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B-Day Art Trade: Thingy the hedgehog by DBSKSUJU101 B-Day Art Trade: Thingy the hedgehog :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 17 4 AT: Cory the Wolf by DBSKSUJU101 AT: Cory the Wolf :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 9 2 AT: Ruby The Macaw by DBSKSUJU101 AT: Ruby The Macaw :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 18 3 Strike the Parrot (Human Form) by DBSKSUJU101 Strike the Parrot (Human Form) :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 18 3 Good to see you guys haven't changed. by DBSKSUJU101 Good to see you guys haven't changed. :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 15 2 Free! Reference Sheet: Kotomi Momozono by DBSKSUJU101 Free! Reference Sheet: Kotomi Momozono :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 14 3 Ryuko's Civilian Outfit by DBSKSUJU101 Ryuko's Civilian Outfit :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 15 0 Warrior Princess Moriyama by DBSKSUJU101 Warrior Princess Moriyama :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 15 3 Ryuko in Boku no Hero Academia Ending 2 ver. 2 by DBSKSUJU101 Ryuko in Boku no Hero Academia Ending 2 ver. 2 :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 9 0 Ryuko in Boku no Hero Academia Ending 2 ver. 2 by DBSKSUJU101 Ryuko in Boku no Hero Academia Ending 2 ver. 2 :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 8 0 Ryuko in Boku no Hero Academia Ending 2 ver. 1 by DBSKSUJU101 Ryuko in Boku no Hero Academia Ending 2 ver. 1 :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 13 0 Ryuko in Boku no Hero Academia Ending 2 ver. 1 by DBSKSUJU101 Ryuko in Boku no Hero Academia Ending 2 ver. 1 :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 9 0 Geez, what's wrong with Bakugo now. by DBSKSUJU101 Geez, what's wrong with Bakugo now. :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 9 3 Ryuko's School Internship by DBSKSUJU101 Ryuko's School Internship :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 8 0 Ryuko Moriyama - Quirk: Gunslinger by DBSKSUJU101 Ryuko Moriyama - Quirk: Gunslinger :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 8 0 Choosing Hero Code Names by DBSKSUJU101 Choosing Hero Code Names :icondbsksuju101:DBSKSUJU101 11 3


Out of the Shadows, Chapter 10

Chapter 9: Meet Casey Jones
In the dojo, Raph and Mikey were sparing as the rest of their family, including Kagome and Kasumi, were watching from the side. Mikey landed a solid kick to Raph's gut, knocking him flat on his shell.
"Nice fall, Raph." Mikey said smugly, cracking his knuckles.
"Lucky shot," Raph retorted, vaulting to his feet. "You ain't gonna land another!"
With that, he charged at Mikey in a rage, throwing punches and kicks, only for the orange turtle to casually dodge every blow.
"Not bad," Mikey complimented, smirking. "But you're just a little too... SLOW!"
He punctuated his statement by punching Raph in the gut. Raph doubled over, grunting in pain as he began to lose his cool.
"That's it!" he screamed, charging at Mikey to try and tackle him. "You think you're better than me, you freaking clown?!"
Mikey casually vaulted over the charging Raph.
"I know I am." he corrected, pulling down his right eyelid and sticking o
:iconnintendoman01:Nintendoman01 1 0
My Hero Academia by edwinhuang My Hero Academia :iconedwinhuang:edwinhuang 1,515 52 AT: Knuckles and Roll by FinikArt AT: Knuckles and Roll :iconfinikart:FinikArt 188 24 Thingy by FinikArt Thingy :iconfinikart:FinikArt 341 63
B-day Trades!
Birthday Art Trades are open!
[Tem Emote] Smol Tem Hoi![Tem Emote] Smol Tem 
I finally passed all the exams and graduated from the university. Thanks everyone who supported me, btw. I really needed that, guys. Hug y'all! <3 I'm free now and i'm so ready to draw stuff! 
So let's start!
Shuddering Letter: R Shuddering Letter: U Shuddering Letter: K Shuddering Letter: E Shuddering Letter: S 
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U!   If you want to try your luck and do an art trade with me, leave a comment below the journal
with any cake emoticon. Like this one for example:
Arrow left Matcha Cake Type 14 2DK with candles 50x50 icon &
:iconfinikart:FinikArt 23 121
Request guidelines
Due to the recent requests i've been getting, I'd like to take this moment to put this up.
-OC /OC couples-
If your request is for a couple that is an OC, please allow me to feel through the emotions or personality of the characters. I WILL NOT draw them if you only give me one picture of only a portion of the character and/or no information. Knowing how the characters interact with each other will make it easier on me to get the expressions right and i will deliver more quickly. Seeing them or getting a discription of what they where fro head to toe will not limited the poses i can draw for you :3. Tell me more about them then "oh, that one is on top and the other one is on the bottom," or "she's a vampire queen princess that wants to get away from the evil king but he touches her boobs and stuff and she hates him and he killed her family but she is in love and pregnant the first time they do it-" etc. Tell me characteristics, NOT A BAD FAN FICTION. I want to get to know them
:icongleamingwolfdragon:gleamingwolfdragon 3 10
Out of the Shadows, Chapter 8

