his partner, Ra’s al Ghul.“I’ve told you that your plan will fail, because you have fallen into the wrong crowd.” told Ra’s.But Shredder seems a bit unsure. “What makes you think that I’ve joined the right crowd?”“Because we are more well-prepared and have tons of resources like science, magic, underworld connection, money, resources, et cetera, et cetera…” another man, who appears next to Ra’s al Ghul, revealed to be Lex Luthor.Lex continued as he walked towards Shredder. “All we ask of you is to trust us.”END OF CHAPTER 6
Writing Commissions Open!Decided to refresh my commission info! Here you go: Examples of my work: ( 12, 3 ) I also have this tumblr account specifically for my writings.As you can see, I am capable of doing both short stories and multiple-chapter stories. :) I am very flexible in general.Fandoms I am most familiar with:Dragon AgeMass EffectAssassin's CreedWitcherAmnesiaOkamiDisneyTransformers (specify universe)Historical fictionLOTR/the Hobbit/The SilmarillionGoTHarry PotterPercy JacksonTwilightWarriorsSilent HillSupernaturalATLA/ATLKHetaliaPokemon/DigimonStar TrekStar WarsMLPThe LabyrinthLovecraftian horrorMortal KombatMarvel/DCUSteven UniverseFNAFLeague of LegendsDon't StarveKingdom HeartsSonic the HedgehogFinal Fantasy (VII/VIII/X)Dragon Ball ZBleachFullmetal AlchemistSailor MoonTomb RaiderDnDSkyrimOverwatchResident EvilAlienPredator (franchise)Fire EmblemDoki Doki Literature Club!Yu-Gi-Oh!And if you don’t see a fandom here you can ask me and I will tell you if I know it or not! I didn’t list them all here.Things I will write:Your OCs/Self-insertsLGBT+NSFWOriginal Fiction (as long as enough information is provided)AngstFluffHorror/CreepypastasCrossovers (If I know the series)HeadcanonsTorture/GoreBDSMOmegaverseAUsRape/DubconTentacles/AliensVampires/Werewolves/Monsters etc.Furries/Anthro (both SFW and NSFW)Fetishes (please specify so I can see whether I’m okay with it or not)If I haven’t mentioned anything that you wish to know feel free to ask as well!Things I will NOT write:Pedophilia/UnderageDD/LG (Daddies/Mommies and littles)Vore/CannibalismInflationWatersports/ScatBestialityNecrophiliaEven if I haven't mentioned something, there are still things I may still not like and will not write it.Prices:Short and simple! 1 USD for every 100 words, which I think is pretty fair. I take payments through PayPal. PLEASE NOTE that I have every right to reject a commission, even if it fits my rules.Send me a note if you have an offer! :)...
Ben 10/Justice League: The Series (CHP. 5)CHAPTER 5: DOUBLE THE DATE, DOUBLE THE DANGER!KENT'S FARM, SMALLVILLE, KANSASKara couldn't contain her excitement as she rushed to her room, and immediately used her phone to contact her best friend, Barbara Gordon. Then Barbara picked up."Hey Kara, what's up?" replied Barbara at her phone"You are not gonna believe what just happened, Babs." said Kara with excitement.“Please, I’ve seen monsters, aliens, and magic.” replied Babs. “Nothing you’ll say will sound crazy.”Kara is taking a deep breath, then explains to Barbara, “Ben asked me out.” "I KNEW IT! I knew you two would be going out for a date! Hey, where's Tim, he owes me ten bucks; I told him that you two would get together!" Barbara sounds excited when she hears her best friend finally gets a date."Oh, come on Babs," said Kara, a little embarrassed, "Well, I just kissed him, and then we're going out this Saturday to see a movie and then go to dinner.""You kissed him!?" Barbara screeched, "Wait, was there tongue?""Babs!" Kara complained, feeling very annoyed."Right, right, sorry. I'll leave the excitement to you. I’m really happy for both of you.”“Thanks Babs.” Kara smiled.Then Barbara had an idea. “I know, how about we’ll make a double date between you and Ben, with me and Dick.”“That’ll be great!” Kara agrees with Barbara’s idea.“Love to chat, but I gotta go help Batman on a mission,” said Barbara. “See you on Saturday! Good night!”"Good night." Kara hung up, then collapsed on her bed; between the incident with her clone and being asked out by Ben, she was feeling a little drained. Still, she couldn't stop smiling, even as her eyelids become heavy.‘I can't wait for Saturday,’ she thought, as sleep claimed her.TENNYSON’S RESIDENCE, ROW HOUSE, NEW YORKBen walked tiredly through the door to his bedroom. As he locked the door, he heard a tap of glass from his bedroom, revealing to be Superman. floating outside the house. Ben felt he already knew why Superman went to visit Ben."Uh, hi Clark, what's up?" Asked Ben nervously. "Hello Ben." Clark's eyes were completely serious. "I heard that you asked Kara out on a date."Ben nodded. Clark walked up to him; Ben had never realized just how much taller Superman was compared to him."I've always been protective of my cousin; after all, she is the only blood-relation that I have left. I want nothing but the best for her."Ben nodded, trying to act calm, but deep down he’s still nervous in front of Superman. However, the Kyptonian gave a smile as a reply."And I think she’ll be fine with you."Ben's surprised. "Seriously?"Superman placed a hand on Ben's shoulder. "You're a good person, Ben. I have no problem with you dating Kara. And I'm happy for you, too."Ben nodded again, relieved that Clark wasn't angry at him. The Kryptonian turned to leave out the window that he'd come in through, but stopped."Oh, Ben, one more thing.""Yeah?""If you break my cousin's heart," warned Clark in a dangerous tone, "You and I are going to have a serious talk."Ben paled considerably, but before he could respond, Superman flew away. After a few minutes, Ben went to bed. At first, he was restless; and he was even more determined to not break Kara's heart. Thinking of her helped calm him down, and soon he found himself getting sleepy.I can't wait for Saturday, thought Ben, as he went back to sleep.(SATURDAY) TENNYSON’S RESIDENCE, ROW HOUSE, NEW YORKBen was wearing his usual clothes; wearing his black jacket, white shirt beneath his jacket, with blue jeans, and a pair of black and white sport shoes, as he feels he doesn’t need to wear anything too dashy.“Look at you champ.” teased Ben’s uncle, Frank Tennyson. “You’ve arrived back to Earth for a few days, and yet you’ve managed to get a girlfriend.”Ben’s just groaned.“Kids, they grew up so fast.” teased Ben’s aunt, Natalie Tennyson.“Don’t forget to kiss.” teased Gwen.Then Ben fired back to Gwen, “For someone who doesn’t have a “lovelife”, I think you’re the one who needs to sit down and shut up.”Gwen responded with her tongue out.Then Frank looks towards her daughter, Gwen. “Remember Gwen, you need to let us know whoever the boy you’re hanging out with is.”“DAD!?” Gwen responded with embarrassment, while Ben, Rook, and Ester giggled.“And remember about the rules of dating.” as Natalie approaches her nephew, Ben. “No drinking. No drugs. And no sex.”Ben was only sitting down on a couch while having a face-palm to hide his embarrassment, while Gwen, Rook, and Ester couldn't hold their laughter anymore. “Well done, mom.” Gwen was satisfied that now it’s Ben’s turn to be embarrassed.“That goes the same for you too, young lady.” said Frank.Gwen only responded with a groan.*KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK*, as the door knock was heard. It was revealed to be Kara, Barbara, and Dick who appear in front of the door as Ben opens the door. Kara was wearing a red and black jacket, white shirt, black pants, black shoes, a brown wig and glasses to keep her secret identity. Barbara was wearing black shirt, grey skirt, and black shoes. And Dick is wearing a dark blue jacket, black shirt, and jeans.Then Natalie Tennyson appears behind Ben. “Have fun you guys.”“We will Mrs. Tennyson.” replied Barbara.“Yeah, thanks Aunt Natalie.” said Ben, as he hugged his Aunt.As Ben, Kara, Barbara, and Dick are walking towards Dick's car, which is a black, blue and silver 2021 Camaro.Dick drives the car as Barbara sits at the front seat, while Ben and Kara are sitting on the backside of the car.ITALIAN RESTAURANT, NEW YORK CITYBen and Kara are eating spaghetti with meatballs, while Dick and Babs are grabbing slices of pizza. While they ate, Ben was telling a joke. “- and I say, that’s what I call a risk-taker.” joked Ben, as Kara, Dick, and Babs giggled.After Ben’s joke, Dick says, “Ah, Ben, you are such a card!” and then, he begins to ask Ben questions. “So how did you get that watch?” Dick was referring to Ben’s Ultimatrix.