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This represents materialization; the material world. The actualization & manifestation of the Will. It is Satan as Belial, the Black Earth. Foundation.

666 signifies the Self. "Me, Myself, & I" - The "Unholy Trinity." The beast in man. Carnal indulgence & desire. The savouring of fleshly delights. It is placed in the top three portions of the spaces within the circle to represent the Trident / Pitchfork of Satan, which thrusts upwards from the firmament of solid bedrock - of Logic & Reason, the liberating & rebellious heresies from the proverbial Gates of Hell.

9 in the center represents the innermost loci of Satan / The Satanist. It is the Black Flame that burns in our hearts. The number of the Ego, of supreme pride.

13 is symbolic of Shadowmancy, the Occult; of Mystery, wonder, fear, & fascination. The Dark.

SATAN written within the points represents the all-encompassing Forces of Nature joining the circle of Life. It is enscribed counter-clockwise {or, "widdershins," to use an arcane term}, as symbolic of The Left-Hand Path.
In the practice of Magic, it is enscribed upon the altarface. The following ritual items placed at its points:

S = The Bell.
A = The Oil. Anointing upon the hands &/or the 5 cardinal points of the body.
T = The Sword. Or Staff.
A = The Chalice. Recommended Nectar-Potion: Nutmeg, Leaf Thyme, Cinnamon, Allspice, Mace, mixed with milk & honey, or sugar, with or without wine; prepared as a tea. Add ginseng for lust rituals.
N = The Scroll. May be kept in a wishbox until immolation within the bowl.

Flowing in accordance with the proceedings. The ringing of the bell, the anointing with the empowering oil, the invocation with the sword, the draining of the chalice, the immolation of the parchment, with the return to 'S' as the lightning bolt, sealing the ritual with the closing ring of The Bell.
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