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first two wolf sketches

My first two wolf sketches the first one(bottom) was done while watching a how to draw a wolf tutorial on youtube by bloodyanarchywolf. The second one(the top) was done on my own later.

I had some trouble with the paws and eyes and certain parts of their backs.

It'd be much appreciated if you could leave some suggestions to help me improve. Thanks in advanced.
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aww really cute keep it up
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there both nice dude hey for some advice try and make them a little bit bigger fat wise they're a little skinny but they're really good :) :D
I'll try dat thanks
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welcome anytime ^^
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Thanks for visiting my page and very nice wolf drawing, I really like the tail lol
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I actually like the legs on the second one more. The second sketch has a nice animated art look. I'd suggest using basic shapes to form the whole body. I motly use circles and quick sketch ovals. Don't be too ridgit let sketch lines flow. You could also try using referances and changing just a few parts. Go ahead and share future doodles with me. I'll help if I can. Good luck!
Thanks I wanted an animated look.
And thanks for the advice I've ben a bit busy since classes(specifically and a bit ironically anatomy class) have started I'll try to post a few more when I get the time to draw some sketches.
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