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Hey guys..DB here..and I'm typing this with a hint of frustration at the present moment.

For the past couple of weeks, been having serious issues with Xsplit, as can be described by this…

Until Xsplit can work out the problem with what's causing this, I might have a strong feeling that most of my streams maybe rather limited, coz the only other streaming system I have is Streamlabs OBS, which sometimes works and sometimes it just tanks like crazy...which possibly may be on the account of my laptop, has for some reason the most recent Windows update won't install coz every time I restart the laptop to update, it gives me the Blue Screen twice and then goes "We couldn't complete the updates undoing changes" error.

I'm pretty much beginning to think, that I might need to get myself some newer hardware, such as for example, try and find a way to do a donation stream to raise up for a desktop like this one… as for one, I've had my current laptop for the best part of 3-4 years, it's still usable but there are moments nowadays it just struggles.

So, if anyone wants to help me to try and raise donations for this, I would really appreciate the support, if you're one who's unable to donate, feel free to spread the word.

Db, out
For those still interested, I am still open for Brony Badge commissions so if you would like to place an order, leave a link to your OC in the comments below and I will link you my Paypal address.

Due to this being pointed out by a contact on Skype that I forgot to add, these commissions are for Paypal only, as I no longer accept DA point commissions.

Brony Badge set 1 by DBurch01 Brony Badge set 6 by DBurch01 Brony Badge set 17 by DBurch01
Brony Badge set 20 by DBurch01 Brony Badge set 21 by DBurch01 Brony Badge set 19 by DBurch01

This is Dburch01, out ;) (Wink)
Right, now that for the most part the fuss of recent events have died down, I think it's time to layout what I have planned for the remainder of the year. Before I get to it however, I wish to thank you guys for your support in the comments of the previous journal. Also to mention, for future streams, I'm putting this little rule into effect that no one, not even those in the stream call, are to bring up anything regarding ToonKritic in general, in hindsight, the whole topic of what he has done is starting to get old and repetitive for a vast majority of everyone I know and I think it's for the best we move on from the past events of the latter half of last month.

Anyways, to start things off, I'm making a few adjustments to my current stream schedule, as it stands, I will be doing Art streams on Mondays and Gaming streams on the Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, now for the updates, I plan to make the Art streams on either Picarto or Twitch as well as making them bi-weekly, every other week when there isn't a art stream, I will be doing a series of streams on the Fridays called Friday Fight Nights where I will pick a random Fighting game and stream it (whether online Multi-player or Single player) for a maximum of 2-3 hours a piece. The Tuesday Twitch streams will be mainly focusing on retro based games while the Thursday streams will be mainly focused on more modern based games, the Saturday streams will be RPG focused, with Ultra Moon to soon be wrapped up, the next RPG will be announced at the end of the next Saturday stream.

Now, onto commissions. I have the finalized commission prices listed below.

Brony Badge (£7.50 per badge)
Brony Badge Set 16 by DBurch01
Full body sketch work (£10 per character)
Golden-Fox McCloud by DBurch01
Full Body Piece (coloured) (£20 per character)*
DA ID 2016 V2 by DBurch01
Title cards (£40)
Alolan Title card (Commish for Eliyora) by DBurch01

*For Pokemon Trainer with Pokemon present commissions, additional prices may vary, depending on Pokemon stage barring elusive and legendaries. Basic level Pokemon are £5, Stage 1 Pokemon are £7.50 while Fully Evolved Pokemon are £10.

SO then, with that said, I hope you all look forward to what I have in store for future streams and beyond.

This is Dburch01, out ;)
This journal may contain some sensitive topics in regards to what happened recently, but I need to get my thoughts out on all of this.

A few days ago, I found out about the whole dark situation with the former ToonKriticY2K..and just like a lot of people in the brony fandom, it just kind of rocked me to the core, as he was someone I had known since the time I was starting out on Youtube with Thomas related content (Though, I only appeared in one of his old Thomas projects which was his Duke the Lost Engine redub). On the one hand, he was someone I held a great deal of respect for, in terms of being an entertainer, but on the other hand, in later days, he became someone I absolutely despised.

