Minicomic contest No 2!!! Results!

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Hello everyone. Salagir there.
For starters, I'm very sorry about my slow answer time. As you can imagine, I don't have much free time these days...

All my congratulations and my big thanks to all the contestants !! 24 entries ! It's amazing !
Thank you all for these fun reading and for making me so proud that DBM exists.

I've noted the creations separately on drawing and scenario/realization. It's from 0 to 5. It lacks details on purpose, because it's my opinion and point of view, and can't be accurately scored. I have personal preferences on styles and on scenarios, that's for sure. So the scores are of course unfair.
The second and only other judge is Foenidis, scoring on her own point of view too.
The comments are mine, sometime containing part of Foenidis thoughts.

A quite big number of contestants will be published on DBM and will be put as official update on the site, being seen by about 50,000 readers worldwide. How many, which ones? Depends on many things, so I can't tell now. When? In a damn long time, that's for sure.

Here are the results !!!

#1 Jak Ich'an & Re-Van…
Loved it and loled it ! This crazy Salagir suits me :) We can see also all the good things in the details, like the cosplayers. Just all good.

#2 BungaCadabra23 & Y.O.U.R.…
The idea is so simple, and yet the story is great. All the weak characters, including Yamcha le looser, "Farmer with shotgun" and Mr Satan... Details like Kaioh for the narration... Giant Nappa mustache (although already seen on the internet). Perfect writing and drawing.

#3 ACPuig…
Simple and fun. Perfect parody of a DBM scene, and perfect drawing.

#4 BK-81 - Princess Vegeta…
Good old nightmare... Simple but well realized.

#5 morinohiguma…
Great story and art, although we see the ending coming, it's a pure joy of fun and beauty.

#6 Homola Gabor & Y.O.U.R.…
Our worst nightmare happened... or our biggest dream? Y.O.U.R. got a cartoonist... And not just anyone. Homala Gabor made lots in DBM already. I actually loled at all Broly's lines. The writing and realization are both great. Maximum score isn't there because Judge #2 didn't like the humor at all. It takes all kinds... ^^

#7 BK-81 - Crazy Monkey…
Vegeta babysitting mad Kakarotto is actually quite DBM-cannon accurate ! :) Fun to follow, but a little heavy and long. And isn't that Broly's line, in fact?

#8 Menkyon - Yamcha & #18…
It's an original and fresh story. Incredible drawing but bad english makes it difficult to follow.

#9 pgv…
Actually, I wanted to do a scene like this in the story. I wanted to talk about the power Toei and Bandai have on Toriyama, how they do things he can't control, but it was going to be only trolling, so I gave up. Good writing, more difficulties on the realization.

#10 Menkyon - Fusion…
The story is "a classic" and the bad english didn't help. But the realization is real good, I liked the plan to steal the potalas and the drawing is great.

#11 I-Am-So-Original…
Long and real nice storyline. Using Zelda is my weak point for more score :) The ideas are good. But the realization is really not. The pictures are done too fast and could be better, and the panels are totally random, making this comic a non-comic.

#12 Acelious…
Sadly, the drawing don't do honor to the ladies. But the ending is surprising :)

#13 ledocteur34… (FR)
Nice to use universe 19. But some difficulties on the realization.

#14 goten-kun… (FR)
Now Goten-ken, I just know you draw better than this :) The idea is almost the most used in all DBM parodies, but you use it quite well. For me, the best gags are in page 3 (Goten and Pan lines)... it's a little slow. Any fan for doing the translation into English ?

#15 Vegeta-SSJ3…
At first, I didn't understand... what is making this shadow? The monster parody is nice.

#16 crazythirteen…
Superb copy paste, the most meticulous I've seen so far ! The edits are perfect and the page layout too. I love this comic which gives us a full story, with the handicap of using only pre-done content. But because it's not original drawing, I can't let you win.

#17 drac0hun / Sarkany Andi…
Quite a simple gag. But nice realization.

#18 GanHOPE326…
The ideas are real good, and Pilaf with hypnotized everyone is great. Too bad the drawing is amateur, but it's good enough :)

#19 Menkyon - Mr. Gotan…
I think much was lost in translation. Sadly, the story isn't really original.

#20 kibasennin…
Good idea ! But quite bad realization.

#21 Trajano-chan…
I don't understand : it's not a parody.. last panel actually happened in DBM! (p579, panel 4)

#22 dracoh22… (ES)
It would have been nice from a commenter to post a translation. The idea is actually cool (Dr Slump beloved aliens finely found the spaceship they wanted and stole vargas's one) ^^.

#23 elfianmetal…
I finally understood the gag but sadly, it misses a lot in clarity. If you took more time on it, it could have been a very good comic, I'm sure (and I saw in your D.A. page that you can do much better).

#24 Kaiju-Borru-Zetto
Your fanart is fun, but what actually links the avengers to DB?

Details on the scores we gave :…
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I think this is the best minicomic competition there ever was, in DBM history. :headbang:
The-Stormbringer's avatar
These were really quite good! Some people need improvement but hey, who doesn't? All in all, a fun contest.
goten-kun's avatar
Congratulations to Jak Ich'Han and Re-Van for this minicomic, They diserve to be number One !
javiergl's avatar
Estarían en español¿?
KakashiHatake254's avatar
what ?
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
javiergl's avatar
This minicomic in spanish
pgv's avatar
thank you :)
Trajano-chan's avatar
In mine, Vegeta tells Trunks he wanted was equal to Pan. This does not occur in the DBM.
Alright, thanks to participation, and congratulations to the winners.
PinkWoods's avatar
lol, I loved reading all of the entries!!! :D
BK-81's avatar
I was expecting something like this...! Well, Top 5 isn't bad (Just behind that one by ACPuig...! That was also great)
kibasennin's avatar
Ah... only number 20... phew... I was expecting worse...
AceliousArts's avatar
LOL the drawing don't honor the ladies!? XDD
DonoArtz's avatar
Good job everyone :D
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