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Sabbatic Baphomet

A variation on Eliphas Levi's "Baphomet: God of The Witches". The Pentagram Satanically and properly positioned, upon which The Baphomet Sigil is super-imposed to merge the two as one. The Goat of Mendes stems back to the Egyptian God Amon and The Priesthood of Mendes, who was represented as the Ram, and fits perfectly in the Pentagram. As history progressed, He has evolved into several transmutations, including Pan, Dionysis, the Gods of pleasure and carnal joy. He also represents the scapegoat of Azazel, signifying The Outsider who practices productive alienation, and The Satanist.

[Image featured on TLC: Pact With The Devil]
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I don´t know why, but the picture is very sexy.
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Agreed. The nubility and salaciousness of The graceful Beast within us all. Potentials in dual erotica & Magic used to help or hinder. The All-One in totality.
are you spiritual satanist?
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just wanna inform you, the second ring binds the energy, something that is very bad. No ring is fine I believe, but the second ring around the symbols means you bind the power.
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The Sabbatic Baphomet emerges through the complementary angles as a doorway, reflective, auric, and empowering.
This is great work! I would love for your permission to use this design on a t-shirt? If that is OK with you
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Thank you. Sure, so long as credit is included. "Give The Devil His due", as it were.
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Loving the gallery. Hail Satan.
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It's silly, but would it be rude to ask if I could link a blog entry in this comments section?
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I started a profile at deviantart because an idea became a goal. Commissioning various cartoonists to provide their interpretation of this icon will be a challenge in the best of times, I'm sure, but thank you for this Pit stop along the way.

Hail Satan.
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You are welcome.
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i love it!!! ^^ baphomet is a pretty awesome dude in my opion
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The manifestations of Baphomet are varied, according to reflective resonance.
How would you as an artist depict, and discern the differences between Baphoment rendered Satanic And Lucifer.
Lucifer and Satan are two distinctly different dieties, or if in Lavey's praxis 'symbolic' rather than sentient spirtual agencies. Would you care to comment on this oft times confusion as Satan, Azrael (Watcher) and Baphometis are mistaken taken as being identical in nature, myriad in form. This is an error, and ontological fact as Gnosis discerns these discrete Awe-Full Beings as Different. I'm fully aware of M.A.'s "Temple of Set." And again Set is not "the Devil."
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Hellementally, Satan is fire. The Black Flame {Animus}/Dragon. Lucifer is Air/Wind/Fog/Analytical Intellect. Archetypal Dark Angel, representative of rebellion, liberation, freedom in all forms of being. Both complementary, empowering, and reflective in kind. A perfect synthesis in The Sabbatic Baphomet along with Belial {Earth/Beast/Lust} & Leviathan {Water/Emotions}.
Well said, and a excellent riff on Levi's original.
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