“It all started when I was ten years old when a pod crashed into a park from the sky. I was curious, so I decided to get close to the pod.” He explained to them. “So it was revealed to be a watch from outer space, the Omnitrix. The watch jumped on me and stuck onto my wrist. Then a couple of years later, I was given the better version, the Ultimatrix.”“So why didn’t you return back to Earth?” asked Barbara, she never got a chance to ask Ben and the Galactic Guardians are still at the Wayne Manor after the Triceraton’s invasion.“Because, I was too far away from Earth. I don’t like the idea of getting my family in danger after I got the Omnitrix. Besides, my parents died after the car crash, so I stayed with Tetrax and Rook in space.”The lot of them were all taken back on that. OUTSIDE CINEMA, NEW YORK CITYAs Ben, Kara, Barbara, and Dick finished watching movie from a cinema, they hear an explosion *KABOOM*, then Kara uses her super-vision to locate the origin of the explosion. “There, it's in a museum!” Kara uses her super speed and flies away.“Kara, wait!” Ben tries to halt Kara but she’s too quick, but then turns his attention to Dick and Babs. “I’ll go for a head start.” as Ben activates his Ultimatrix, then transformed into Big Chill, a moth-like alien whose four wings and antenna can fold up into a hooded robe (much akin to a poncho), giving him the appearance of a phantom. He has a black body with cyan patches on his arms, shoulders, legs, the back of his wings, and the back of his neck that resemble ice chunks. Each patch has thick blue outlining except for the ones on his wings, which are outlined in black. There is also a black line that runs on the edge of the outer margin on the back of each wing.So Big Chill flew away to follow Kara to the museum, while Dick and Barbara are heading towards Dick’s car, donning their superhero outfits as Nightwing and Batgirl.AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, NEW YORK CITYKara, now donning her Supergirl outfit, arrived inside the American Museum of Natural History. Then, Big Chill, appearing from behind, touches Supergirl’s shoulder.“Kara, you should’ve waited for us.” Big Chill said it in a worrisome tone, trying to be gentle with his date. “You know Dick and Babs are hardly able to keep up with us.”“I’m sorry.” Supergirl apologizes. “I just didn’t want to let the bad guys get away again.”“Next time, stick with a group, okay? You’re not alone in this anymore.” Big Chill told her gently.Supergirl responds with a smile, as she knew that Ben, currently as Big Chill, cares about her very much.“Now let's go.” said Big Chill, as he and Supergirl flew inside the museum. Inside, it was revealed to be Chronos, who’s stealing some sort of gemstone on one of the exhibits.“Alright, whoever you are, drop the gem and surrender!” said Supergirl.“The name’s Chronos!” he said, introducing himself. “And sorry, but I’m afraid it’s a NO-GO!” he shot at them with his blast and they dodged it, by rolling out of the way. As Supergirl and Big Chill are about to charge towards him, Chronos fires at them again, but they duck out of the way and it hits a lamp post outside, causing it to short out and deactivate.Big Chill attacks with his cold breath but Chronos hops over and dodge it. “As you can see, I have the power to see the future, so I can predict and see everything on what’s coming next.” as Chronos sounded arrogantly.As Supergirl charges, Chronos throws a red solar grenade and tosses it towards Supergirl. As a result, Supergirl fell over as her powers were shut down temporarily. Then Chronos turns his attention towards Big Chill. As it's Big Chill’s turn to attack, Chronos uses his time grenade to throw towards Big Chill. Then Big Chill began to fly in slow-motion, which gave Chronos time to attack with his time gun and fired it towards Big Chill and knocked him off.“So long suckers.” teases Chronos, as he opens the portal and runs away.After Chronos got away, Nightwing and Batgirl finally arrived at the museum."Are you both alright?" asked Batgirl"We're fine." replied Supergirl."So what did we miss?" asked Nightwing."Some time-traveling guy shows up, steals a gemstone, and anticipates every one of our moves." explained Big Chill. "He opened a portal and got away.""Great, now we have no way of tracking him," said Nightwing."Not exactly." a voice out of nowhere came and appeared in a flash of light. It appears to be a man wearing a white lab coat over a white shirt with a brown vest and black tie, black pants, and black shoes. He also wore goggles with green lenses around his neck. "Professor Paradox, at your service."Then the heroes are on guard. "Easy on violence, I'm here to offer assistance. Especially for Ben."The heroes are surprised that the professor actually knew Ben's name. "How did you know my name?" asked Big Chill."I'm a time-travel, I see everything from the past, present, and the future." explained the Professor. "Besides you've got problems of your own Benjamin."Big Chill slapped his Ultimatrix dial, and transformed back to Ben. "What do you mean…", then Ben realised that his voice was changing. "Whoa, why do I sound weird?"Supergirl, Batgirl, and Nightwing are surprised that Ben turned into a kid. "Ben, you're a kid now." explained Supergirl.Ben quickly notices as he realizes his friends are much taller and his voice is changing. "Aw, man…"The lot of them all looked at him in shock and Batgirl pulled out a mirror from her utility belt and showed him what was wrong. Ben now looked like his 10 year old self. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” he screamed in horror. “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!” he repeated over and over before he gasped. “I….I’ve been turned back into a 10 year old!” he said, feeling bummed.Supergirl knelt down and held him close to her, making his face turn a little red. “Chronos’ blast must have reverted you back to the age you were when you got the Omnitrix.” she said, pointing out the obvious. “We have to find a way to get you back to how you were before.”“You’re right, Kara.” said Ben. “Only how?”“Perhaps I can be of some assistance to you,” the professor interrupted.“Who are you?” asked 10 year old Ben, as he’s about to activate his old Omnitrix, while Supergirl, Batgirl, and Nightwing are on guard.“Oh, you haven’t met me yet, but you will in the future, which is right now in my eyes and your own.” he said, making them feel very confused. “Sorry, time travel makes verb tenses so confusing. I am called Professor Paradox, for ironic reasons we needn’t go into.”“Why are you here?” asked Nightwing suspiciously.“Obviously, to warn Chronos about the consequences of his action.” answered the professor.“Warn him? Why not just stop him?” demanded the 10 year old Ben.“I’m afraid there are things that I can or can’t interfere with.” explained Paradox.“So why was that Chronos guy able to interfere?” asked Supergirl suspiciously.“Chronos does not think about his consequences of messing with time and space continuum” Paradox continues to explain. “He stole the Temporal Quartz, a gemstone that if used correctly can allow someone with time travel or teleportation powers to travel to any particular time by saying the exact date out loud. But he’ll break the time stream itself if he tries to use it together on the Chronologger.”“Okay, Professor Paradox, can you try and turn Ben back to his old self?” asked Batgirl.“Unfortunately no.” said the man, now called Professor Paradox. “Re-aging will break the chrono-laws of space time.”“Okay enough!” demanded 10 year old Ben. “I want answers, now!”Paradox just replied with a smile. “Same old Ben Tennyson, even as a 10 year old you’re still as mature as ever.” “What can you tell us then, Mr. Paradox?” asked Supergirl“Very well. I’ll tell you my story with beginning, middle, and end.” as the professor pulls out his gold-colored pocket watch from his pocket. “Let’s start from the middle.”(FLASHBACK) LOS SOLEDAD, 1950’s“Los Soledad was built entirely because of my ingenious theory. A time tunnel utilising a property I’ve discovered in Quartz crystal, which allowed me access to pass through future events.” narrated Professor ParadoxParadox was working on a time tunnel made from Quartz crystals, but a few miscalculations caused Paradox to suck to the tunnel when it was activated.“Lemme guess. A few miscalculations caused you to get sucked inside the tunnel?" asked Ben, trying his best not to diss people off, especially not in front of his date, Supergirl.