Minicomic contest No 2!!! Contest's over!!!

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Hey everybody :dance:

:new: contest!!!

The contest is the same as the last one ;D
It consists in making a minicomic about anything that you want (obviously related to DBM)!Try to make only 1 page ok? Be creative, orignal, funny and easy to understand. You can submit as many entries as you want ;)

The prize it's the same as the last contest! :w00t: The winner(s) will have his minicomic displayed in the minicomic section :la:

The Jury will be the one and only SALAGIR!!! He will decide!!! And as you already noticed, he probably will choose more than one winner depending on the quality of the entries that you shall show him ;) Don't let him down ok? :boogie:

October, 20!!! Go go go!!!

:bulletblue:Submit your entry:
Submit you entries to the folder… (Minicomic Contest No2). If there's any problem with the submission note me and i will take care of it :D

This is very important: only members of the group can enter the contest, so if you want to join the contest and you're not a member you have to join the group before submiting your entry!

:bulletblue:Important RULE:



:bulletred:Important NOTE: Salagir asked if you could only make one page... if you can't, 3 max!!! ;) thanks for understanding ;D
Salagir words: "I could accept 3 (BIG MAX) but one is the best. It can be a long page, mind you."


:bulletblue: You must do a high-resolution image, a version with no text in the balloons
for translation and the original text separated. ;)


:bulletred: The deadline is tomorrow!!! You have till 15:00 to send your comic! Don't be late!


:bulletblue: Contest is over guys! Salagir will choose the winner(s)! Be patient ;)

And thanks to everyone who entered the contest ;D Good luck !
Thats all :dance:
;) bye
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is it still available or am i ultra late?