Chapter 7: Alien Agenda
April sat on the couch in shock, hugging herself tightly. Kagome sat next to her, gently patting her back in an attempt to comfort her distraught friend.
"Dad..." April let out. "I can't believe it..."
"We'll find your dad." Kagome assured her. "I promise."
The Turtles and Hisako were busy looking around the shop, trying to find any sign as to who made off with Mr. O'Neil. While they were searching, Mikey found the store's comic book collection. His face lit up as he began rummaging through them.
"Oh, wow!" he said excitedly, picking one up. "Vintage comics!"
Raph snatched it out of his hands and whacked him over the head with it.
"Focus, Mikey." the red-banded turtle snapped.
"Donnie," Leo called out, turning to where Donnie was skimming the security set-up, "Tell me you got something off that security camera."
Donnie typed away on the computer for a minute, his tongue sticking out of his mouth as he looked.
:iconnintendoman01:Nintendoman01 1 0
Out of the Shadows, Chapter 7

Chapter 6: Mutation Day Surprises
A few days after Hisako's graduation, Kasumi and Kagome went down to the lair, both carrying a large cake.
"Happy Mutation Day!" Kasumi declared happily, going to the table with the cake.
Hisako clapped happily as the Turtles and Splinter gathered around the table.
"Happy Mutation Day, guys." she said, smiling.
"We brought your favorite cake." said Kagome.
"Sweeeet!" Mikey said excitedly.
He reached for the cake, but Splinter slapped his hand aside.
"Not until after we eat dinner, Michelangelo." he said firmly.
Kagome smiled.
"Don't worry, guys." she assured them. "We got that covered, too."
She reached into a large bag near her side, and pulled out a large stack of pizzas from Antonio's Pizza-Rama. The Turtles and Hisako all gaped at the pizzas, mouths watering in anticipation.
"Kagome," Raph said, "you are awesome."
"I know," Kagome said, smiling. "Now, shall we?"
Everyone dug into the pizzas with
:iconnintendoman01:Nintendoman01 1 0
Art Trade- by Yumiichu Art Trade- :iconyumiichu:Yumiichu 60 32
Out of the Shadows, Chapter 2

Chapter 1: Things Change
The next week passed by slowly. Yoshi and Kasumi arranged for proper burials for Kohaku and Shen, with both of their remains being cremated and sent back to them. Yoshi stayed with Kasumi for the time being, having nowhere else he could go.
In the intervening time, Kohaku's estate was willed to Kasumi, leaving her a relatively wealthy woman. Eventually, over breakfast, Kasumi reached a decision.
"Yoshi." she began, setting down her chopsticks. "I've been thinking about this for a while. I think we should leave Japan."
Yoshi just looked at her, and Kasumi cringed at the look of despair in her friend's eyes.
"Leave Japan?" he asked, unable to keep the sorrow from his voice. "Kasumi... why?"
"Saki is still out there." Kasumi replied rationally. "If he finds out you're still alive, he'll come back to finish the job. Besides, there's nothing left for either of us here."
Yoshi nodded slowly, seeing Kasumi's point.
:iconnintendoman01:Nintendoman01 1 4
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