“Very good, Benjamin. Some tiny miscalculations on my part destabilized the experiment and ripped to hole in the fabric of reality. I was hurled into the event horizon."Paradox was sucked into a huge hole of fabric of reality.“I must have spent about one hundred thousand years there. Didn’t age, didn’t need to eat, or sleep, just exist.” as Paradox continues to narrate.Paradox surrounded himself with clocks.“Now that’s torture.” Nightwing replied sarcastically.“At first I went mad of course, but after a few millennia, I got bored with that too and went sane. VERY SANE."Then Paradox began to learn about all the equations of time and space."I began to learn, then I finally have a complete understanding of the space time continuum."(BACK TO THE PRESENT), WAREHOUSE, LOS SOLEDAD“-allowing me to travel anywhere and anytime I want. Within reason.” as the professor teleports the heroes to Los Soledad.“Wait, we’re in Los Soledad are we?” guessed Batgirl, after seeing Paradox’s flashback along with 10 year old Ben, Supergirl, and Nightwing. “Yes, but I’m afraid this is the part where you stop Chronos before he’s making a huge mistake.” told Professor Paradox in a serious mode.It appears that they found out Chronos is about rebuilding the Chronologger, a piece of powerful technology developed on Earth and known throughout the universe. It is used to generate enough energy to weaken the time-space continuum. It is a ring of Quartz crystals. The Chronologger was previously built by Professor Paradox, now it appears to be rebuilt again by Chronos.“You’re too late!” Chronos grinned, as he held the Temporal Quartz, as he put it on the gemstone on the Chronologger, then the portal opened.“Yes… YESS!!!” Chronos grinned with happiness. However, the portal begins to create an earthquake as the floor crumbles, then a wind blows over, and sparks of lightning are sparking all over the place. Chronos began to feel shocked as well as the other heroes.“What’s the meaning of this time-walker?!”as Chronos blames Paradox. “You’ve tricked me!”“On the contrary I’ve warned you!” warned Paradox. “Stop this now or all of existence will be lost!”“NOOOO!!!” Chronos began to get frustrated. “If I can’t rule the cosmos, then I’ll be the one who’ll destroy it!!”As Chronos keeps letting Chronologger keep destroying the fabric of time space. “Any suggestions?” asked Ben.“I would suggest Clockwork for this situation.” said Professor Paradox.By the professor's recommendation, Ben quickly transforms into Clockwork and begins to fire his time beam from his chest to disable the Chronologger, while Supergirl, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Professor Paradox are against Chronos.“No matter what you do to me, I can see the future. I know every move you can throw at me.” Chronos replied smugly.However, Paradox then uses his pocket watch and zaps Chronos with it. He then made him stumble a little bit. “Not this time!” he said.Chronos tried to see into the future, but could not predict anything. “You made me lose my power!” he ranted. "That's cheating!" "Says the guy who can see the future." Nightwing shot back.Then the heroes began to strike back. As Chronos tries to fire with his time gun, Nightwing quickly disarms Chronos with his birdarangs. Finally, Batgirl and Supergirl began their combo moves towards Chronos. As Batgirl punches Chronos in the jaw and then in the ribs, and Supergirl finishes it off by a flick of her finger, knowing that she's too strong for Chronos physically.On the other hand, Clockwork manages to destroy the Chronologger.After Nightwing tied up Chronos, he began to ask the professor. "So what are we going to do with him now, we can't wait for the authorities to come here. Los Soledad is like in the middle of nowhere.""I'll be the ones who'll take him," replied Paradox "To make sure he won't cause any more damage over time and space continuum." As the professor opens a portal and brings Chronos along with him, he then remembers something. "Oops, almost forgot."Then in a flash of light, 10 year old Ben turns back into 18 year old Ben again. "Hey, you said you couldn't age me."But the professor just smirks as he walks through the portal along with the tied-up Chronos.Ben knew the professor’s smirk meant a yes, as he can actually re-aged Ben Tennyson. But Ben realized Paradox was just teasing him."We should do this more often." says Batgirl as the double date turns out to be a superhero team-up."Agreed." smiled Ben.KENT'S FARMHOUSE, SMALLVILLE, KANSASAs Barbara and Dick already returned back to Gotham and Bludhaven, Supergirl and Ben, now as Jetray landed on the Kent's Harmhouse. Then Jetray transforms back to Ben."Kara, I just wanna say, I'm sorry." Ben apologized."For what?" asked Supergirl."Well, the date was interrupted by that Chronos guy and we didn't get a chance to have an actual, normal date." explained"Don't be." replied back the Kryptonian, then surprisingly kissed Ben, leaving him blushing. "We're heroes, it's our job to stop the bad guys and it was a lot of fun".Ben smiled while still blushing. "I'm glad you're having fun."Then Kara thought of something. "Ben, we may need to have some ground rules for us.""Okay, what is it?" Ben began to be curious about Kara's rules."First, I always need to tell the Kents about my plans with you." she said to him."Got it, let the Kents know. What's number two?""Second, when we're working, we have to act as teammates. Not a couple, okay?""Got it. We're teammates when we do our hero gig, but we're couples outside this hero gig."Supergirl smiled with relief. "I'm glad you understand, Benny-Boo."Ben doesn't mind if Kara calls him by his cute-name. "Hey, if that's what you want, who am I to deny you?"Supergirl just replies with another kiss. "See you at the Watchtower?""Yeah, see you later." Ben says his goodbye to Kara, as she walks inside to the farmhouse while Ben transforms into Jetray and flies back to New York.Meanwhile far away, Professor Paradox was watching both Ben and Kara earlier. "Good for you, Benjamin." he said, as he stepped inside to the portal and in a flash of light, it was gone.THE END OF CHAPTER 5
Ben 10/Justice League: The Series (CHP. 4)CHAPTER 4: THE CLOSER THINGS GETTENNYSON’S RESIDENCE, ROW HOUSE, NEW YORKSuperman and Wonder Woman are sitting down on the couches while talking to Gwen’s parents while Ben, Gwen, Rook, and Ester join Superman, Wonder Woman, and Gwen’s parents for a conversation in the guest room.“First things first, I would like to thank you guys to save us again.” said Superman“No problem, Superman.” replied Gwen.“We were wondering if you guys would like to join our team?” offered Wonder Woman an invitation to the Justice League.“I don’t see why not.” replied Ben, as Gwen, Rook, and Ester replied with a smile.Superman and Wonder Woman smiled back, knowing that Ben, Gwen, Rook, and Ester agreed to join the Justice League.“By the way, we have a graduation we need to attend.” said Superman to Ben, Rook, and Ester.SMALLVILLE HIGH, KANSASThe graduation was held on a football field, where Kara Kent and Connor Kent are both receiving their high school diploma. Ben Tennyson, Rook Blonko, Ester, Clark Kent, Jonathan and Martha Kent are taking an applause towards both Kara and Connor. Rook and Ester use their holographic projector to disguise themselves as humans. After the graduation ceremony, both rushed over to their family and friends."Thanks for coming, Ben; it means a lot that you came here." Kara rushed towards Ben and hugged himBen smiled at her. "Hey, today is your big day. How could I miss it?"As Kara and Connor’s classmates are planning for a party from their graduation, Kara and Connor are about to join on a bigger occasion, as Ben Tennyson, Rook Blonko, Ester, and the Kents left early after Kara and Connor received their high school diploma.KENT'S FARM, SMALLVILLE, KANSASAs Clark, Kara, and Connor, already donning their superhero outfits, Rook and Ester deactivated their holographic projector to revert back to their normal alien forms, and Ben is wearing black armored jumpsuit, along with a black helmet, jet boot attachments, a utility belt, and still have the Ultimatrix attached on his left wrist.“Go look after the kids, Clark.” said Jonathan“I will.” replied Superman.“Have fun you kids.” as Martha is hugging Supergirl and Superboy.