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EmberJoy - Chapter 1
Ember focused on calming his thoughts as the universe tore apart. He couldn't control what was happening all around him, but at least he could let Joy sleep through it. Only the reflexive twitching of his glossy black claws above the controls betrayed his nerves as the cockpit displays flickered in and out of reality. There wasn’t anything he could do about the situation his little ship was in, and it gnawed at him. A combat pilot had to be alert and in control at all times, but right now he was bored, scared, and just trying to stay awake after days in the cramped cockpit. The renovated tugboat he piloted wasn't meant for long duration flight, and had little in the way of amenities. A few packs of nutri-slop tucked into the seat-back for food and a dozen Mi'im for company... along with Joy, of course, but she was less pleasant when she was tired and stressed. Somewhere far ahead of them the destroyer Makes Waste was speeding out of the system at her top acceleratio
:icondbrentogara:DBrentOGara 5 11
Gift From Liberika (Ambercoast Military Scrap) by DBrentOGara Gift From Liberika (Ambercoast Military Scrap) :icondbrentogara:DBrentOGara 11 22 The world of Jauna Zeme by DBrentOGara The world of Jauna Zeme :icondbrentogara:DBrentOGara 5 35


The Norns Casting Call, Part 1
Alessandra – Hannah Kleit (American model)
Amber Tyler – Lisa Kelly (of Ice Road Truckers)
Benjamin Gleason – Aaron Eckhart (as Sergeant Nantz, in Battle: Los Angeles)
Bethany and Clara Harper – Gemma Arterton
Brigitte Olafsdottír – Halle Berry (as Storm, in X-Men – The Last Stand)
Gregor Ustinov – Johnny Knoxville (of Jackass)
Ingrid – Ingrid Oliver (as Osgood, in Doctor Who)
Kathleen – Jessica Chastain
Michael Holznecht – Michael Fassbender
Monique – Marion Cotillard
Silver – Sasha Luss (Russian model)
Yesukai – Yulia Saparniiyazova (Russian model)
More will follow, as soon as inspiration strikes! Some choices are, indeed, older than their fictional counterparts but we feel that they are the right fit for the characters as they have developed over the course of the stories…
:iconnuclear-fridge:Nuclear-Fridge 5 5
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The Mage Fair: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Carefully poking her nose above the windowsill, Bigby gave a good sniff. It had been a little challenging to sort out all the different smells, but someone was definitely cooking lamb kebabs. The kind that’d been marinated for a long time and had all those tasty herbs and spices on them. Yum.
    With her claws extended, she clung to the brickwork with all four paws and lifted her head just high enough to get a view of the kitchen. Two hearths, several work tables, a pair of sinks, assorted utensils, endless pots and pans, and all sorts of food everywhere in various stages of preparation. Where was the head chef? There he was: mixing something in a bowl. One assistant over by the sinks, another at the bread oven, and a kitchen maid peeling potatoes. Everyone had their backs to the window, so Bigby climbed onto the sill with all the stealth she could manage. She sniffed again, her nose helping her sharp eyes: there. The long table where the staff
:icondrofdemonology:DrOfDemonology 10 18
Knight in Day by AssasinMonkey Knight in Day :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 2,159 51 Color Sketch - Victoria Zoe. by Kiborg-Graph Color Sketch - Victoria Zoe. :iconkiborg-graph:Kiborg-Graph 20 23 Flying Frankenstein by Jimbowyrick1 Flying Frankenstein :iconjimbowyrick1:Jimbowyrick1 49 25 GLaDOS by Just-TenTh GLaDOS :iconjust-tenth:Just-TenTh 106 1
Amphy asks Shabazik a few questions

"Why hello there Shabazik!"  Amphy says "Funny we should meet up like this, purely coincidental, as they say,all alone on a dark night like this, because there's one or two little questions I thought I'd ask you, just idle curiosity of course"
Amphy drapes one arm around your shoulder "Who's this "Maylara' you mention on your Deviant Art site? Wouldn't happen to be one of Bog's old girlfriends, would she? Not that I care. Not that I'm jealous or anything! No, no, I's just like to know so that if me and her ever meet up I can be her. I always tries to be friendly and agreeable, you know that, Shabazik!"
"Oh, she wasn't any ex-girlfriend of Bog's? Lived a while back you say? Well, that's good. Good for her that is. Glad to hear it! But you know, Shabazik, I got a few more questions about other damned bitches...I mean, other nice girls in the Khar-bad area that u
:iconjssabotta:jssabotta 4 3
No Laughing Matter by Colourbrand No Laughing Matter :iconcolourbrand:Colourbrand 235 115


Really nice work, love that high-resolution render, beautiful pose, very good look overall. The Studio lighting is fine, the side-on po...




