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Wood texture pack

By dbstrtz
Pack contains 11 jpg files 2300x1725 px

Since lately I became a famous deviant :wow: :#1: (3 (three!) deviants faved my textures, and 2 (two) groups featured it :clap: ) , I have a few simple rules :police: which you have to follow if you want to use my fabulous textures:
:bulletblue: You have to credit me! :worship:
:bulletgreen: You have to credit my husband and son (they don’t have anything to do with it, but you still have to do it)! :worship:
:bulletyellow: You have to put a link to my profile below your deviation! :mwahaha:
:bulletorange: You have to thank me on my profile every day! :mwahaha:
:bulletred: You have to give me 2 (two!) llamas, even though it’s impossible, but keep trying!
:bulletpink: You have to cherish me and pray :pray: for me every day!
(If you are an atheist, you won’t drink black coffee :coffeecup: , eat cakes :cake: or smoke cigarettes :smoking: the day you use my textures!
:bulletpurple: You have to fave :+fav: all my deviations! :gallery:
:bulletblue: Below your deviation I want your written statement :writersblock: that your deviation wouldn’t be possible without my awesome textures!
Also, if you sell some deviation made with my texture, all the money or the points belongs to me! :points:
:bulletgreen: You have to tell all your friends :community: about me, so they can use my textures, and follow my rules too! :mwahaha:
:bulletorange: If you wouldn't follow my rules, I'll know :paranoid: I have connections... :threaten:
:bulletyellow: Note for people without sense of humor or tired of numerous rules - this is a joke, dedicated to deviants whose rules is impossible to follow. :)
:bulletorange: There are no rules. Cheers! :sun:

See also: Glass texture pack [link] and Concrete texture pack [link]
© 2011 - 2021 dbstrtz
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Thanks for sharing!
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Love your rules. Thank you for sharing. :)
gladians14's avatar
I love your rules, thanks~
MariaLoikkii's avatar
I really love your rules, thank for putting them up!!! Heart +fav +fav +fav Love Love Love Love 
dbstrtz's avatar
Thank you! :rofl:
And thanks for the watch. :tighthug:
J-Dawson's avatar
Thanks, I love all of your rules and will strive to follow every one.
dbstrtz's avatar
That's spirit! :D
Mylene-C's avatar
Thanks for this beautiful stock Love Clap 
Used here…
dbstrtz's avatar
Thank You !!! =)
dbstrtz's avatar
You're welcome!
And welcome to dA! :hug:
dbstrtz's avatar
Aikaibyou's avatar
.But but....I cant live without cakes...I'd die T__T
dbstrtz's avatar
I don't care! Don't you dare to use my textures! :evillaugh::threaten:
Aikaibyou's avatar
Mou! Fine..I will paint my own textures :3
Kukukuku! xD
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i am glad that i somehow came across deviant. keep us guys with the wonderful stuffs.
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Very cute...made me laugh...the rules, that is.
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Great rules!!! I liked the Llama thing... thanks for the textures
dbstrtz's avatar
I still wait for you to follow my rules :threaten:
It's written bellow, I have my connections and I know everythyng... :paranoid:
(just kidding :tighthug:
I'm glad you like my rules and my textures)
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Hi, I have featured your texture on our website, hope you don't mind it, we have also mentioned your name and link of this deviation. [link]
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