“We will.” replied Superboy.The heroes walked out through the farmhouse, then Superboy pressed his ear comm. “Superboy to Titans Tower.” as Superboy spoke, a white light surrounded Superboy as he was teleported to the Titans Tower.Next, it's Superman’s turn to press his ear-comm. “Superman to Watchtower.” Then a white light surrounds Superman, Ben, Supergirl, Rook, and Ester as they are teleported to the Watchtower.WATCHTOWER, SPACEThe light from the teleporter faded as they landed on the teleporter platform. Tons of superheroes are waiting and chatting around the Watchtower. Titano, Zeno, and Gwen are already at the Watchtower. Gwen right now is Lucky Girl, dressed in a dark purple jumpsuit, purple gloves, and a strange cat-like black and dark purple mask. Then Lucky Girl approaches Ben. “Nice suit you got there, Ben.” complemented by Lucky Girl to her cousin. “I think it's better for you to call me Omni Knight.” replied Ben, now known as Omni Knight.“Sorry, Omni Knight.” as Lucky Girl giggled with Ben’s new codename. But Omni Knight just groaned.As Rook and Ester are chatting with Titano and Zeno, Omni Knight notices Supergirl is staring at the glass window, where she can see the stars in space.“Are you feeling okay?” asked Ben to Supergirl, as he touched her shoulder.“I’m fine. It's just I’ve never actually travelled to space before. Well just once, on a pod when I escaped Krypton.” explained Supergirl.“You missed them huh?” Omni Knight asks.“Of course I always do, but my parents wanted me to be here and to protect Earth with my cousin,” said Supergirl. “Besides, it’s always nice to have a new family.”Ben completely understood what it’s like to have a new family. He saw Tetrax, Rook, Ester, Titano, and Zeno as his new dysfunctional family, ever since he lost his parents at a very young age.“Come on, let's go meet the others.” said Supergirl as she grabs Omni Knight’s arm to meet the other superheroes.Omni Knight met Lucky, Titano, and Zeno again, even the likes of Zatanna, John Constantine, and Etrigan are already on the Watchtower too. Zatanna was feeling uncomfortable when she saw Dr. Fate, known as Giovanni “John” Zatara, where he was trapped as the host for Nabu (the helmet of Dr. Fate) for the rest of his life.After all the recruited heroes are gathered in the Watchtower, they’re watching towards Superman, who’s making a speech for the “newly expanded” Justice League. “Each of you brings something different from the table. Strength, speed, stealth, whatever.” said Superman, who’s making the speech. “But we’re all equal in the same way, each of us are willing to make the sacrifices a hero needs to make, even the ultimate one. Since there’s so many of us, we can do more than put out fires, or bring down the bad guys. We can be proactive, we can do some real good. But we’re gonna be more organized.” Then Superman points up to the monitor deck where Batman, Martian Manhunter, and Cyborg are standing. “J’onn, Batman, or Cyborg will be up there to keep an eye on everything. They’ll be the ones to decide who’s going where and when. I know a lot of you prefer to make those decisions for yourselves. But we have to be more coordinated than that. We can’t be cowboys anymore. Or cowgirls in this case.”Lucky Girl smiled at that, as did Vixen, Zatanna, Supergirl and Wonder Woman as they were glad to hear him say that. Then, Lucky Girl approaches Omni Knight. "I can't believe our first day as a League member."“Neither can I.” said Lucky Girl. “I wonder what my first mission is going to be.”“Me too.” agreed Omni Knight. “You know, this isn’t my first rodeo for saving the world. I kinda save different planets with Rook, Ester, Titano, and Zeno.”“No need to brag, Mr. Big-Hero.” groaned Gwen after hearing Ben’s arrogance.After Superman finished his speech, back at the Monitor Platform, Martian Manhunter called out Wonder Woman for a mission. “What do you have in mind for Omni Knight’s first job?” asked Diana.J’onn then turns his attention to the computers, and shows her what he found. They’ve located Giganta, Killer Frost, Deadshot and Copperhead.“Giganta, Killer Frost, Deadshot and Copperhead?” Wonder Woman said, after locating their location from the computers on the Monitor Platform. “But what are they up to?”“I’m not sure.” replied Martian Manhunter. “They seem to be ransacking a warehouse in this area.” he said, pointing at where the warehouse was located and Wonder Woman recognized it. “It's right there. Chicago.”“Alright, so I’m taking Ben.” said Diana, “Who else do you have in mind?”“Take Supergirl, Atom, and Terrific with you to find out.”“Okay.” she agreed as she smiled, then Diana turned her attention towards Omni Knight, Supergirl, Atom, and Mr. Terrific. “Omni Knight! Atom! Terrific! Kara!” as she raised her voice from the Monitor platform to call out Omni Knight, Supergirl, Atom, and Mr. Terrific.“Bout time.” replied Supergirl, as she’s excited for her first mission as a Justice League member.Omni Knight then asks as they’re walking to the Javelin hanger with Supergirl, Atom, and Mr. Terrific. “So, what’s the mission?”“A warehouse in Chicago is being robbed.” Wonder Woman said to him. “The robbers are Deadshot, Killer Frost, Copperhead, and Giganta.” she said, with a stare of disdain in her eyes.Omni Knight had no clue who they were, due to him being away from Earth for 8 years. “On the way there, could you debrief me on who they are?” he asked her.“Sure.” said Wonder Woman, but then she saw him looking down at her womanly features. “And, stop staring at my bosom, my eyes are up here, you goof.” she said, winking at him in a teasing way.This made Omni Knight blush with embarrassment for a moment, “S-S-S-Sorry, ma’am!” he bowed his head to her in respect.This made Supergirl giggle at how Ben was looking right now as they all boarded the Javelin. Omni Knight sat next to Supergirl while Mr. Terrific sat by himself and Atom sat on Wonder Woman’s shoulder. “You secure, Professor Palmer?” she asked him.“All secure, Diana.” Atom replied to her.Supergirl looked at Omni Knight and said, “What was that all about?”“What do you mean?” asked Omni Knight.“You know.” the blonde said. “You were staring at Diana’s chest.” she glared a little bit.“I didn’t mean to.” Omni Knight shot back, but then he changed the subject, as the gates bagan to open and the Javelin launched, sending it out of the Watchtower and making an atmospheric re-entry to Earth.INSIDE THE JAVELIN“Okay, first up is Floyd Lawton, AKA Deadshot." Said Mr. Terrific while accessing the computers on the Javelin. "He's a master sniper, and uses bullets laced with a curare poison. He uses a modified sniper rifle, and gun mounted gauntlets.”Ben saw what Deadshot looked like with his mask on and off, he cupped his chin and said, “So, he’s an assassin?” he asked.“Yes.” replied Mr. Terrific. He then showed the next file which was a woman who literally was blue. “Crystal Frost, also known as Killer Frost. She’s a Metahuman with the ability to control and manipulate ice, and a former cryogenics scientist.”“Not impressed.” Omni Knight said "This piece of work is called Sameer Park, or Copperhead." Said Atom "A master contortionist with a poisonous bite to him."Ben was a little awkward out by what kind of villain he was, “He’s… A humanoid snake? I hate those things.”"Then there's my archrival, Dr. Doris Zeul, AKA Giganta." Said Atom "She has the power to increase her strength and size."“Please, I’ve seen bigger.” replied Ben“She dated one of Flash’s enemies, Grodd, a talking Gorilla.” the Amazon Princess added. “Buy a ticket to pukesville.” Omni Knight jokes, making all of them groan."Also, I've been watching this anime called Cells At Work, and truth be told, the manga is better." Said Atom.WAREHOUSE, CHICAGO, ILLINOISAs the team arrives outside of a large warehouse from far distance at the rooftops, Wonder Woman debriefs that this mission is a stealth mission."Fortunately, I have just the alien for the job." said Omni Knight as he changed into Chamalien, it has a slim body that resembles a large purple salamander with darker purple camo-esque spots all over his body and a short tail. He wears a black helmet with three triangular colored lenses, the left one being blue, the right red and the middle green, which hide his three eyes. The helmet also has a spike-shaped fin on the back of his head. He has four-fingered hands and three toes on his frog-like feet. He also has a wide mouth with sharp teeth.Then Wonder Woman gave the orders. “Terrific, take the north side. Ben, the south, I’ll take the east, Atom will take the west.” then turns her attention to Supergirl. “Supergirl, hold position.” “What?!” Supergirl sounds disappointed when Wonder Woman told her to stay behind. “Why can’t I go in?”“Because you’re Supergirl, not stealther-girl.” says Mr. Terrific.