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Satanists Warning Sign

"Satanists may be found in this area. They are important members of the natural community. They will not attack, but if disturbed or cornered, they will defend themselves.

Give them distance and respect."

At the suggestion of an acquaintance, I modified the message about rattlesnakes from a sign spotted during a recent excursion to a nature preserve.
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Meh. The whole concept loses it's edge when people are open about it. Satanism and all occult should be hidden in plain sight. Secretive. 
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Agreed. Secrets have Power. No one needs know who are not as such.
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damn satanists i hate them and im a republican and with the government
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I feel awful that people are judged by the stigmas set up by people. Satanists are a prime example. I really don't know much about Satanism (i wouldn't go so far as to say i'm a christian either because i have my own belief that can't really be classified into a specific group), but I hear all the time about how they are "terrible people who are crooks and sinners". I really like how you defended the religion.
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Thank you! Anyone interested in learning about Satanism should go straight to The Source and read The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey. Also see
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Yes, I thought it had to be done.
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I do not get why people seem to have such a problem with Satansits. They have as much right to be on this earth as everyone else - shunting them or claiming to get rid of them by 'Ethnic Cleansing' is just plain wrong! Love the sign btw! :) xx Can I fave?
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Thank you! Certainly! Feel free!
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:) thnx honey! :) lov it! xx
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Fucking brilliant. We need signs like these posted here and there.
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Hey man, you speak the truth because I totally argree with what that sign says. I'm a satanist too you know, and that 's rare.
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you're a satanist too? Nice to meat people with the same believe. I only know 3 people who are satanists. My boyfriend, my BFF and a friend. Not pretty much.
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You could sell this as a t-shirt, no problem. :devilish:
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LOL!!!! I'm no Satanist but I feel identified with these two lines: "They will not attack, but if disturbed or cornered, they will defend themselves." and "Give them distance and respect." Life on this filth planet would be way better if the so-called righteous practices these two things. \m/
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Give them a kicking in and tell them to go learn some respect.

from a pissed off pagan.
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BCUZ PAgENZ R SMRt OMG. (Saracasm)

Nice work, Blackthorne.
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Complimenting yourself? Surprising action from a satanist. :no:
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hahahahahaha oh man this is awesome.

nice work dude!
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