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Here is another installment for my “Fan of” series of cinematic style Marvel and DC Universe characters……Bobbi Morse, codename: Mockingbird, Agent of SHIELD (TV). Inspired as usual by my love for the growing MCU, TV and Film franchises.

I chose the more tactical route rather than tight spandex look you might see in the Avengers Alliance game from Playdom, but I didn’t stray to far from that.
Due to recent news of the new MCU Line-up, I'm going to take a shot at the "Inhumans" main group. I still got to get my Carol Danvers and Sam Alexander in though so I may be pushing out two or three at a time in the next couple of days. Thanks for viewing! Come back soon.

 For those new to the page this "Fan of Marvel NOW" art is a series of quick concepts of "A to D" list characters from the Marvel Universe, picked randomly from the 2014 Updated Marvel Encyclopedia Hardback book I purchased a little while back. Even though Mockingbird is one of my growing favorite characters thanks to the show Agent's of Shield and my knowledge of comic lore, she was indeed a random choice pick. Lucky me. The more mainstream characters may or may not be done but we will see. I based these drawings on how I would have like to see the costumes in the MCU (although the designs they come up with for the shows are superb regardless), but most importantly The objective is for me to really get some recreational practice time in with my digital arts. Been doing a lot of admin lately and feeling a little less engaged. Getting my art mojo back. I wil be doing some DC characters when requested but mostly the "C" and "D" list characters since we see the "A" and "B" characters often. As always…Love'em all the same though. 

Still fun Fan-Art. Just honing my skills and drawing the characters I love and hate (everyone of them deserves a spot).  All characters are owned by Marvel or DC.

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