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-DBM- Bra VS Eleim

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Possible fight for the 2nd round, Bra VS Eleim from Dragonball Multiverse.

Line and color by me
Dragonball by Akira Toriyama
Dragonball Multiverse by Salagir and Gogéta Jr
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Bulla is One Punch Girl! Will definitely have Saitama "KO" meme.
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That's one tough girl!
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Still don't like Bra.
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Agreed. Just ignore the turd brain.
Joe-jostar-mega's avatar
According to my scouter said "psst no one care". 
Sparkshot11's avatar
And how long ago was this comment? :P
Joe-jostar-mega's avatar
You cannot survive in hyperbolic time chamber.
Sparkshot11's avatar
I'm just going to assume you're either an edgelord or a keyboard warrior.
Joe-jostar-mega's avatar
You're playing some kind joke here?! Therefore showed yourself pathetic fool, just saiyan.
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Too bad we already know Bra wins the fight, from the latest issues released on DBM's site. I'd just like to know how, is all. 

Eliem is probably one of the coolest designed Multiverse Characters in DBM. The fact that he resembles a passive Super Saiyan Vegeta also helps the fact. His armor just makes him look SW-badass XD
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Eliem isn't all that great, guy was willing to kill innocents to try and blackmail Bra to letting him kill her.
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For the love of god, Eleim, please cut this bitches arms off.
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hes worse than her. she at least only kills evil people
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Eliem loses, Bra saves the day by defeating him before he can kill the audience.
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Very funny, poor Eleim is screwed :D
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She's just too powerful..
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She's not even the most powerful in the tournament.
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Not maybe, her father in his SS2 form is far more powerful than her and we've seen that he will eventually go berserk or the such.
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This should be a good fight. Xeniloum and Eleim demonstrated how dangerous the suits can be, and doubt that we've seen all of the weapons that the suits have. For all we know they could have black hole generators built into them. I can see Bra winning and won't be surprised (she probably will because of who she is in the comic anyway, this is a shonen after all) but Eleim in all honestly could kill her in one shot. She better not get too cocky, she could lose an arm.
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