“I can do this!” Supergirl defended herself.But Ben steps in. “No one here's meant to knock off your enthusiasm, Kara. Besides, you have super-vision, you’ll always watch our back from far away, okay?” Ben, as Chamalien, responded in a calm manner and a small smile towards Supergirl.“Anything goes wrong, we scatter and meet at the rendezvous point. Clear?” asked Wonder Woman.“Clear.” responded Chamalien, Atom, and Mr. Terrific.But Supergirl hasn’t responded yet"Something on your mind, Kara?" said Atom. That is when everyone’s looking at her.“Clear.” responded Supergirl in an unenthusiastic manner. Then Wonder Wonder, Chamalien, Atom, and Mr. Terrific scattered and disappeared.Outside the fences of the warehouse, Atom shrunk himself through the electrical fences at the north side, Mr. Terrific levitates himself and Chamalien with his T-spheres through the fences, then splits up, and Wonder Woman jumps over the electrical fences.Wonder Woman is up on the rooftop, and snuck onto the air vents, Chamalien on the other hand just stays invisible while climbing at the wall. Atom is hidden behind the boxes while staying small, and Mr. Terrific is cloaking himself from the T-sphere’s which allows him to camouflage. Then five supervillains, Deadshot, Killer Frost, and Copperhead are in a gathering where they are discussing something. "So what's the plan?" asked Killer Frost, who's not very good with patience.“We take the Ion Fuel Cells from this warehouse,” said Deadshot. “They are vital to the construction of the big boss’s super weapon.”Copperhead used his poison on some of the night guards to render them unconscious, “Ah, yess.” he said. He swiped the keys off the guard and began searching all around until he found a door, unlocked it and found something. “Hey, I think I found what we came for!” he called to the others.Frost, Deadshot and Rampage all rushed over to the area and found the Ion Fuel Cells. “Score!” said Frost.Far away from the warehouse, Supergirl notices something from the rooftops. New arrivals, like Giganta, had arrived late to the area. Supergirl then pressed her ear comm."Guys. We've got a major problem." Supergirl was trying to respond, but someone was already behind Supergirl."Looking for someone?" Then it appears to be Parasite, a man with purple body and white stripes, grabs Supergirl and touches her to absorb her power.After Parasite finished absorbing Supergirl, she was unconscious and Parasite carried her, while intercepting her ear-comm. Then contacting his client with his phone. "Yeah, we've got a problem."Meanwhile, at the warehouse, Chamalien and the other heroes were about to respond back to Supergirl, but didn't reply back. "Kara? Kara, come in." Whispered Chamalien talking to the Ultimatrix dial on his chest. Ben was able to use the Ultimatrix as a communicator to keep in touch with his teammates or his family, especially when he was in his alien forms. Growing worried, Chamalien decided to go back to the rendezvous point, back to the rooftops where Supergirl was staying. "I'm going back." replied Chamalien, talking to his Ultimatrix dial comm again."Ok. Be very careful." replied Wonder Woman from her ear comm too. So Chamalien immediately headed back to the rendezvous point. Back at the warehouse, Deadshot received a call from his ear comm. "Go ahead." Then he received an alert from Parasite about the intruder. He remained silent to not alert the spies. But after looking around with his eye lenses scope that could be able to see on his heat sensors, he managed to locate Wonder Woman hiding. Deadshot quickly fires his small rocket towards the Amazons hiding location, *KABOOM* as it knocks the Amazon away. As the villains get their attention towards Wonder Woman, Mr. Terrific decides to aid Wonder Woman by throwing the T-spheres and explodes, and knocks off the villains. But Giganta recovers and grows big.Giganta looked at Mr. Terrific and mused how he looked in her hand "You’re cute enough to become my boy-toy." grinned Giganta."Too bad you've always broken your toys." replied Terrific."We'll duh…" As Giganta is about to squash Terrific, Wonder Woman quickly zooms with her flight and punches down Giganta.As Wonder Woman keeps attacking Giganta, Terrific is now still surrounded by villains; Deadshot, Killer Frost, and Copperhead, where they're trying to attack Terrific at the same time. But he uses the T-spheres to fire back non-lethal lasers to knock down the villains. Then he uses T-spheres again to hover above from the air. Deadshot fired his guns from his waist, *RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT*, but Terrific blocks it with his T-sphere forming into a shield. But the shields went frozen thanks to Killer Frost. As she was about to attack Terrific, then a tiny man punches Frost with huge force as she didn’t notice Atom was there. Even if Atom was shrunk he could increase his density, effort, and exertion, which is powerful enough to take down any opponent even at his small size.CHICAGO CITY, ILLINOISMeanwhile, Chamalien found an ear comm lying on the ground, and knew the villain ditch Supergirl's ear comm, in order for Ben unable to track her. However, Chamalien slapped the Ultimatrix dial to transform into Steeljaw. His appearance is based on a husky or werewolf. He has dark blue-gray and cream-colored fur, with three sharp claws on each hand and foot, as well as a small tail. His eyes are green, sharp teeth, and he wears a white and black armored vest, black pants and gauntlets, and an iron shoulder pad on his right shoulder. Steeljaw is smelling Supergirl’s ear comm, then runs off towards Supergirl’s location based on his instinct.Meanwhile, somewhere on the alley, Parasite decided to keep Supergirl as food in order, while she was weakened and tied up by steel chains, allowing Parasite to keep absorbing Supergirl’s power. But it didn’t take long for Steeljaw to find Supergirl and Parasite’s location as Steeljaw leaps down from the rooftops to the alley. “Let her go.” warned Steeljaw, while growling *GRRR*.However, Parasite doesn’t feel intimidated by the wolf-looking alien. “You want her doggy? All you have to do is to get by me.”As Steeljaw attacks, Parasite uppercuts Steeljaw and knocks him off but quickly recovers. But surprisingly, Parasite was able to float in the air. “Do you like it? I've just absorbed Supergirl’s power.”Steeljaw winced in pain a little bit, but he got back up. After that, Parasite fired with his heat-vision, but Steeljaw deflects the heat-vision with his armour gauntlets attached from his arms and the heat-vision deflects back towards Parasite, and quickly hits him.It was then that Steeljaw charged at the villain and began punching him in the face multiple times, and as he did so, “You may have absorbed her power, but you can NEVER measure up to her cousin, herself or anyone else like them!” he yelled. “And I’m gonna beat the shit out of you!!”“Bring it asshole!” replied Parasite, as charges flew towards Steeljaw. But as he punches, Steeljaw blocks Parasite punches with his gauntlets again. Then, Steeljaw slashes Parasite towards his chest, then swats him away.Quickly recovers, Parasite sees a lamp post, grabs it and pulls it over, then uses it as a bat. But once Parasite is about to hit Steeljaw with the lamp post, Steeljaw bites the lamp post with his steel teeth, then hurls around and sends Parasite flying.For a while it seemed as though Parasite may have been knocked out, Supergirl is slightly in the middle of her recovery but still tied up with chains. “Ugh, Ben…” says Supergirl weakly after her powers were absorbed. “Parasite can… absorb… powers….”Then it hits Steeljaw and comes up with an idea. “Then I’ll have to resort to using weapons instead!” Steeljaw quickly slapped the Ultimatrix dial from his chest, then transformed into Feedback. The alien has a black body with one green eye in the middle of his head, two antennae, a tail with round plugs on their tips, four-fingered hands, and feet with only two front toes. His chest is recolored green and his fingers are now square. He also has gold battery bolts on his shoulders, arms, and hips.“You think I’m impressed that you can transform into different kinds of monsters?!” Parasite wanted to think that he’s bewildered.“Why don’t you get over here and find out?” Feedback says it confidently.Then Parasite flew towards Feedbacks direction and Feedback charges towards Parasite. As both of them charge, Feedback leaps forward and absorbs Parasite power by plugging Parasite’s body with his plug-like conductors on his antennae and fingers.