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Hinote-Kaisen Episode 10 Part 2
Damion was forced back by another assault from Percival, who rushed him with the Sacred Sword Strike. Her energy blade was different than that of her comrade, Gawain. For starters, her blade was green in color, and seemed smaller and thinner than Gawain’s, shaped closer to that of a rapier. Each time her blade connected with his skin, albiet just grazing him, her speed seemed to increase, making it all the more difficult for him to develop a proper counterattack
She then performed a horizontal slash, causing him to duck out of the way. This proved to be a mistake on his part as she delivered a kick to his face, sending him flying backwards a few feet. When he got back up, he saw her simply looking at him, a low hum resonating from the green energy blade
Damion: (Man, it’s like she gets faster every time her blade hits me… I have to find a way to slow her down.)
Suddenly, the blade disappeared, sending a look of confusion across the young man’s face
Damion: Huh?
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Fire Emblem Awakening: Nash 4
Chrom looked out from the back of one of the two personnel transport wagons, the first thing he saw was about two hundred soldiers marching behind him. The wheels of the wagons rolled over rocks of all sizes, making the vehicle bounce violently as they traversed the rocky terrain. Robin sat beside the Exalt, reading from one of several books she had sitting beside her. Lucina sat across from her parents, looking out the window, seeing nothing but rocky cliffs that expanded as far as the eye could see. After some time, the young lady turned to her parents in an effort to break the silence
Lucina: So, this is the Border Pass?
Chrom: Yes. We should be crossing into Plegia any moment now.
Lucina: What will we do when we get to the desert? The horses won’t be able to traverse the sands very well, especially with these heavy wagons that they must pull.
Robin: The horses will be fine. Ricken has developed a spell that will make such a thing all the easier.
Lucina: What of the wagons the
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Hinote-Kaisen Episode 10 Part 1
Hinote-Kaisen Season 1, Episode 10: The semifinals! Percival’s hidden power and Lancelot’s shocking decision.
Percival stepped onto the ring, standing across from a large man dressed in a black shirt and yellow shorts. This man’s smile was evident despite the extremely large beard that covered the entire lower half of his face. Percival also smiled, crossing her arms as the MC stepped onto the ring. Damion, Mira, and Keon all watched from the arena entrance, intent on learning how the swordswoman standing in the ring fights
Damion: They both look very confident.
Mira: Percival, yeah. The other guy though, he comes off more as arrogant to me. Hopefully this match doesn’t go like five seconds.
Keon: …
MC: Fighters, you may begin!
The gong rang, resulting in Percival bowing out of respect. Her opponent did not return the respectful gesture, instead using the opening to charge her. When she realized what was happening, she simply stood her ground, shaking her
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DBZTyphlosion Logo by DBZtyphlosion DBZTyphlosion Logo :icondbztyphlosion:DBZtyphlosion 10 3
DBZtyphlosion Bio (My new DA Persona!!!)
Name: DBZtyphlosion (Also goes by Brandon and DJ)
Race: Some kind of human (I think…)
Skin tone: Pale
Age: 20 as of June 26th, 2018
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Hair Length: Short top fade
Eye: Green
Height: 5’9 or 5’10 (In other words, short)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Main Attire: Dark gray silk t-shirt, black shorts, purple baseball cap with black curly L on the front and slightly bent bill, gray and orange sneakers
Build: Fat
Fighting Style: Manchild-fu
Wooden baseball bat: Uses it to hit those who threaten him
Boomerang: Rarely uses it as he can never get it to come back to him
Obnoxious Manchild Scream: Randomly screams loudly and obnoxiously, more to annoy foes. Can be damaging to hearing if close enough to an enemy’s ears
Kobe!!!: Will throw random things, sometimes for no reason
Gassy: Just trust me on this one.
