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A new pet, spawn of nightmares, & mutant creature from Hell haunts the night. Chiroptvipera Araneus. A phobic combination serpent {vipera}, spider {aranea / araneus}, and bat {chiroptera}; even a hint of scorpion with poison-tipped tail. Nocturnal & carnivorous, feeding upon cattle and various small prey  which it stuns with its stinger, either captured in its web; either consuming the prey whole, or lapping at the blood drawn. Can be found in moist, cool places, perched in trees; will only attack humans if venturing too near its nest / lair, by affixing to the head with pincer-like appendages. and sinking fangs, rendering prey immobile with fear and/or venom.
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Nov 13, 2013, 7:03:10 PM
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