To start with, one of the first things I did for him was to create the brony badges that were used for the first couple of streams of Roundtable is Magic, though they mostly were the result of a thank you for keeping my spirits up when I was going through/ recovering from the chemotherapy for the Hodgkins Lymphoma. Over time, he started asking me for more Brony badges whether it be for friends or for future use of the roundtable streams, until after one roundtable, he announced at the end he was getting someone else to do the Brony badges for the roundtable...without telling me beforehand. 

Now, I will say this, I have nothing against the person who took over the badge role, in fact her art is pretty damn good so I really do recommend you look into her artwork, but on the surface, I took it with a sense of dignity and tried to be as respectful as I could, but on the inside I felt that he just made me feel obsolete, I had made all those badges for him to use..and I never got anything in return for them, although, I'm not saying the badge work was not a complete waste of time.

When I started going into the streaming circuit, I tried to be as supportive as I could but gradually overtime he started pulling more of a crowd and it just kicked off a competitive streak in me, which caused my stream performance to suffer and there were times I wanted to try and join the call on some of his streams. Granted, this was also down to errors of judgement on my part and it also put a strain on the relationship with some of my closest friends, so to rectify this, I went into a 8 week hiatus from the 18th June to the 29th of July. When I did come back though, even with a strong start, I still kind of had the mental scars and the thought on how I would focus on how people would go to watch his stuff over mine instead of just having fun, that it came to the point that my friends Shadowknight, Kickit6 and Retro would repeatedly had to tell me not to worry about him and just do my own thing, another reason on why the streams took a hit was due to another former friend of mine going maverick, but that's another story.

So, to wrap this up, I will say this to everyone who was close to him, looked up to him and respected him, I really am sorry that you've had to deal with all of this drama and grief these past few days, my heart and thoughts go out to all of you. Keep your spirits up and try and move forward.

This is Dburch01...out
Hey guys, first journal of the new year and I'm open for Brony Badge commissions. Prices for these badges will be going for around £7.50 per badge ($10.50 for US customers).

All that's required from you is a picture of your Pony OC to work from and I will send you a link in a note to my Paypal.

Brony Badge set 1 by DBurch01Brony Badge set 6 by DBurch01
  Brony Badge set 9 by DBurch01 

Dburch01, out ;)
Heyo guys, a little quick heads up that I will be opening up for commissions soon, as I'm having financial issues that I'm trying to resolve but I won't go into detail. Also to note, I'm slightly increasing the prices of my Brony badges to £7.50.

Commission price list
Brony Badge (£7.50)
Brony Badge Set 16 by DBurch01
Full body sketchwork (£10 per character)
Golden-Fox McCloud by DBurch01
Full Body Piece (coloured) (£20 per character)
DA ID 2016 V2 by DBurch01
Title card (£30)
Alolan Title card (Commish for Eliyora) by DBurch01

This hasn't been %100 finalized yet but I will update this in due time once I get things more organized.

DBurch01, out
I know I'm still technically on hiatus but I'm spreading awareness on this Gofundme link in the aid of :iconmimkage:

If anyone can donate toward this is greatly appreciated, if you can't, then spread word on this as soon as possible.

DB, out
Greetings everyone, DB here with a bit of a idea in mind for the future of my streaming structure.

At the present moment, my streams for this week on hold, due to personal reasons and wrongful actions on my part, but will hopefully resume on the 18th June. But what I'm getting at is that I've noticed that I seem to focus on games that not everyone I stream with seem to be interested in for the most part. It's becoming apparent that I don't seem to be catering to everyone's needs but rather my own, making me look rather selfish in the others's eyes and not listen to their advice for when I seem to be doing something wrong and this is something I AM intending to change to improve myself for everyone's sake.