“AAAARRGHHH!!! WHAT DID YOU JUST DO TO ME?!!!” yelled Parasite, as his powers are being absorbed.“Let’s see how you like it when someone steals your powers.” smirked Feedback.After Feedback absorbs all his powers he fires all the energy to the sky. The energy being absorbed must be released somewhere, so Feedback fired it towards the sky. Finally Feedback defeats Parasite and leaves him unconscious while lying on the ground. Now, Feedback ran towards Supergirl, then transformed back to Ben/Omni Knight. He unties Supergirl with his lock-picking skills, while she’s slowly recovering her powers.“Thanks.” Supergirl thanks him but feeling unconfident and not making eye contact towards Ben.“You okay?” asked BenSupergirl looked up at him. "No, not really, but I don't want to talk about it.""I think it's best for you to talk about, it'll make things better. Trust me." insisted Omni Knight.Supergirl sighed. "I messed up, Ben. I got caught after I was on a look-out. But it feels so embarrassing, for someone to save my sorry butt."Then Ben takes off his helmet revealing his, hopefully to reconcile Supergirl. "It's not your fault Kara, it was out of nowhere that Parasite ambushed you. Besides, blaming isn't productive. I almost always had to have someone else save my sorry butt because of how I acted. I'm pretty sure that's why the Justice League was founded, so that heroes could watch out for each other."Kara felt her spirits rise. If Ben could rise above his flaws, so could she."Thanks Ben." replied Supergirl as her spirit and her powers rose again, she kissed Ben on the cheek, showing a sign that she really likes Ben. Then Ben was blushing with red cheeks.WAREHOUSE, CHICAGO, ILLINOISBack at the fight, Deadshot realised that his team of villains will not be going to beat the Justice League, so he created diversion. “Screw this!” muttered Deadshot, as he fired his gauntlet guns towards the boxes labeled “Live Ammo”, which are flammable and explosive.Then Wonder Woman notices. “EVERYONE OUT!!” she orders her as the warehouse explodes with flammable objects. Wonder Woman, Mr. Terrific, and Atom ran outside. But the villains ran in the other direction. After the explosion from the warehouse, Wonder Woman and her team felt disappointed as they let the bad guys get away, but no one is to be blamed. But Wonder Woman received a call from Ben from the ear comm“Diana.” said Ben from the ear comm. “I’ve caught one of the bad guys, called himself Parasite. Maybe we could make him talk.”“On my way.” said Wonder Woman, as she replied into her comm-link.CHICAGO CITY, ILLINOISOmni Knight, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Mr. Terrific, and Atom, are surrounding Parasite while he was binded with a lamp post, thanks to Supergirl. Then Wonder Woman binds him again with the Lasso of Truth. "The lasso compels you! Tell me where your teammates are going and why?” Parasite was trying to resist but unable to lie due to the lasso's magic "There heading to Sci-Fi convention in Little Rock, Arkansas. We were planning to steal a new invention being shown there, a Proton Ion Cannon. It's going to be tested and it will be shown on display there.""Then we don't have much time then." Mr. Terrific."Wait!" halted Omni Knight, then turned his attention towards Parasite again. "Why do you guys want to steal the Proton Ion Cannon?""Sorry, I wasn't given much detail from my client" replied Parasite, who couldn't lie and was still binded by a lamp post and Diana's lasso."Who's your client?" Wonder Woman asks with a glare."Count Vertigo." replied Parasite.That name made Wonder Woman, Atom and Mr. Terrific gasp in horror. “Vertigo!” Wonder Woman said, in a grim manner.Count Vertigo was a member of the royal family of Vlatava. After his attempt of murder of his niece but failed thanks to Green Arrow last year, Count Vertigo is now a wanted criminal who uses a headgear that unleashes a wave of psychic force that distorts his target's balance or makes them feel dizzy to the point that they fall unconscious.SCIENCE CONVENTION, LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSASAfter arriving at the science convention, the team parked the Javelin near the trees while being cloaked invisible. Knowing that wearing their superhero outfits will be a bad idea because it will draw too much attention to the visitors, especially the villains, they have no choice but to blend in as cosplayers. Mr. Terrific had disguised himself as a security guard, as did Atom while Ben was dressed in a navy, crimson and black duster coat with a silverish white wig and a claw-like arm on his right hand, Supergirl was dressed in what looked like a red lifeguard uniform and Wonder Woman had been dressed up in a red trench coat, a matching fedora, gloves and shoes while she also had a little bit of her hair covering one of her eyes. Ben, Kara and Diana were cosplaying as Nero from Devil May Cry 4, C.J. Parker from Baywatch, and Carmen Sandiego.“I can’t believe I have to be the one dressed as C.J.” said Kara, as she looked at Diana. “Why couldn’t you do it? You’ve got her build.” she whispered.“I know, but I’d rather not be perved on by those horny fanboys.” Diana replied. “Besides, I don’t have blonde hair like you do.”The blonde still does not feel comfortable, "Great, now I'll be the one who'll be perved on by those horny fanboys." Kara grumbled, while blushing."It's just for a while." replied Ben, trying to comfort Kara. "Besides, they'll take it to me if those assholes try to do anything stupid.""I know you're sweet, but you know I can take care of myself" Kara admits she can defend herself because of her Kryptonian physiology."Did you find them yet?" asks Diana, hoping that Kara is able to find them with her super vision and her super hearing."I could, but it's too crowded and it'll take a while." replied KaraMeanwhile, a couple of T-spheres are floating above the ceiling scanning every single individual on the science con, while Mr. Terrific, dressing up as a security guard.Then a presentation on a stage is about to start, where the MC is presenting to the audience. "Ladies and gentlemen, here's our next presenter of today's event, Lena Luthor."Lena came to the stage where he presented the protoid ion laser, and everyone was cheering for her new invention. Ben, Kara, and Diana also did take a look along with the audience.“Before we get started, I wanna ask you something.” Lena started her presentation. “Is it better to be feared or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both? They say the best weapon is the weapon that we don’t have to fire. I respectfully disagree. That’s how the Luthor’s did it, that’s how America does it, and it's working out pretty well so far.”Lena Luthor is currently the CEO of L-Corp, the name was originally “LexCorp”, but Lena decided it's better to change the name to get rid of her brother’s name. Despite her hate towards her brother, she had a similar desire of disliking superheroes, thinking that they are more superior than average people.In the middle of the presentation, the T-spheres detected some sort of error as it was being frozen from above the ceiling. The ceiling is getting colder as the visitor is feeling the cold.“Guys, you can feel that cold right?” asked Mr. Terrific, while pressing his ear comm. “My T-sphere’s get suddenly malfunctioned because it was frozen.” Then, a couple of the frozen T-spheres fell to the ground.In the middle of the audience, Kara immediately uses her x-ray vision to find Killer Frost. She looks all over the crowd and spotted Killer Frost who’s above the rooftops.“Up there!” after Kara spotted Killer Frost.“Go!” ordered Diana. “Ben and I will guard Lena and her invention.”Kara nodded and quickly rushed, but not using her super speed because she didn’t want to get spotted by the civilians. As she finds a hiding spot, Kara can now uses her super speed to change from her Baywatch costume into her Supergirl outfit. Diana and Ben are also looking for a hiding spot, as they have the same reason not to get spotted by the civilians too. After finding their hiding spot, Diana spun around and transformed into her Wonder Woman outfit, while Ben was cycling his Ultimatrix and transformed into XLR8.“After you, milady” XLR8 sarcastically said.