I own nothing related to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, and make no profit from this story. I'm just writing it to kill time and have fun. The characters of Kagome and Kasumi Lee, however, are the property of DBSKSUJU101 on Deviantart, used with her permission. All rights reserved.
Author's Note:
Well, here we are. I must say, I'm a huge Ninja Turtles fan, and this idea came to me recently. Just FYI, this series uses quite a bit from every TMNT medium (the original Mirage comics, the 1987, 2003, and 2012 shows, the new IDW comics, and the movies, to name a few), with some of my own original flavor thrown in for good measure.
Constructive criticism is appreciated, but NO FLAMES. If you don't like it, don't read it. It's that simple.
Okay, here we go.
Prologue: Fall of the Hamato Clan
The dawn sunlight spilled in a soft line from a crack in the curtain
:iconnintendoman01:Nintendoman01 3 4
First I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH For 1000 WATCHERS AND 15.000 PAGEWIEVS <3333<333333
  excited happy 
I'm going to the point
This contest will be depend on redesign Maik:

or older vers. of reference If you want

I just want to see him one new version, you know.
More in reference.

What I'm looking for:
- The balance of colours. It's very important.
- Showing his personality. (He is intelligent, but shy. And he is sometimes sarcastic, but that's good xd)
- Black or white colors (but not at all.please.). I prefer darker colors than brighter..
- *Change the hair style or muzzle.
- Design shouldn't be too difficult. I like simple look.
- I'd love if he design will be not too elegenat or too poor.
- He is an otter forever!
-I don't accept
:iconquiickyfoxy:QuiickyFoxy 42 106
who's open for some art trades? (closed)

i rly wanna see how others draw her xd. just note i wont accept everybody's requests so pls dont be offended
if you wanna see the progress and who is waiting then go to my profile, in my to do list
:iconpandi-art:Pandi-Art 7 130
Now, it is time for an animation raffle!
If you're confused; basically what this is is a chance to win a FREE COLORED, DETAILED AND FINISHED ANIMATION! of your character(s) from me : D
Don't worry if you want to participate, I made this super easy to do and get a simple way to get something free from me!
I hope to be able to do these once a month or at least once every 3 months so I can be more active!
I will also make this raffle be about some people I believe deserve more watchers!
I would love to help people get more attention!
I will be using a randomizer to see who will be the winner, so every one should have a chance of winning!
But first I'll have to inform you guys about some disclaimers!
SONIC ONLY! ( sorry, this is the style i'm most comfortable in doing as of right now! I'll considering animation with more styles at a later date probably )NO COMPLICATED DESIGNS/ACCESSORIES NO NSFW/
:iconplanetfreedom:PlanetFreedom 35 158
Contest time! (EXTENDED) 6th May
01.04.18: I have extended the deadline to the 6th of May, this will be the last extension!
29.3.18: The last 2 days remaining! If you feel you can't get your entries in I can make one extension to the deadline :)
I've been wanting to host another contest for a very long time, featuring my babu Adriana!
Things you should know about entering:
Pixel Rose Bullet - Lavender You don't need to ask to join, just tell me your in.
Pixel Rose Bullet - Lavender You must make a journal or status advertising this contest. At minimum in your entries description.
Pixel Rose Bullet - Lavender You cannot draw both of them as Nitiana is a fusion between Nitro and Adriana and so your drawing wouldn't make sense.
Pixel Rose Bullet - Lavender You may draw your character interacting with her, however they shouldn't overshadow her. 
Pixel Rose Bullet - Lavender
:iconkeyarahedgehog09:KeyaraHedgehog09 43 40
100pts monthly giveaway! (closed)


 hallow / thank you 
And now for April 2018 Giveaway!
Heart revamp Heart revamp Heart revamp Heart revamp Heart revamp Heart revamp Heart revamp Heart revamp     
:iconemocx:emocx 133 81


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Hello you guys~I'm Lakaya and welcome to my DA page and I blow the birthday candles on December 2.

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Your traditional coloring is very good! Keep up the great work!

Also, it's nice to see another TMNT/Sonic/Transformers Prime fan! What are your thoughts on the upcoming TMNT series?
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Thank you ^ ^  and for the upcoming TMNT series we'll have to wait and see when we watch it.
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How are you?
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Hello ^ ^ It's a pleasure to meet you too. Thank you and I'm doing good.
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You're welcome. :)

And that's nice to know. I really like to meet other artists here in DA and get to know them and their different art style. I like your anime drawings. :)
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Aw, thank you.
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