Thinking things over for the past 2-3 days, after watching some of the presentations of this years E3, I'm thinking of trying to expand my repertoire of game choices, such as taking a dive into franchises that I've heard about but never had time to invest in, such as for example, the Monster Hunter franchise, that people such as :iconprimevalbrony: is a huge fanboy of, IF I do manage to get hold of a PS4 soon for my birthday on the 18th or sometime around that timeframe, I'm considering investing in the upcoming Monster Hunter World game for the system and the game that's on the Nintendo Switch, if that ever gets a western release sometime soon.

As well as that, I'm going to try and look into more multiplayer games that everyone in call or chat can try and get more involved in, now we do have Jackbox and Golf With Your Friends, but after a while, they start to lose their appeal and in some cases gets rather frustrating for all of us, so I'm hoping to try and stream games such as RWBY Grimm Eclipse, that I got more recently after being introduced into the franchise and watching the whole series till present, to name a few, but I am opening myself up to suggestions if any that you have and if they are games I would have easy access to.

Now I would like to hear from all of you, do you think this would be a good move on my part to improve myself and would you like me to try and expand into a more open world of game choices for streaming? let me know down in the comments, I look forward to your input and suggestions.

DB, out
SOMEHOW...we managed to get my desktop going again..turns out something came loose when it was being cleaned, how? idk

Nevertheless, getting the flow of stream edits on the go, starting with the long awaited Pokemon Yellow live runthrough (pts 1 & 2 already up)


Next part coming soon, Db out ;)
...Soo...I unwittingly damaged something inside my Desktop, causing it to be stuck on the repair for the moment I am now down one unit.

HOWEVER, I still have use of the surface 3 and the gaming laptop...but even so, I may be in need of a new Desktop PC, the one I've had for at least 3-4 years and I think it may come to the time of getting a new system. so I'm still open for Brony Badge commissions (see previous journal), if you are interested in a Brony OC badge, drop me a note with a reference and I will work on it as soon as as I can.

Dburch01, out
Hey all, time for a commission announcement.

I'm now open for Brony Badge commissions and going for the price of the equivalent of £5 per Badge.

All that's required from you is a picture of your Pony OC to work from and I will send you a link in a note to my Paypal.

Brony Badge set 1 by DBurch01Brony Badge set 6 by DBurch01
  Brony Badge set 9 by DBurch01 
...Hey guys...I want to explain a little change in stream scheduling for the next 3 weeks. Due to some personal issues 'tween myself and those I stream and talk with and how things are going...I'm reducing the amount of streaming days for the next 3 weeks, just to gather my thoughts and regain the lost spark that I had since the beginning of 2016 and most of all, rebuild the respect I have for those who stream as well and those I stream with.

The only exception to this, is one possible multi-player stream with a close friend of mine if she is free to meet up and come over, if not, then I won't

I hope you all understand my words and by the end of the 3 weeks, I'll hopefully be back in full form.

So long.

DB, out
Hey guys, DB here with a little announcement to make.

Since there's been a Brony Analysis Daily tournament going on for the past few weeks, and now it's boiling down to 2 finalists, :iconbrawnybuck: & :icongoldenfoxda: and I just came up with an idea for if GoldenFox wins.

If GoldenFox manages to win, I will do a stream of one of the following, a 200CC all course stream of Mario Kart 8 OR EXEPERT MODE of Super Mario Maker.

Voting closes at 6pm Central so go to the video below and make your vote

DBurch01, out ;)

New Years Pricing update

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 28, 2016, 1:28 PM

Ok, peoples, 2016 is almost overs, and I have decided on making a few changes to my Commission prices.

Come January, all Brony badge prices will be the equivalent of £5, Pkmn Trainer OCs will be the equiv of £20 and for Title cards, they will be the equiv of £40.

So yh, that's what I have layed down for commission prices for next year and I'll give this a bit of an update at a later date.

See you all in 2017
Dburch01, out ;)

Brony Badge Commissions open

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 23, 2016, 4:15 AM

Hey all, time for a commission announcement.

I'm now open for Brony Badge commissions and going for the price of the equivalent of £5 per Badge.