“Let’s go.” Wonder Woman ignored Ben’s sarcasm manner. And yet, at the same time, she mused this.Back at the convention, a smoke grenade was thrown towards the Proton Ion Laser Cannon, Deadshot and Copperhead were about to steal, then Lena’s guard, Mercy Graves, jumped-kicked towards both thieves.Mercy Graves was previously working for Lex Luthor, when he was still in charge of LexCorp. Now, after the power was shifted to Lena, Mercy is now currently working for Lena.As Deadshot is about to fire his wrist-guns towards Mercy, Wonder Woman quickly steps in and blocks the bullets with her quick reflexes and her gauntlet to block the bullets. As Copperhead is about to pounce Wonder Woman, XLR8 rushes forward and jumps-kicked towards Copperhead.“Good work” Wonder Woman thanking XLR8 to watch her back.Meanwhile on the rooftops, Supergirl spotted Killer Frost, as she was using her cryokinesis powers to freeze the rooftops. She flew at her and used her heat vision to melt the ice to create some steam and wholloped Frost in the jaw. “Ugh. Who did that?” Frost asked, feeling confused.Supergirl walked slowly towards her. “I did, Frost.” she said.“Supergirl?! How long have you been here?!” Frost demanded.“Long enough.” the last daughter of Krypton joked, as she cracked her knuckles. The two of them began punching and kicking each other as their fight was beginning to interlock. Supergirl then clocked Killer Frost in the jaw, knocking some of her teeth out, and giving the cryokinetic supervillainess a bloody lip."Why, you little Kryptonian hussy!" Frost snarled, looking pissed off. Then she looked towards the other side. “NOW!”Killer Frost signals Giganta, as she grows into a giant and swatted Supergirl away, *SWAT*Back inside the building, Mr. Terrific and Atom is evacuating the civilians and changed into their outfits in order find outBack at the fight between XLR8 and Wonder Woman against Deadshot and Copperhead, the villains realized they couldn’t beat the heroes head on. But Deadshot came up with a backup plan. “Time for plan B.” Deadshot speaks while pressing his ear-comm.After swatting Supergirl away, Giganta heard from ear-comm about the plan B Deadshot mentioned, as she smashed the ceiling outside the building. “Climb on, fellas!” she said. And so, the villains all climbed up to Giganta’s shoulder, except for Copperhead, who was on top of Giganta’s head of red hair.Back at the building, the ceiling is about to fall, so Wonder Woman quickly flew up and lifted the ceiling.“Nnrrgh.” as Wonder Woman is carrying the ceiling, “A little help here.”“On it” replied XLR8, as he slapped the Ultimatrix dial and transformed into NRG, then took off his armour and revealed its true form as a radioactive alien, with heat all over its body.NRG flew above near Wonder Woman’s direction then fired his radioactive beams to seal up the cracks in it and give Wonder Woman the relief she needed after holding up the ceiling for a while.“Good work.” Wonder Woman gave NRG a compliment.Both NRG and Wonder Woman came down, seeing an unhappy Lena for letting the bad guys get away with her Proton Ion Laser Cannon. “Damn, how could you let them get away with that cannon!?” she yelled at them.“They got the drop on us.” said Mr. Terrific, as he came inside with Wonder Woman and NRG. “Deadshot had it all planned before we got here.”“Thanks to you geniuses, the cannon is powerful enough to eliminate thousands of lives!” Lena shot back.“Then why did you bother building that weapon in the first place?!” Wonder Woman shot back at her, giving her an angry glare.“I didn’t think anyone would actually use it!” said Lena, defending herself. “This is your fault!”Just then, Supergirl came back down and knocked her out. “Stow it up your actuator, Lena!” she yelled. “We have to get that cannon back and those Ionic Fuel Cells too!”“She’s right.” NRG agrees with Supergirl. “We gotta go!”And so, they all rushed back to the Javelin to chase after them.INSIDE THE JAVELIN“Now how are we gonna find those bad guys?” asked Supergirl, while sitting on a Javelin seat and buckled up with seat belts.“Lucky for you guys, I’ve just put a tracker on Deadshot’s left shoulder.” explained Atom."So what do they want with that cannon? Destroying the city? Holding a ransom?” Supergirl was guessing.“Not sure.” said Mr. Terrific while thinking about what the bad guys were planning once they gave the cannon to Count Vertigo. "It can't be that easy."“It never is, Michael,” said Supergirl.“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” said Ben. He then had a look of concern on her unhappy looks. “Kara, you don’t look so good.”“More like Giganta smacked me into the brick.” Supergirl said. “I’m just...Aghh!” She was frustrated. “I can’t believe she sucker punched me,” she said, as Ben approached her.“Don’t worry Supergirl.” said Ben, reassuring her. “You’ll get her back.”Supergirl smiled at him. Wonder Woman also mused at this, ‘I think those two make a cute couple.’ she thought, while continuing to pilot the Javelin when she looked at Ben. "Ben, you're sweet. But you know I can handle myself."“Oh, right, now I just feel stupid.” he rubbed the back of his neck while feeling embarrassed.While Wonder Woman is piloting the Javelin, Mr. Terrific is looking towards the holographic computer provided by one of his T-sphere, locating Atom's tracker. "Got' em!" Terrific pinpoints Deadshot's location. “They’re heading to Keystone.”KEYSTONE CITYThe villains are at a hideout; they were successful in gathering the first two items. And it is here that we see a man with slick blonde hair and dressed in emerald flowing garments and holding a scepter. This was Count Vertigo, who was away from Vlativav, now run by Queen Perdita.“Exemplary work, everyone.” he said to them all. “Such a shame those so-called heroes arrived.” he then turned their attention to the board. “Anyhoo, the third item we need to complete our super weapon…” he then pointed to the board.Deadshot said, “The Ruby, right?”“Yes, Lawton.” Vertigo replied. “But it is a BIG Ruby that we need. About 50,000 karats!”This made the lot of them all gasp in shock. “Uh, your excellency, where are we gonna get a rock that big?” asked Copperhead.“Why the Keystone museum, of course.” said Vertigo, denoting this fact. “The ruby is on loan from the Maharaja of Nimpa. And, it will be on display Wednesday night, at the Mayor’s fundraiser. We are going to stop by and do a little fundraising of our own!”“And if the heroes show up?” asked Killer Frost.“Luckily I hired someone special for keeping those heroes busy.” replied Vertigo, while looking towards the shadow. Then the mysterious person walks out of the shadow and the figure was dressed in a purple suit with an orange vest with polka dots and was made up to look like a bad circus clown, this was Batman’s mortal enemy, the Joker.All of them gasped in shock, “Joker!” said Deadshot.“Are you insane!? He’s a maniac!” replied Killer Frost.“And what’s wrong about being a maniac?!”the Joker replied back to her. “It’s done wonders for me!” he added.Deadshot didn’t reply back, but just a glare while his eyes narrowed down, thinking about Joker’s reputation. “What are you hoping to gain from all this?” asked Deadshot.“You know, it's all for laughs.” said Joker.“Enough!” interrupted Vertigo. “Did you bring what you need to do?”“Indeed I did.” said Joker, wheeling in the Joker Toxin he had. “HEHEHEHEHE.” As Joker laughs maniacally.Meanwhile, the Javelin landed on the rooftops. Wonder Woman kept the Javelin invisible in order to make sure that the vehicle does not get spotted by anyone; especially the villains. “This should work,” said Atom.Wonder Woman looked around the place, hoping that they would find them. “Okay, we’ll wait here till they show up.” she said. “Here’s the plan, Mr. Terrific, you send in your camouflage T-spheres to get inside and record the event, Ben, you go turn into that Galvan alien and come with me. Ray, you and Kara stand by the entrance.”“Roger that.” said Mr. Terrific.Ben activates the Ultimatrix, turns the dial and transforms into Grey Matter, his Galvan alien form, Wonder Woman picks him up and puts him in the top of her outfit. “Are you okay in there?” she asked him.“Yeah.” said Grey Matter while giving her a small smile.“Don’t be nervous, Ben.”“I don’t get nervous.” Ben, as Grey Matter, was in denial, rather not showing any sign of weakness towards his new teammates. Diana knew that Ben was lying, but she understands that most men are not in a habit of showing any sign of weakness.Inside the fundraiser building, the Mayor was hosting the event. Then a marching band arrived, the audience applauded the arrival of the marching. As the marching band were playing their instrument, one of the marching band members, the Joker, was in a disguise as a marching band member, blowing his bagpipes and spreading out all the Joker gas towards the crowds.Wonder Woman and Grey Matter notice the gas. As it spreads, the crowds are coughing then they laugh. As they laugh in a creepy way, the crowds fall down while smiling.