Rage: When frustrated or angry, acts like strength is magnified a hundred fold
Random Acts of Insanity: Everything ranging
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Fire Emblem Awakening: Nash 3
Chrom sat alone in the castle's private study, looking over reports of the daily affairs of the halidom, which has become part of his daily routine since officially taking the title of Exalt after the defeat of Grima. He would look at each paper, then take a nearby feather, dip the tip in ink, and finally, write something on the back of each report before repeating the process. This would continue until he heard a door open behind him. He looked over his shoulder, only to see the open door. He soon felt something land on his lap, soon seeing a young girl with blue hair looking right at him, a large smile on her face. Her blue eyes seemed to sparkle as she wrapped her arms around the Exalt, who could only laugh as he spoke
Chrom: And what are you doing sneaking about this early in the morning, young lady?
Young Lucina: Daddy! Do you want to play with me?
Chrom: Oh sweetheart, I would love to, but I have some work I need to get done. Maybe later, okay?
The little girl dropped her head, h
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FEA Randomness: Daddy Issues 2 by DBZtyphlosion FEA Randomness: Daddy Issues 2 :icondbztyphlosion:DBZtyphlosion 5 1
Hinote-Kaisen Episode 9 Part 2
Kashmir sat alone in his lab, applying a blowtorch to an unknown machine before standing up, wiping the sweat from his brow as he let out a sigh. He put the tool in his hand down and removed his googles, marveling at the machine that he seemingly completed
Kashmir: Finally! This blasted thing took forever to create. Now I can assist lord Nergal if necessary.
???: E-Excuse me…
The scientist turned to a nearby cell, where a small girl was leaning against the bars. This girl had white hair and eyes that seemed to be made of gold. A golden line came down the left side of her dainty face, which seemed to have a timid look to it as she quietly spoke
???: Do you have a moment, doctor?
Kashmir: I am busy at the moment, Athena. What is it?
The little girl placed a hand on her stomach
Athena: I-I’m getting hungry… May I please have something to eat…?
The scientist smacked his forehead, letting out a sigh of annoyance as he walked to the cell
Kashmir: How many times must I
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Bruce Crushman
Name: Bruce Crushman
Race: Human
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Hair: Blue
Hair Length: Short, Spikey
Eye: Blue
Height: 6'11
Main Attire: White T-Shirt, jeans, black sneakers, blue MMA gloves
Build: Very muscular
Fighting Style: Freestyle martial arts
Ki Manipulation (Does not know he can yet)
Flight (Does not know he can yet)
Abnormal strength
Aquakinesis: Similar to Keon, Bruce's elemental affinity is water, something he does not discover until he fights Damion)
Wave Shield: Bruce can surround himself in a rising torrent of water, protecting him from fire and weaker ki attacks
Personality: Typical wannabe tough guy attitude, can be stubborn and cocky
Likes: Money, being respected, acting tough, Sheldon, working out
Dislikes: Not having a job, not having his way, Sheldon's cooking, fighting "freaky" opponents, being forced to do illegal activity to get money, the Swords of Justice
Bruce Crushman is a large young man who is first introduced trying to rob a local bank, where he, al
:icondbztyphlosion:DBZtyphlosion 7 0
Sheldon Maxwell
Name: Sheldon Maxwell
Race: Human
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Hair: Green
Hair Length: Long, Goes to shoulder blades
Eye: Green
Height: 5’11
Main Attire: Black T-Shirt, green jacket, khaki pants, green sneakers
Build: Skinny, somewhat lean
Fighting Style: Freestyle martial arts
Powers/Skills: (That he doesn’t know he has yet)
Ki Manipulation
Enhanced speed and agility
Hacker: He is extremely talented when it comes to computers, as he was able to log onto a private government server with ease
Psychokinesis: A latent ability, he can move people and objects throught mental effort alone.
Botanist: Strangely, his psychokinesis also gives him the ability to control plant life. How this happens is unexplained
Personality: Usually easygoing, unless it involves Bruce, then he can be quite argumentive. Passionate about his “calling”
Likes: Cooking, money, plans going his way, Bruce, computers
Dislikes: Bruce’s driving, being broke, people questioning his cooking
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Hinote-Kaisen Episode 9 Part 1
Hinote-Kaisen Season 1, Episode 9: Quarterfinals begin! Gawain shows his strength.
