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-DBM- Goku's enemies - Colored by BK-81

By DBZwarrior
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Dragonball Multiverse fanart.

Lineart by me :icondbzwarrior:

Colors by BK-81 :iconbk-81:

Dragonball by Akira Toriyama
Dragonball Multiverse by Salagir and Gogéta Jr.

Link to the comics: [link]
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Broly should have been the true final villain in DBZ! 
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Lol! Yes I'm serious! :D
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Unless he's SSJ4 i doubt he be "fearsome"

Even "Frieza" was sucked dried (Golden Freeza doesn't count)
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Man, I really wish they would have make a new GT movie about LSSJ4 Broly fighting against the Z-Fighters. Broly is one of the most marketable villain in Dragon Ball franchise and they would make a lot of money with Broly simply because it's best for business. Speaking about Frieza, I can't wait to watch the next episode in Dragon Ball Super. 
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Yeah, i had a dream about Tambourine being in DBS, but i never knew it will come true
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Dude, he IS in DBS! Watch the latest preview for the next episode! Your dream has already come true my friend. :D 
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....i know that, that's what i'm saying!
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Content de voir que tu n'as pas abandonné le dessin, chapeau ! ;)
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You did an amazing job on the line-art, well done!!
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nyc but would've been better if vegetto was in the middle, but still love it!
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Excellent pic here.
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tres bon dessin :clap: bon retour parmis nous :D
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