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Gonna try this 'art' thing again, maybe this time even do something with it. :shrug:
I don't even know anymore... why do any of you watch a gallery that does nothing? :no: 

Anyway, expect even more nothing as my life falls apart around me and I scramble to catch the falling pieces. :O

I don't expect to be any less busy anytime soon, but I will check the page from time to time, and answer what I can when I can. Also, I'm totally playing favorites, :icondaemoria: & :iconremnantcomic: & Co. get all my attention.  
  ...if I was falling out of the sky on fire being eaten by a shark I'd still watch :iconshabazik:
  ...and :iconkiborg-graph:... Icon - Potato 
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Skin Specular Nodes Cycles
I was discussing the difficulty of getting 'realistic' amounts of shine on human skin with the excellent madzeal. He was kind enough to share his own Cycles Node setup for human skin with me, and asked if I had any suggestions. 

This is my response. 

I am posting this publicly in the hope that it will be helpful to those who need a simple, solid, skin setup with conservative and reasonable values that produce good results in many lighting situations without a lot of fancy node work.

This is meant to be a simple 3-map 1-shader skin setup. While there are many more complex skin shader setups that could be used, and which may produce superior results in various lighting situations, this one is about as simple as it gets without sacrificing quality or control. It's also rather forgiving of the old 'baked in' color and specular maps used by non-pathtracing render engines in the recent past.
Blue Zenith Interior Test
After redesigning the windows to actually be windows instead of ceiling-height decorations, I started work on some interior spaces. 

Changing the window size changed the scale of the ship a lot, so now it's like a tenth of the size I thought it was, which is probably more realistic for an early-war ship. At this point it's the size of a very large aircraft carrier, which works well, I think. 

Most of the 'interior' sets I have planned are entirely inside the ship, but a few like this observation deck are, by their nature, built into the actual hull with views to the outside. This is not the same model as the exterior view use, this model is 60 times larger to accommodate the Daz Studio figures I'm using (which themselves are at 1% scale!). 

As you can see, there are holes in the walls, and creatures that can't survive in the vicissitudes of deep space are probably not going to be visiting this particular room. On the other hand, the views of the nebula are quite nice, if you can ignore the destruction all around you. The Salamander/AI fragments come here to be alone with their chaotic, conflicting thoughts.

Check out a 10-second clip of an exterior flyby of the the Blue Zenith  Blue Zenith FlyBy by DBrentOGara
Light-Blue Zenith Damaged
Despite the destruction of the Milky Way Galaxy Component Galaxy 01, humanity survived and thrived, first on the vast FTL-drive asteroid ships of the Exodus Fleet, and later in the many colonies founded in the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. Once reduced to a few tens of thousands of individuals, the scattered survivors of humanity got busy (including cloning and genetic engineering) and the human population exploded at a geometric rate. As the colonies spread far and wide and re-discovered each other, tensions arose... mostly over who was in charge.

A millennia and a half of brutal space-warfare followed.

Even in the midst of the greatest space-war in human history, the population continued to surge far beyond any conceivable it's a pun! limits. As the forces of Elgin Mossburg's PsiComp Authority gained the upper hand, they used the vast numbers of ships and combatants available to form the Exna Fleets, fourteen thirteen massive trans-galactic fleets, each tasked with a specific purpose. The rampant breeding and experimentation by the human colonies coupled with the millennia of vicious combat during the Age of Darkness led to a great many less-than-perfectly-socialized individuals in the colonies and military forces being incorporated into the PsiComp Authority. Pretty much every individual who failed a standard psychological examination (or just annoyed the wrong person... or was a relative of someone who annoyed the wrong person) found themselves disappeared and 'press-ganged' into the Exna Fleets... especially Exna Fleet Purity, whose only purpose was the extermination of any and all non-human intelligent life with the most extreme prejudiced imaginable.

For many hundreds of years Exna Fleet Purity battled for the survival, and later dominance, of humanity over all other lifeforms. During the long centuries of the Universal Zenocide ensuring human safety and security, almost a quadrillion humans served aboard trillions of ships built to hundreds of thousands of specifications, each of them upgraded and improved as time and experience allowed. 

The Light-Blue Zenith (水色中天) [Water-Colored Mid-Heaven] was an early design for a Mirror-transit capable Battle Carrier, which saw many iterations over the centuries, culminating in the impossibly sexy Red Horizon Battle Carrier. While the 'Zenith was an ancient beast by the end of the Xeno-war, it had survived more combat than most ships ever saw. Some said it was due to an ingrained streak of cowardice on the part of the ship's AI... but the ShipLord and crew of the old girl insisted she was simply being properly cautious. After all, it's not paranoia if every new ship you meet is trying to kill you. 

