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Epresvanilia Vault Dweller WiP 5

The lovely and talented epresvanilia regularly posts beautifully stylized and elegant artwork of various video-game characters, and sometimes even pictures of herself. She was kind enough to let me draw her as a Vault Dweller from Fallout 4, complete with PipBoy 3000 Mk IV and 10mm pistol (with long ported barrel).

Work in Progress, of course, but the basic lines are done and flat colors come next. I think I'm going to end up with a painterly style on this one, so I'm trying to avoid ultra-precise lines.

...Yes, it seems a painterly style is working... so far. It takes time, but it's looking pretty good... I think. What do you think?

...and now her hand, PipBoy, and hair have shading... not quite done yet, but getting there!

...and now her suit is shaded... and the search for a proper background begins!
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This image is really cute. Great artwork! :D

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She looks like she's got a lot of personality!
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She does! She's a smart young lady, and in training to be a dentist of the highest calibre. She's also an excellent artist, specializing in color pencil portraits. 
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you're shading is amazing and the foreshortening in the left hand is so accurate. how do make it look so photorealistic, especially when this is only a wip?? i love it
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Thanks! I cheated like an old master... with lots of references. :D I used a photo It seems this bouquet is mine now of epresvanilia to reference her face and upper body. The really 'fun' part was the VaultSuit, body, and equipment that aren't in the photo!

...some of which I got 3D models for (it's from a game) and used them as reference as well.
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Good artwork !
And i lke the glasses...
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Thanks! The glasses are super cool, because epresvanilia has excellent taste in eyewear! :nod:
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i like how the glasses' frames are shaded. dunno why i'm gravitating to those specifically, but they look super good :D 
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Thanks! Her glasses are the most detailed part of the image, so that may be the reason :nod:
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awesome job dude, i like the uniform... it also fits the hair :D
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Thanks! I had plenty of reference for this one, so that made 'getting it right' simply a matter of doing it :D
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well knowing how to do something makes it easier, but having learned how to do something is still an accomplishment :)
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True... it took many years to learn how to do it right!
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exactly, that was the hard part, just because it is easy now for you, doesnt mean its an easy task :)
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That's true... it took quite a lot of time and practice to get this 'good'. :)
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yeah, i hate when people talk about "talent" ... like we get it for free being born and able to paint, dismissing the thousands of hours we put into it
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I dunno... I always thought I just didn't have "talent", so that was why I had to spent thousands of hours practicing! ;p
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Of course, speaking of trIumphs, you can't beat Otto Dix and THE TRIUMPH OF DEATH…
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A masterpiece! And very nicely allegorical :D
jssabotta's avatar my little kitty Mieka is in that picture too. Sigh.
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:( That's so sad! But I'm hoping you gave Mieka a good life first!
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