“Now that’s just a whole new level of creepy.” commented Grey Matter.“This is no time for games Ben.” scolded Wonder Woman. “This was caused by a madman, who called himself The Joker. He enjoys hurting people just for the sake of his laughs, and he’s one of Batman’s most dangerous foes.”Grey Matter complains, “Man, I hate clowns.”"His backstory is unknown. All we know is that he fell into a vat of chemicals which warped his mind beyond all help." said Atom, then turns his attention to Supergirl, “Supergirl, can you suck up all the gas?"“On it!” Supergirl replied as she zoomed towards the fundraiser, then she saw a couple of the audience, including the mayor, was laughing. She quickly sucks the whole gas, flies quickly, crashes to the ceiling, then flies up to space while holding her laughter. 'Whatever you do, don't laugh!', thought Supergirl. She realises the gas through space then flies back down to the fundraiser.“Ugh, party poopers.” complained the Joker.Then Joker was bound by Wonder Woman's lasso. But Joker quickly throws his explosive doll. "Catch!"As Wonder Woman saw a doll lying on the ground, "Mama." as the doll spoke from its radio box inside, then explode, *KABOOM*, as it knocks Wonder Woman off.As Joker is about to make his getaway, Grey Matter, now slapped his Ultimatrix dial and transforms into Ultimate Grey Matter. It has a grey-skinned, frog/demon-like, bipedal alien that is significantly taller than Grey Matter, He has two front toes and one back toe on each foot, which are also pointy. He has large glowing green eyes with minus-shaped pupils, seemingly lacking the black outlines other Galvan have. On his head are two horn-like growths. He wears a green vest over a black sleeveless jumpsuit with two black stripes going around the middle of his chest.Ultimate Grey Matter uses his crystallokinetic powers to encasing the Joker in order for him not to get away."Ugh, this stuff coming out of you?" Joker asked."Well, duh…" replied Ultimate Grey Matter.The team gathered together and went outside through the front door, where they encountered Count Vertigo. "Vertigo!" exclaimed Wonder Woman."It's Count Vertigo to you, peasants!" corrected Vertigo, as he quickly uses his headgear that unleashes a wave of psychic force that distorts the heroes' balance or makes them feel dizzy."I… hate it… when... he... do... that!!!" complained Mr. Terrific while grunted. However, Terrific was still able to access his T-spheres.As Vertigo is about to fire his new cannon to fire it at the Keystone city, the T-spheres are able to knock off Vertigo, which allows the heroes to recover. But the T-spheres were destroyed by Deadshot after fired his "gauntlet-guns" towards the T-spheres. With his quick thinking, Ultimate Grey Matter fires his crystallizing flames towards the cannon, which is caused to be encased by green crystals thanks to Ultimate Grey Matter.Count Vertigo growled, "You'll pay for that you stupid frog!!!" As he attacked Ultimate Grey Matter with his headgear that unleashes a wave of psychic force. Ultimate Grey Matter grunted while kneeling on the ground."NO!" as Supergirl was angered by what he did to Ben, currently as Ultimate Grey Matter, Giganta quickly grabs Supergirl and tossed her away.Wonder Woman is deflecting Deadshot's bullets with her gauntlets, Mr. Terrific is fighting against Killer Frost, and Atom is fending off Copperhead. Which leaves Ultimate Grey Matter still struggling against Vertigo's powers.Surprisingly, Ultimate Grey Matter slowly stood up against Vertigo's psychic force."What?! NO!!!" Vertigo slowly falls back, but Ultimate Grey Matter rises up thanks to his strong mind, which is able to withstand Vertigo's psychic force.As Ultimate Grey Matter is getting closer, he quickly grabs Vertigo and punches him to knock him out unconsciously.The other heroes quickly won too; Wonder Woman knock out Deadshot unconsciously after deflecting all his bullets, Supergirl punches Giganta by her brute force, Mr. Terrific, able to create a flashlight from his T-spheres then fired a stun laser to knock off Killer Frost, and Atom able to punch Copperhead by brute force too, even at his small size."Now, that's a wrap." said Ultimate Grey Matter, celebrating his first mission victory with his new teammates.An hour later, Batman arrived at Keystone City in the Batwing and as he put it on Autopilot, he dived out of the cockpit, landed on the ground and brought the antidote to cure the audience who were gassed by the Joker.After Batman cures the audience, including the mayor, he approaches the team. "The police will escort the Joker back to Arkham." explained Batman to the team. "The rest will be delivered to Belle Reve".The police are carrying the Joker, who's still in an encasement of a crystal by Ultimate Grey Matter, and the rest are handcuffed and put in inhibitor collars, specialized to contain superpowered villains."Well, there are a few bumps on the way. But we recovered." explained Omni Knight, who's already transformed back."I expect file reports about the mission once we head back to the Watchtower." told BatmanLike everyone else, every mission needs to be reported and filed by every Justice League member.As Batman, Wonder Woman, Mr. Terrific, and Atom are leaving, Omni Knight approaches Supergirl."Not bad on our first mission huh?" asked Omni Knight.Supergirl smiled back, "Yeah."Then they stayed silent for a minute as they felt embarrassed and didn't know what to talk about. But Omni Knight felt nervous about what's about to say to Supergirl."Say, Kara…""Yeah?""Are you…" Ben swallowed nervously."Are you free this weekend?"Kara's eyes went wide. Is he going to ask me out?, thought Supergirl."Uh, no," she said, cursing herself for her sudden nervousness, "I'm free this Saturday, why?""Well, I was kinda hoping you'd like to see a movie that just came out, plus there's this restaurant that opened up near my house in New York."Kara rejected a couple of boys back at Smallville High a few years ago, because Earth boys are so ridiculous, but Ben was special, as he totally understands her, according to Kara.Supergirk couldn't hold back her smile while blushing, "Yeah, sounds fun!""Great! I'll see you on Saturday!" He replied with joy. Luckily for Omni Knight, he wore his helmet to hide his excitement along with his red face.THE END OF CHAPTER 4
Teen Titans
Starfire(Teen Titans 2003/request) by D-Field22
Loud House style classic Teen Titans by E-Ocasio
YJ Raven Fan Design by Triskata

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Raven + Wondergirl (Kimono) by Pisces3Ferver
Batman Oc Villain #26/Mob#4: Remy 'Katana' Collins by D-Field22
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Hover Bike by ArtSpillGalaxy
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Velvet Kitty Cat by Musashden
Superboy and Miss Martian having a good time! by Leck-Zilla
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Green Lantern: the Anime series by Leck-Zilla
Wonder Woman redesign by OriginStory
Plastic Man by zacharyknox222
Solomon Grundy by zacharyknox222
Shazam kills Mr. Mind by E-Ocasio
Teen Titans: Angels In Paradise Part 1 (Cover) by JuwanBuchanan
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Poison Ivy! by tehswompting

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Diana / Kassandra - Amazon Warrior by tehswompting

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Wonderwoman Nude (Censored) by tehswompting
Poison Ivy Pinup! by tehswompting
...I dont know what to class this
Contest Entry: Leo / Amyra Reeves by LordVaderNihilus
A Hero by ArtSpillGalaxy
Soldiers Redraw by ArtSpillGalaxy
Dr Stopwatch Aesthetic by BlueRazzberryBrew
Icons and stamps
DC Cover Art Wonder Woman Stamp by dA--bogeyman
DC Cover Art Shazam! Stamp by dA--bogeyman
DC Comics Batman Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
DC Comics Harley Quinn Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Justice League by Granamir30
Attack of the Show: Wonder Twins redux! by Leck-Zilla
08 by Horakso
special OC's
Irehriu, Five Deities of Tamaran (1st Form) by JuwanBuchanan
Paper craft
deadshot cubeecraft part 1 by JagaMen
Brainiac 5 and Invisible Kid Plush by Eotix


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