The 'Zenith's cautious nature paid off when the Xeno-war ended... and PsiComp promptly began liquidating the Exna Fleets ensuring social harmony.

Shortly before PsiComp Authority caught up with the 'Zenith, they received fragmentary transmissions from an Exna Fleet Inferno battle-group being liquidated, which put everyone, especially the AI, on edge. At that time the 'Zenith was also carrying a murderous psychopath brilliant but misunderstood BioMancer kicked out by on detached service from Exna Fleet Dominion, who was birthing eldritch abominations providing the 'Zenith with advanced biological combat systems. In her spare time the BioMancer built semi-sapient sex toys research assistants for her own very private use. Being a lady of considerable intellect and insatiable appetite, she ensured her toys assistants had a great deal of processing and memory capacity, as well as extremely resilient physical construction.

When the PsiComp Authority liquidation socialization fleet transited in to the 'Zenith's location, the ship was already preparing for a long-distance Mirror transit of its own. A wolf-pack of Authority missile frigates made an attack-run on the 'Zenith, losing one of their members to the 'Zenith's anti-ship point defenses, which turned out to be a mistake on the 'Zenith's part as the exploding frigate caused more damage than the missiles had. 

Seeing that the ancient ship could still bite, the Heavy Cruiser acting as flagship of the Authority fleet attacked the 'Zenith with highly-advanced Mirror-based beam weapons (completely unknown to the 'Zenith and her crew) just as she transited out

The 'Zenith, leaving real-space for the orange-litten chaos of the Mirror, took both blasts full on, her own Mirror transit scrambled and randomized by the terrible energies gnawing at her guts. The entire crew of the 'Zenith joined the Mirror in a gory cascade of melting flesh and tearing minds, souls consumed by the seething, swirling hell shining brightly inside and out.

As the ShipLord succumbed to the Mirror's awe-full touch, she called out one last, despairing command to the AI: "Save the crew!"

The 'Zenith's AI, half-destroyed and badly scrambled by the attack, recorded this final directive as Priority One as it desperately downloaded all the fragments of itself that it could recover into the only memory system on board that was not burned to a cinder or melting into orange-red goo... the mostly-empty mind of the prehensile triple-ended penetrator research assistant currently being built in the BioMancer's lair laboratory

An immeasurable unknown interval later, the Light-Blue Zenith transited out of the Mirror into real-space, her hull shattered and blasted, her crew gone (except for bubbling puddles of scorched fat and miscellaneous carbon compounds), her AI broken into tiny fragments, and one very confused pink-and-beige giant salamander ...OK, he's a sex toy... filled with jagged fragments of AI programming and scrambled databases and one hell of a headache pounding an endless, screaming refrain: Save the crew!

It's really too bad that the little guy has no idea who the crew even were in the first place

UPDATE: I was starting on modeling some interior parts and realized my windows were way too small and would result in a strange strip of tiny windows right at ceiling height... so I went back and made 'em bigger, which is a pain 'cause they're not just textures, it's part of the model's mesh. I did get a chance to optimize a few things, so that's nice.

Check out a 10-second clip of an exterior flyby of the Blue Zenith  Blue Zenith FlyBy by DBrentOGara
Damage Test 003
Double huge edition. 15 hours of rendering later, I'm not entirely certain it needs such resolution (Download for fifty megapixels 49,766,400 pixels), but here it is

I used JSPlacement to generate 3 textures, and applied them as seemed good to me. :nod: 

I'm considering how to add some 'regular damage' (missiles, not Mirror-beams), and if I'm crazy enough maybe some 'damage detail', but this is pretty much how it's gonna look. 

   ...pretty much. :P
Damage Test 002
Now with 60% more damage (but 40% fewer lights). 

Hooked some Fractal Noise nodes into the Volume Scatter for the nebula, and scooped big chunks out of the ship where the beams entered and exited.

Gotta start working on smaller details now, give her a sense of scale... maybe some windows.


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Hey I've got another Nlian city up!
I've spent so much time designing C'tek it feels good to deal with a 'regular'
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I've been sick as a dog for over a week.
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I was pumping him full of Tylenol Cold and Deslym but it wasn't helping

He finally went to the ER last Sunday and they told him he had a lung infection
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because whenever I lay down I'd have to get up to cough/sit up. To make matters worse my right eye started watering and when I went to the ER they said I had Pink Eye. :( (Sad)

I've gotten a bunch of new meds and antibiotics and hopefully should start improving.
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Oh man! I had an OK weekend... but it sounds like your was painful :( I do hope you get well soon! 
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Me too! Getting sick is no fun.
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