All that's required from you is a picture of your Pony OC to work from and I will send you a link in a note to my Paypal.

Brony Badge set 1 by DBurch01Brony Badge set 6 by DBurch01
  Brony Badge set 9 by DBurch01 

To do list
:iconnikita-nichita: (of herself and of :iconaikojonas3:) (Completed)
:iconperemarquette1225: (Completed)
:iconstarryflame: (Completed)
:icontriforce-treasure: (of himself and his younger sister's OC ) (Completed)
:iconreverbrony: (of himself and :iconobabscribbler:) (Completed)

Dburch01, out ;)

Ghosts 'n' Goblins Donation Stream LIVE

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 22, 2016, 10:44 AM

Ok, streaming one of the most infamous Capcom games right now on Twitch, Ghosts 'n' Goblins.

Feel free to come on over and enjoy my 'suffering' of this legendary hard classic game. Also open for donations to raise up for a second New 3DS for future streams as well as raising some last minute funds for Comic-Con this coming Friday

Twitch channel

Dburch01, out ;)

Nintendo Switch

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 20, 2016, 7:17 AM

....Well then...after all the rumors and speculations, the "NX" has FINALLY come to light, in the form of the Nintendo Switch

I'll be honest, I can actually see the potential in this, kinda looks smaller than the Wii U, though I'm not entirely sure, and it seems to be backward compatible with Wii U games.

I guess that's one thing for me to pre-order pretty soon and can't wait to see where they take the potential of this and I look forward to what the Nintendo Switch has to offer.

Dburch01, out ;)

Sun and Moon demo first impressions

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 18, 2016, 6:39 AM

Right then, managed to download the demo for Pokemon Sun & Moon....and I gotta say, really impressed with how this is layed out.

Trainer wise, apparently he originates from Kanto, but it doesn't really explain WHO he got Greninja from.

Music wise, really well done, kinda sounds a little like Mario Sunshine and possibly a bit of Wind Waker in terms of style, the trainer battle theme sounds a lot better than the one in X & Y  as well the captured pokemon theme and victory theme.

Professor Kukui's island trial is pretty interesting, lending you a Pikachu and later giving you a Z ring when you end up battling the Team Skull admin. The Trial itself, a lot like Pokemon Snap....only difference is, when you take a pic of them, they attack you.

Overall, a fun demo to go through and there is more to do IN the demo over the next couple of days, which I'll look into over the course of those days, when I manage to get myself a second New 3DS, I MAY consider doing a stream of the demo as part of the Pokemon Sun/Moon run.

Until then, Dburch01, out ;)

D-Pad Crew Halloween game line up

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 2, 2016, 12:12 PM

Right, time to give a rough idea for the games I have lined up for this month coming to the D-Pad Crew.

Kicking things off will be, by voted result, Luigi's Mansion for the Gamecube, One game I've never really attempted but it'l be interesting to see how it'll go.

Also, games to add to the following...

Castlevania 1 (NES (Wii U VC port))
Super Castlevania 4 (Super Famicom version)
Castlevania: Bloodlines (Sega Mega Drive OR Kega Fusion)

AND, I do also intend to play these but I'd thought I'd make them Stretch goals.

If we reach £/$5-20, we stream...
Ghostbusters (PS3)
Mario Party 2-4 (horror themed boards)) (GCN)

If we reach £/$25-50, we stream either...
Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (SNES (Wii U VC port))
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (PC Engine (Wiiware port))

Dburch01, out ;)

The D-Pad Crew OFFICIALLY open for buisness

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 27, 2016, 6:36 PM

Hello all, DBurch01 here with a special announcement.

I have officially the Youtube Channel, The D-Pad Crew, open for business! Here you'll find Twitch Stream content that is recorded every Thursday with occasional streams from Tuesdays and Saturday with gameplay and commentary with myself, CastaMelody and Sedrice. 

Link to the channel below…

Also to note, I have also created a Deviantart Fan group for the channel, which you can find below

Dburch01, out ;)