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Last week end, I was at the Kindergarden 2009 demoparty (in Haga - norway). I presented my Atari STe demo "Save The Earth" in the demo competition, reached only the 4th place - one point before an Amiga demo, but behind three very average PC demos -.

Anyway, you can see the demo on here:
(there's a youtube link on the top right, so you don't have to use an emulator to watch it).

Hope you like it, I will probably upload some of the graphics later on deviant art :)
Hopefully in few month I will have more free time, I feel like doing some more pixeling, but well, as usual, need time :)

Now well, i've been working quite a lot, I deserve some lazy time :D
Well, been a long time since I added anything here.
Got some nice photos during holidays, feels like I can share with others :)
It is now three months since I arrived in Norway. And I don't regreat my choice.

Anyway, since I didn't get any break between my previous job in France, and the one in Norway, I decided to took 3 weeks of -unpaid- holidays, because I *really* needed it: Working exhausted is not fun.

First week of holidays was in France, looked like a marathon since I had to see my family in the west, and my friends in the east. At least I was able to use my father's swiming pool :D

Second week was in Norway, and more precisely in the western part of it. I've been in a tour of the Fjords with my girlfriend. I will try to put some more photos after some sorting (a lot of them are crap).
Ok, that's not a really original title for this journal entry, but considering it has been a consequent number of monthes since the last time I wrote something here, it seemed adequate.

So yes, I'm back to Norway, and probably for a very long time.

Since last august a number of things have been changing in my life, including the fact that I quitted my job in France, and got another one in Norway.

So far so good, country is nice, job is very cool, and there are people that are very special to me in this country :-)

I will probably put some more photos on DA if I find time, stay tuned for more.
Well, after having stayed 12 days in Finland last year, I've been three weeks in Norway this year.

To be totaly honnest, Norway is a lot more nice than Finland. Finland is nice, but it's all flat. I like tortured landscapes, and Norway is full or mountains, hills, fjords, rivers, fractal looking coasts, nice forests, ....

During these three weeks, I've been visiting Kristiansund, Tustna, Oslo, and also we've been in Sweden for four days attending a demo party in Linköping.

Probably the best hollidays I got since a very, very, very long time.

And she's so nice, so cute, so well... she's so !
Yeahhh, it has snowed in the alps, and some stations openend the ski lifts !
Direction Valmorel/Val Thorens with some friends, and hiya, let's the snowboard glide in the snow :)

Have to add some photos of the snowy mountains now :)
Ouahh, it's been quite a long time since last time I submited something. I guess it must be related to how slow deviantart is for me... very painful, even slower than when I was using a good old 33.6 modem.

Anyway, I've been to a Halloween party, so I decided to put a photo of how I was dressed, enjoy (or hate) :)
I just gate back from a trip in Finland, finishing by the Assembly Party 2003.

I've quite a lot of photos, so I will probably upload some in the days to come.

Also quite happy to get the 5th place with Yessagician in the OldSkool graphics compo !
I got fed up with the traditional windows desktop, and decided to give a try to alternative shells.

I'm playing with the following:
- geoshell
- samurize
- rainlendar

so far I'm pleased with the result, even if there are still some glitches to iron out.

I will upload a "deviant desktop" as soon, I'll get something I'm happy with !
I just ordered a digital camera, a Canon PowerShot A70. It has been a very long time since I broke my previous camera, and I anxiously wait for that a new one, hope it will be good !
Been commenting a lot other people pictures yesterday.

Wonder how much people will like the picture about the zoomed pixel. Not about the picture itself, but abot the idea behind it... time will say...
I've been digging in my old floppies, and found some new pictures, I posted "night town" because it's almost the only one that is not totaly crappy :)
Well, my picture is finished, so I'm packing my equipment for the party, I should post it next week.

I also think I shall rework my icon, perhaps animate the flame ? But certainly remove the black background... it sucks.
I've been working on a new piece of pixel art all that week end, expecting to present it to the "Error In Line" demo party next week end.

After the party I will post it on DA, hope it will please everybody :)
That's weird.

The very first day I submited artwork I got quite a lot of comments, but now it seems there are only a few.

Strangely enough someone downloaded my "poetry", mouarf, I suppose it was a manipulation mistake.

Well, anyway, I found some other pictures to upload. Let's see if someone will like them ?
It has now been some days since I started interacting on this site, and I have to say I'm quite surprised by how well my submissions have been accepted.

I think it's funny that my old pixel art is more valuable than my recent hicolor graphics, but well, that's life :))

There is really hi quality artwork submited daily, and that really motivate me to make some more stuff.
Well, I registered yesterday, and today I've been digging in my HDD to look what could be cool. And to my own surprise I found an almost complete pack of the graphics I've done on my Atari ST between 1987 and 1992. Been converting them to PNG format, wonder if it would be welcome here...