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New Tato Reference Sheet + Story READ DESCRIPTION by DbzPro64 New Tato Reference Sheet + Story READ DESCRIPTION by DbzPro64
Soooooo yeah, you guys are gonna be mad at me buuut its whatever c:                                          I tried Yuya Takahasi's shading style, I think it came out great =w=
OH BTW, for Iduna-Haya who's my opponent in InstaQuarius 's OC Tournament
don't worry about this if you already started or any one else who is working on something w/ Tato
Just keep using the old design and stuff so don't feel pressured by this. If you haven't then started anything
then use this design c: Thank youuu
Alright new story :)

Btw his story more correlates to Dragon Ball Online's and Xenoverse's but with some of my touches in between

Name: Tato
Age: 21
Race: Saiyan (was 15% saiyan and 85% human)
Birth: July 17th, Age 829
Personality: Kind, humble, kind of funny and sarcastic
Weakness: Tends to have power go to his head and gets over confident
Transformations: SSJ, SSJ2


Tato is a Human Saiyan hybrid (85% Human 15% Saiyan) born on July 17th Age 829 and is 21 years old.
He is kind, humble person who likes to crack jokes from time to time and can be a little sarcastic.
He and his parents, Cress the father and Okono the other, lived in a small Village outside of East City and were very poor.
Sadly in Age 836, Cress and Okono lost their lives due to an illnes that they couldn't afford to cure.
One year, Age 837, of Tato living on his own with no family, is taken in by an old man Krillin into his "New Turtle Hermit School".
Krillin teaches Tato the way of fighting, ki control, and martial arts. Later in Age 847, Tato is 18 years old and has learned everything he needs
to know, so Krillin tells him about his Saiyan heritage and him being able to achieve more power by summoning the eternal dragon Shenron to make him
full Saiyan. Krillin feels that now Tato is ready for his true power and has earned it. So with the wish of the dragon Tato has become a full blooded Saiyan.
Over the next year Tato starts to figure out his Saiyan power and unleashes the power of "Super Saiyan" Krillin is amazed at Tato's power and that he was able to achieve so quickly, but with all the S-Cells building up and the intense training it's no surprise. Later in Age 852, Time Patrol and the Supreme Kai of Time are in search for new
Time Patrollers because there has been more Time Rifts appearing around Conton City and Time itself. Tato is asked to join considering his power and that he
can get stronger and learn from past masters, Saiyan ones at that. He accepts the offer along with some other warriors as well. Tato has become a full Time Patroller.
(If you have played Xenoverse 2 or at least know the story, that's what Tato does, I'll explain it more and what happens in between in other drawings and stuff.)

Well that's it. Thanks for reading and I'll expand on his story through illustrations in the near future so look forward to that :D
InstaQuarius Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018  Student Digital Artist
awww hes a handsome little boi<3
DbzPro64 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank youu ^^
InstaQuarius Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018  Student Digital Artist
welcome ^^
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