Gawain and Javier had made their way to the arena before engaging in a staredown. While the large swordsman had a look of stone on his face, the much shorter Javier had a confident smirk on his. The MC, as if he knew of the power that these two possessed, stayed off the ring as he spoke into the microphone
MC: Fighters, are you ready?
Both nodded
MC: You may begin!
The gong rang, signalling for both fighters to bow out of respect. While Gawain prepared himself mentally, Javier put a hand around his cloak before throwing it off, revealing a sight that many were not expecting to see. His outfit was unique, a black bodysuit with red details that gave it a futuristic appearance. The removal of the cloak also gave full view of his face, which had a red line going down the left side of his face, including the eye on that side. His hair was black, as were his eyes, which seemed to have a competitive fire in the
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Tale of a Dragon 3 (Commission)
Aluna reappeared on the temple balcony, a sword with a shining blade made of sterling silver now in her hand. Originally, the hilt of the weapon looked like it was made of the moon itself, crusty and gray. Once she applied magic to the hilt, it transformed into a bright, golden variant, with three beautiful pieces of sapphire embedded into the cross guard. Impressed with the beauty of the weapon, she simply stared at it as it shined brightly in the night sky
Aluna: Wow... So this is the Sword of the Moon... It is as beautiful as mother said...
???: Aluna? Are you still out here?
The voice caused her to jump in surprise before realizing that it belonged to her sister, Solara. In a state of panic, she quickly hid the sword behind her back as the Goddess of the Sun came into view
Solara: Aluna, why are you still out here?
Aluna: O-Oh, sister! I-I was simply getting a breath of fresh air, h-heheh...
The sheepish look on the face of the Goddess
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FEA Randomness: Lost Soul by DBZtyphlosion FEA Randomness: Lost Soul :icondbztyphlosion:DBZtyphlosion 6 1 FEA Randomness: Daddy Issues 1 by DBZtyphlosion FEA Randomness: Daddy Issues 1 :icondbztyphlosion:DBZtyphlosion 3 1
Hinote-Kaisen Episode 8 Part 2
As the fight was going on, several certain people were esepcially into what they were witnessing:
Apollo, his face hidden from view thanks to the hood of his cloak, watched the battle from inside the building, his head poking out of the doorway that led to the arena. Despite following every movement with relative ease, he had a stone look upon his face with what he saw
Apollo: (These two... Their energies are far greater than I was able to detect. How is this possible? ... No matter. When I win this tournament, then I will know that I'm strong enough to defeat Nergal. her as well... If he hasn't taken her too...)
Nergal, who was watching the battle from the front row, had a smile on his face from the moment the battle began. Every once and a while, he would lick his lips in a slow clockwise motion, chuckling quietly as he saw the power that flowed through the two combatants
Nergal: (Well well... The energy flowing from these t
:icondbztyphlosion:DBZtyphlosion 6 0
Hinote-Kaisen Episode 8 Part 1
Hinote-Kaisen Season 1, Episode 8: Thunder versus Flame! Second Rounds Begin!
The rest of the first round went by quickly, with the likes of Javier, Percival, Lancelot, and Apollo all moving on to the next round with ease. With the intermission before the second round was set to begin, everyone took the time to relax and recharge. Damion and Mira, despite being set up to face each other to open the second round, sat together and talked openly. Keon was sitting on the floor, his eyes closed while he breathed quietly in slumber
Damion: So, did you talk to your dad about... Y'know... Those things?
Mira: I thought about it, yet... I couldn't bring myself to mention it. I don't know why...
She then leaned backwards, looking up at the ceiling, which was colored a very dull shade of red
Mira: Everyday since we first saw those things, I start thinking about all these different scenarios. Did someone seriously make war machines behind my father's back?
:icondbztyphlosion:DBZtyphlosion 6 47


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United States
Hello everyone, this is Brandon Miniard, A.K.A DBZtyphlosion. I am from Lanesville, Indiana, and also a student at Indiana University Southeast. I am primarily a writer.

Favorite Baseball Teams:
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