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The fires burn bright in the dark of the night
Hell's Flames awakened on black candle's wick
And Baphomet, benevolent
Gazes down upon the rites
Incense curls and passion swirls...
Upon Walpurgis Night.

The Altar of Satan is prepared
With regal and Magic delight
The Western Gate doth dwell agape
Opened with the Key of the Mind
The oil of Zam-Zam is poured, aloft The Sword...
Upon Walpurgis Night.

Wishes brought forth
Alight unto Ether
The Blessing of Lucifer ascends
Winds doth blow and We know
The Presence of The Dark Force well...
Upon Walpurgis Night.

The Festival of Flesh
Kundalini's Dance
As life springs forth
From earthen crevasse to Daemon Seed
Echoes on the Nocturne Tide...
Upon Walpurgis Night.

Secret deeds as devils leap
The infernal font of the mind
Diabolical manifestations
Conjured forth this Sabbath's Night
Gathered here, among us now...
As We proudly Hail Victory and Might!

...Upon this Walpurgis Night!

As the smokes of the great abyss billow forth from Tiamat's hellmouth, the haunting choirs of Hades echo forth across the world as so many dark angels, while demonic shadows grow by the flames of Hell, emerging from the vast leathern embrace of night.

Hell arises this Walpurgis night of sensual indulgence and carnal delights! A glorious temple of the flesh came to life by lightning's strike! In darkened chambers candles burn and blackened forms chant the Keys and passionate desires are sent forth in the creation unto reality!

The creatures of the earth, mighty in countenance, celebrate this High Holiday, an all Devil's Night, the Dark Force permeating pure Satanimal beings. We celebrate what was, is, and is to be in the fulfillment of The Will! The world is ours, as it has always been, and ever shall be!

Strength Through Joy! World Without End! Regie Satanas! Ave Satanas! HAIL SATAN!


In Nomine Satanas,
Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, The Infernal Empire
Walpurgisnacht XLIV, Anno Satanas
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Is the original drawing by Gustav Dore or did you draw this? It looks a lot like his style...which I love.
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Indeed a thick plaster of what it's purpose is here!
Well done \m/