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Sigils of The 4-Crown Princes

I. The Satan Baphomet: Enochain characters spell SATAN counter-clockwise. Fire. The South.
II. The Lucifer Baphomet: Enochian characters counter-clockwise signify LUCIFER. The Bearer of infernal light, undefiled wisdom & reason.
III. The Belial Baphomet: Enochain characters counter-clockwise signify BELIAL. The Great Beast. Sataniamal. The Black Earth, here symbolized by The Bull, Mithras, Taurus.
IV. The Leviathan Baphomet: Enochian characters counter-clockwise spell LEVIATHAN. The Raging Sea. Emotion. Coincides with Cthulhu.

* [Numerologically, when adding up all of the angles, NINE is revealed. 5+7+6+9=27 / 2+7=9].
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Satan: I am also known as Enki, the Sumerian God. :)
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  Ok, ok I wasn't even going to say anything, was just going to let it go but... The four crowned princes of Hell, depend on Laveyan or theistic Satanism, then whether or not you add or subtract the other influences like Egyptian or Norse gods into the fray but over all and in general,  the above artwork is right and true. Lucifer and Satan are one but in different forms. pre and post descent I believe. Now that is where things get murky because I acknowledge Christianity as forcing itself into Satan;s domain so to speak that basically, to me; Christianity and the descent from heaven is a twisted truth. Meaning Lucifer did not fall from heaven but descended down on his own free will from his plane of existence (Hell, so to speak) and in doing so became closer to man, his creation, and became Satan (The adversary) to Christians as he bagan to enlighten his followers. As far as I go, its Satan, Lucifer, Belial and Leviathan. (Air, Fire, Earth, Water) The four crowned princes of hell differ with the Satanist. 
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it's just wrong the are 3 crowned prince and a crowned princess (yep)

enki a.k.a satan, lucifer, true creator of the human race, 

azazel he is depickted as a nordic giant

astratoth (she is a girl) 

and beelzebub he is the half brother of enki
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i like that one :heart:
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nevermind haha you seem to be a LeVeyan Satanist and i would have just deleted my comment but considering that i just made this account, im not sure thats even possible
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i thought the four crowned princes of hell where enki/satan, beezelbub/enlil, astroth/astarte, and azazel/babbar . . . please explain.
thank you
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lucifer isnt satanic,
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Nice job for sure... Leviathan one is a piece ! :)
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Absoloutly awesome!!!:star::star::star::star::star:
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i love the leviathan sigil
its amazing to see such artistic sigilization
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awesome. I never knew about the other three :D
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Wasen't the Enochain alphabet created by John Dee?

If so was it not also called the "Angel Alphabet"?
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"Angles" was mistranslated to "angels".
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Levy would be proud.Keep up the good work,friend-good to meet a fellow enthusiast.
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Thank you for your kind words. LaVey has certainly been an inspiration. I Am glad you found them to be a favorite.
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Do unto others as they do unto you,friend.
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they´re very good :thumbsup:
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Thank you - I feel they demonstrate the true elemental essence of these archetypes.
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Did you design these yourself? They rock!
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